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This is a mod which aims to add what I envision the devs might have done with a hard mode difficulty option. The basic changes are:
-Enemy HP Values are multiplied by 1.35
-Other stats are multiplied by 1.25
-All starting shields increased by 1
-All number of weaknesses reduced by 1

Permissions and credits
Welcome to Octopath Traveler Hard Difficulty Option!

This is a mod which aims to add what I envision the devs might have done with a hard mode difficulty option. Taking a page from Bravely Default, I increased every enemy's HP by 1.35x. Other stats were modified by 1.25 (specifically the following: P Atk, P Def, E Ark, E Def, Accuracy, Evasion, Crit and Speed)
In addition, I gave all enemies one extra shield, and took away one weakness (which a few exceptions, see below).

No other changes have been made -- only enemy stats, shields and weaknesses. All exp/jp/leaves, drops, tame rates, status immunities, etc have all remained the same.

As a human, I may have made some mistakes. If you find any enemy was modified incorrectly, let me know!
Even more, let me know if you're going to stream this. I would LOVE to watch someone else play through this!

In Install:

Simply download the mod, extract, and place the .pak file into your your 'paks'  folder, at OCTOPATH TRAVELER\Octopath_Traveler\Content\Paks . A subdir within that works too.
Alternatively, simply use Vortex, making sure to download the Octopath plugin first.

Be mindful that this mod will conflict with any other mod that uses the EnemyDB.uexp file, which includes the current boss replacement mods.

To Uninstall:
If not using Vortex, simply delete the .pak file, Your saves will NOT be affected and you can continue normally. You can always remove and restore to to simulate changing difficulty modes.

If you wish to play with this mod as your first experience with the game, great! Go for it, but note that below I have included a number of things that could be considered spoilers.
-Bosses that rotate weaknesses around will only have their first set of weaknesses modified. The game handles changing them with a script I'm unknowledgeable on how to edit for now,.
-Bosses that change shield numbers SHOULD continue to have one extra each change. For instance, Mattias now goes from 5 to 7 shields.
-Lucia hasn't had her shield amounts changed, as her initial amount is added as a script. Similarly, her weaknesses haven't been reduced.
-Joshua, Archibold and Gustav also have not had any weaknesses removed, as to keep parity with the knowledge one gets from inquiring/scrutinizing them.
-Redeyes's weakness hasn't been modified because of the way the battle works, keeping it to five weaknesses makes sense.
-There's three (I believe) enemies with a single weakness. I have changed these -- this is the only case where enemies have a NEW weakness.
-The two phases Galdera has not been changed in any way. In the future, once a save point is implemented, I may do this.
A HUGE, GIANT shout out to The64MarioMan for his editor that made this all possible. You can find it here: https://github.com/the64marioman/OctomodEditor/releases

Interested in modding the game yourself, or just want in on the latest? Join the modding Discord: https://discord.gg/t43Kbrp