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Welcome to my nexus profile! I am knightofthe7shades, but you can call me Knight, or Nasuko; Nasuko is my more widely known internet name.


Here I upload mostly images and sharing my experience of Oblivion.  If you have any questions about me, mods, issues with your game, requests, or anything, ask me in a PM and I will be happy to oblige (to a certain extent).


I am an aspiring game developer/designer, so you may see me make a mod however frequently. I will also be working on an indie game that I will hopefully follow through with until it's finished.


I own a youtube channel that I try to upload on frequently ( I post Oblivion (of course :P), CoD commentaries, Left 4 Dead 2, Minecraft, and several other random things that you may (or may not) enjoy in 720-1080p quality. Check it out... or not, and subscribe if you like what you see!


Let's see... what else is there about me... OH! I'm American (one of the sensible ones >.>) I enjoy playing video games (no... really???), watching anime, making youtube videos, modding, and listening to dubstep/techno/electro (the whole 9 yards) music. Of course, I love spending  time with my family and friends. I cherish what I do have very dearly, and although I may wish for more, I am content with what I have.


I hope you enjoy your stay!

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