Offworld Trading Company
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A collection of small UI improvements.

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Installation Instructions

Unzip the UIPlus folder to:

WindowsDocuments\My Games\Offworld\Mods
MacOS: Documents/Library/Application Support/Offworld/Mods

Load from the mod menu in game.


Small UI enhancements.
  • Adds more color to tooltips involving money.
  • Adds color to terrain tooltip about construction speed.
  • Show terrain construction speed modifiers when placing buildings.
  • Debt change rate visible next to debt.
  • Player name doesn't disappear when too long.
  • Each player's cash + resources always visible next to their name.
  • Hotkey to view each player's debt next to their name (Default: Hold J).
  • Building revenue visible on resource row hover build button.
  • Reorganize Hologram choice UI.
  • Changeable camera zoom out maximum.
  • Zoom-to-Cursor mode.
  • Hotkey to copy map seed to clipboard (Default: Ctrl+U).
  • Toggle for floaty resource icons.
  • Disable viewing any Art Packs.
  • Observer only mode (UI+ changes only available when observer).
  • Observer only: See advanced buildings status next to player names.
  • Caster Mode lobbies. Force Observer only mode on all players in multiplayer lobby.
  • Play vanilla replays from file (NOT from download in game).
  • Replays are saved as vanilla replays, allowing playback without UI+.

Added default hotkeys:
  • Hold J: View each player's debt next to their name.
  • Ctrl+U: Copy map seed to clipboard.
  • Hold ] (Right Bracket): Hide Observer only advanced building status. 
  • Ctrl+]: Toggle Observer only advanced building status.