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Oblivion House Mod Hunters is a series dedicated to showing off three random house mods for Oblivion each week in three different categories (Popular, New and Underrated), with the goal of showing off the features, locations, and styles that each house provides. Since almost everyone needs a house mod of some sort for their characters, and with a few thousand house mods out there for Oblivion, it's easy to miss a cool house mod that you may well enjoy, so my hope is that with this series, we'll be able to spotlight some house mods that you may not have considered before while also making it easier for you to decide on a house mod for your own play-through of Oblivion.

Today for the twenty-ninth episode of Oblivion House Mod Hunters, we're taking a look at three random abodes from across the lands of Cyrodiil, including the popular, though somewhat older A Bruma Hunting Lodge By Robert_Evrae, the newer and quite scenic Imperial Manor - Collector's House By Zer0Cool0, and the underrated but also rather cozy StapleNinja's Rumare Island By StapleNinja.

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A Bruma Hunting Lodge By Robert_Evrae
Imperial Manor - Collector's House By Zer0Cool0
StapleNinja's Rumare Island By StapleNinja

The music in this video is from Oblivion Music Overdose by Jon Babb and Total Music Conversion by Doctor Eternal. Additional tracks are by Jon Bjork of Epidemic Sound.


  1. Zer0Cool0
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    Thanks for showcasing my house mod! I was fearful that people wouldn't understand why it was so empty, thank you for expressing and reminding viewers that it is a collectors house where they are to decorate it themselves! Great video!