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Where to start, I'm an anglo - american meaning british mother, american father and proud to hold dual nationality. I live in the UK in the North West but am registered to vote in Florida.

I worked UK central Government for over 10 years after leaving school before deciding that there had to be "more" thank pushing paper and letting others take the credit for one's own achievements. I therefore left a "safe" environment and jump head first into contracting.

And never looked back. Spent 10 years flitting round the country working for a variety of different companies and people. A wonderful time when I met some amazing people.

An amazing woman entered my life and changed it completely. She'd been blinded in an accident and that had not stopped her from doing what she wanted. She had completed three degrees including a masters and doctorate and with the help of a guide dog, lived alone but had a full and amazing life. She told me that I could do anything I wanted including going back to uni, and with her help I did.

I then spent 5 years in University (having to take two years time out: the first to have my youngest son, the second to work for the University).

During that time I became a tutor and assisted those with a variety of learning difficulties. It was rewarding and I loved it. I attained a second class honours degree in Business Information Technology an achievement of which I am very proud.

My husband died on 28th May 2019 and I'm now having to learn who I am as I nursed him until the very end and will now have to find my own way.

I'm a firm believer of PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) and have told my children that whatever they want to be or do can be achieved at any age, if they are prepared to work for it. I can steer and support but cannot do it for them.

I found RPG games in 1999 and started with Morrowind, then Oblivion and then Dragon Age. They have been a lifeline and a joy and I recently modded for DA, nothing huge, but a start.

I enjoy being in the chatroom and look at the forums regularly. If I can help I will, if I can't I'll tell you.

I am mother to 6 stepmother to 4, grandmother to 3 and step grandmother to two. I love life and will live it to the full when I get the opportunity lol.

Anyway if you've read this far then I congratulate you. If not then I'll speak to you in the Chat or Forums.


Chocolate, ice cream, honey and whipped cream not necessarily in that order
I love reading, thrillers and who dun it's are my favourites
I love kids films (I embarrass my lot to death as I laugh all the way through them)
I also love mysteries and thrillers in film form too
I adore Dragons, tigers, wolves and eagles (Dragons number 1 every time)
My family means everything to me and I'd do everything in my power to protect them.
I love horse riding, climbing trees and water.

Spiders - they move faster than me, I mean they have 8 legs. What the hell for, I can just about manage on 2.
Being spoken down to. I'm highly educated and pretty intelligent, gotta be in my line of work lol
Trying to fix things logically when the reason they're broken is totally illogical.

That's all for now I guess I'll add as things come to me.

Just published my first story on fanfiction. Chapter 1 is now up and running and can be found here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8368133/1/ Really excited as I've not written anything for a long, long time.

All for now will update as and when tongue.gif

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