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A large compilation of Akaviri and Asian mods.

TD Maunohiru:
Rise of a Samurai:
300 Akaviri:
A akaviri style house in cloud ruler temple:
Cloud Ruler Temple Reborn:
Armoured Blades Robe:
Meiun - Akaviri Ceremonial Weapons:
Hanasaku Touken - Akaviri Weapons Set:
Ninja Face Mask:
Morrowindesque Orcish Samurai Armor:
Corthian Akaviri Japanese Clothes Bleach:
Akaviri Samurai Shop:
Samurai V5 update:
Samurai V4:
RGMs Carved Leather Armour And Akaviri Silk Robes Male only:
Akaviri Odachi:
Ninpo HGEC:
Japan Samurai Armor Genji2:
Akaviri Helmets:

Music used
Soulostar - Lost in Lights
Soulostar - Origami
Soulostar - Promise

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  1. primevalmonkey
    • member
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    Aye aye, thanks for showing that ancient mod I made when I was 13, mega nostalgia trip
  2. angkor
    • member
    • 483 posts
    • 44 kudos
    Hey ...
    Just wondering where Akaviri Kojima Extended is ...
    1. Nightflash7
      • member
      • 203 posts
      • 12 kudos
      I'm so sorry angkor, I would have loved to include it, but then the work would be very extensive for me. It's also because you've already covered so much about it. If you'd like, I could dedicate a single showcase to it.
    2. angkor
      • member
      • 483 posts
      • 44 kudos
      hi Nightflash7

      Thank you for your kind reply ..
      Of course you're right that in selecting mods for whatever you always include and exclude, the reason I reacted is that AKE has become some kind of a child I wanna see succeed in the world and as long as I'm the only one talking about it this is highly unlikely to happen ...
      On the other hand, for me you are a free artist who must go her own way and I'm happy with whatever you do whenever you do it ...

      Fly Safe
  3. Room207
    • member
    • 2,347 posts
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    Awesome! So many mods showcased in this video and I love Akaviri stuff!
    1. Nightflash7
      • member
      • 203 posts
      • 12 kudos
      Thanks! This is the most I've done in a single video. I share the same love for the Akaviri.