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Most boss buffed for more challenged, H'aanit's beasts buffed, dancer and merchant buffed.

Highest dungeon level recommend is up to 80. Break limit max status and Hp.

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Octopath Fantasy I

Welcome to Octopath Fantasy I mod

- Caution - 

back up your save file before using this mod, for your good sake.

How to Installs

Extract .pak file into location of Octopath Traveler like "OCTOPATH TRAVELER\Octopath_Traveler\Content\Paks" 
If you want to uninstall, just delete the file. 

The optional file is change Starseer skill to be more useful in healer.
No need to keep both file.

Octopath Fantasy I - Shining Starseer 

Bp Boots can revives all incapacitated allies and grant BP regeneration. ( Only use with incapacitated allies )
Ethereal Healing is also Restore a large amount of HP to all allies before grant HP regeneration to all allies.

Bosses and Monsters

Most monsters status is buffed.
Most bosses is buffed, greatly high HP and status, include in cave and dungeon.
Chapter 2 - 4 level recommend is 30, 50 and 70 in order.

- Dungeon
Forest of Purgation level recommend is 80.
Loch of the Lost King level recommend is 65.
West Grandport Coast level recommend is 60.
Quicksand Caves level recommend is 60.
Dragonsong Fane level recommend is 60.
Moldering Ruins level recommend is 55.

- Monster Location

Vampire bat and Dark Elemental is repleaced with Zealot I and Zealot II at Ebony Grotto inner zone.
Devil Deer is removed from Forest of Rubeh,,, Revenant is removed from Grimsand Road.
Ettin Ophidian is removed from East Duskbarrow Trail,,, Ettin Asp is removed from North Riverford Traverse.

Players and jobs

-  H'aanit

Linde can do multiplier attack when boosted. 
Linde Sweep has chance to decrease Enemy Attack.
Linde Pounce has chance to decrease Enemy Defense.
Beasts minimum uses is set to 99.

- Dancer

Now can wield Spear.
Buff is also provide 20% Hp healing ( not increase with boosted ).
Night Ode ( Dark element group attack ) is attack twice while consume insane Sp.

- Merchant

Now can wield Axe.

Increase Rest's Sp recovery to 30/60/90/120 ( from 25/50/75/90 ).

Trade Tempest ( Wind element group attack ) is attack twice while consume insane Sp.
Donate BP is provide 1 addition Bp.

- Thief 

Share SP boost lv.2 is transfer 90% of your current Sp instead 100%.

- Sorcerer 

Elemental Break now apply Magic damage and can analyze enemy.

- Passive Skill 

- Merchant
Endless Items percent chance increase from 25 to 33.

- Thief
Incidental Attack percent chance increase from 50 to 70. 

- Hunter
Second Serving percent chance increase from 50 to 70.

- Dancer
Eye for an Eye percent chance increase from 50 to 70.
Second Wind percent Sp recovery increase from 5 to 8.

- Apothecary
Inspiration percent Sp recovery increase from 1 to 2.
Heightened Healing percent Recovery increase from 30 to 40.

- Sorcerer
Intimidation percent chance increase from 25 to 33.

- Runelord
SP recovery percent recovery increase from 1 to 2.

Status and Items

Exp for level up is required ~10-25% more
Jp skill required is depending on job, most need more than normal.
Base status is increase from 285 to 430 at Lv.99
Job status bonus is increase base on job, but also decrease some.
Max Status and max Hp is exceed over 999 and 9999.
All Equipment status is increase 5%.
Healing Grape Bunch is recovery 50% of max Hp.
Inspiriting Plum Basket is recovery 40% of max Sp.


This mod may incompatible with other mod, please use with your own caution. ( Back up your save first, for your sake. )
Every text in game like level recommend or Equipment Status will remain the same, so please ignore that.
If you find and bug(s) please inform with details ( important! ) 
And if you have a question(s), feel free to ask.