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Hi, I'm SpringHeelJon.


I have had an interest in Modding since I first played "Morrowind" back on release in 2002. I made some rudimentary gameplay changes and texture mods for myself with the help of great guides from authors who have long since left the scene. Having then moved on to Oblivion some years later then the Bethesda Fallout games, I joined the Nexus in 2013 and have enjoyed other peoples creations ever since.


I have a few Wabbajack lists published as well as offer support on the Phoenix and Friends Discord, where I am most active. If you want to reach me, there would be the quickest way to do so.


All my mods have open permissions unless otherwise stated. Feel free to do with them what you want. I only ask that you give me a credit and link back to my original mod if you use any assets.