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I prefer to play as tactical assassin with ton of gadgets (tripwires, bombs, mines, special arrows and misc) or battlemage (especially necromancer) with army of minions.

One of my hobbies is translating mods to Russian.

List of already translated mods:

Jail Shackles by Duggle Dank
Alchemist For Hire by Cydonian Knight
Explosives by Phitt
Fearsome Magicka by Brucevayne
Adjuctable Oil Lamp v2 by Reaper9111
Dark Brotherhood Assassins by Lynge
Shivering Isles Root System by David Brasher
Mimics! by Always Z (Zhemoc)
Thieves Highway by Lynge
Automagicon by Erviin
Noble Plate Armory by Ulath
Medieval Swords by Sennek
Unenchanted Staves by J3X
Pantcutter's Orb by J3X
Whispered Warning by Geniel
Ayleid Loot Extension by Vacuity
At home alchemy by Syclonix
Blu will-o-wisp by Graewolph
More and Moldy Ingredients by asQuarne
Spirits&Ephemerals by Vacuity
Vows and covenants by Picador
Better potions by RealitySpectre
Magic Elven Capes by Lyriath01
StarX Vampire Deaths Improved by HellsWake and Christian
Assassin's tripwires by Willie_sea
Castle Highrock by Centurion
Fruit Machine by Fuse
Dwemer Subway by mr_siika
Throw Any Weapon by HeX
Playable Flame Atronach by Ginnungagap
Dwemer Skyship by mr_siika
Necropolis by Eisenhorn

Basic Primary Needs by Maskar

Camping by Maskar


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