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An alternate version of blue sand armor that looks more like plate armor and less like flannel pajamas. Provides a recipe to turn existing Blue Sand Armor into Blue Sand Plate Armor and back again. The stats remain the same, but the model changes to a re-textured version of the plate armor. Requires SideLoader.

Permissions and credits
This mod provides recipes for alternate Blue Sand Armor visuals. The default Blue Sand Armor features way too much flannel for my tastes. Wimpy flannel armor begone!

  1. Install the SideLoader mod
  2. Download the BlueSandPlateArmorPack.zip
  3. Unzip in the 'Outward\Mods\SideLoader' directory

Recipes to change visuals:
Blue Sand Armor + Iron Scrap = Blue Sand Plate Armor
Blue Sand Helm + Iron Scrap = Blue Sand Plate Helm
Blue Sand Boots + Iron Scrap = Blue Sand Plate Boots

Recipes to revert visuals:
Blue Sand Plate Armor + Linen Cloth = Blue Sand Armor
Blue Sand Plate Helm + Linen Cloth = Blue Sand Helm
Blue Sand Plate Boots + Linen Cloth = Blue Sand Boots

  • Figure out how to transfer the sparking texture of the blue sand armor onto the plate armor model

Thanks to Sinai and their SideLoader mod.