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Songlife warned me recently about a compatibility problem between AKE and HESU Dive Rock - :thumbsup: - while wondering why there is no compatiblity patch fixing this ...

For me there are 4 ways that mods can interact with each other:

1. Patching where you leave both mods unaltered but connect them with an extra esp file.
2. Integration where you adapt one mod leaving the other untouched.
3. Merger where you rebuild both mods into a new esp while destroying the old esp's.
4. Entanglement where you modify both mods in a default cell giving the feeling of a merger but leaving the mods independent.

In AKE I'm using both integration and entanglement but no mergers or patches ...

So, this being said, I did not know of this problem so could not fix it but now ...
First I had to identify the relevant mods, make copies of them so no harm could go to them and - using obmm - put them in the right load order after which I took a look at it with all copied mods loaded in the TES4Construction Set ...The only problem between AKE and HESU Dive Rocks I found was with HESU's Sunken Ruins area where there is a "small" problem with one of Nayada's landscape entrances.
First of all, for me HESU has full priority here so I adjusted AKE by placing some bridges outlining the "integration border" with all mods loaded, then I checked if this was fine with HESU and then I made the necessary changes in my AKE V12.2 WIP file and finally showed how it now looks with HESU's Sunken Ruins area and - though still some things to do here - :wink: - I think AKE and HESU Dive Rock are well integrated with each other :ermm:

Music enjoyed while doing this was a background of "ocean waves" @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=btmjD... with Ravi Shankar and Philip Glass' "Offering" I found @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBB9d...