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Russian Special Forces attack a USSF Vessel. MARSOC is Tasked with taking it back.

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March 21st, 2036
A USSF(US Space Force) Transport Vessel ‘Voltage’ has been hijacked by Russian special forces. MARSOC Has been tasked with boarding and securing the ‘Voltage’. 
Find and eliminate all VOLK forces on board and secure the ship. Enemy forces are low but expect fierce resistance.

This is a custom map file for the VR Shooter Onward. The intent of putting it on Nexusmods is to create a repository of Custom maps that easily allows players to download and update custom maps without using their VR headsets or caster mode.


Last Update: June 24th, 2020


Custom maps uploaded here are only updated if the map maker or caretaker keeps on top of uploading current versions. Updates should be announced on the Custom-Map-Info channel in the Onward Discord. Updates here are NOT automatic and will happen after the update is pushed to Onward servers At the MAP MAKERS discretion.


Instructions to use:

Navigate to this folder: C:\Users\ USERNAME HERE \AppData\LocalLow\Downpour Interactive\Onward\CustomContent
Replace USERNAME HERE with your profile name(Windows). 
Inside this folder, you will see a file structure like this:

Unzip the content of this mod into this folder. Overwrite both files if asked.
At this point, this map will be updated as long as the map maker has updated their nexus mod.

Method Two:
Open Windows explorer. Type %appdata%/../LocalLow.  Enter the Downpour Interactive Folder. Then go into the Onward, and then CustomContent folder and you will be at the right place.

If you still can't find this folder, google how to show 'hidden items' in windows explorer. 

If you're currently ingame when downloading custom map files externally, they might not show as 'Subscribed' in the workshop. This is a visual bug only. Once you enter and exit a lobby or restart the game, they will show up in the Workshop. Furthermore, you will be able to join a custom map lobby with the freshly downloaded map just fine as long as the external version is updated.


Please keep in mind that its entirely up to each individual map maker to upload and update external custom map files. We do this as a courtesy to make it easier for Onward players to get and update custom maps until a better solution is available. Feel free to let map makers know about this method or to contact Monorchid if they have any questions. Do NOT, under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE demand that they upload or update their maps using this method. Doing this is entirely a courtesy. 

Map Makers: Please put the entire 'Instructions to use' portion of this description at the bottom of your own description. Thank you.