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I've only found posts that state this to be impossible.

This is a custom soul gem from new - not a duplicate of a Black Soul Gem.
Like Azura's Star, it is reusable.
Unlike Azura's Star it collects NPC soul.
It collects, on death, for the last NPC we cast Soul Trap.
Any Soul Trap spell will do.
If we have an empty Black Soul Gem it has to wait for this custom one to be filled.
If we cast Soul Trap on creature but have no other Soul Gem then this will be filled by the game - that can not be blocked by script.

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  1. miguick
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    A long time ago, I was looking into an upgrade to a mod called Soulgem Magic for what I viewed as a "lore oversight": while humanoid NPCs' souls are indeed "black" and only trappable in such soulgems, this is supposedly explained by an ancient covenant of mortalkind with Arkay, protecting the sentient races' souls from ending up trapped and abused in the dreaded Soul Cairn, and the creation of black soul gems is a recent development to break this rule.

    And indeed, back in Morrowind, humanoid daedra like Dremora and Golden Saints were actually creatures with white souls that you could trap in regular soulgems, but this engine behavior is not possible in Oblivion, at least a priori, since here they are just like every humanoid NPC in that regard.

    I'm wondering if this showcase means you also intend to correct that lore gap somehow?
  2. monkeyangie
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    this looks really awesome :O