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  In my spare time, I like to reminisce about living through an era when I could actually own a game rather than go through a process that is more akin to entering into a shonky lease agreement.  I also dream of the days when I didn't have to waste time trying to circumvent pointless copy-protection and other security measures that do nothing but impede modding, punish honest consumers, and waste time with online rubbish all so that I can have the privilege of playing my legitimately-purchased, SINGLE-PLAYER game OFFLINE.  


  I also enjoy being irked by useless Read Me's or modders who don't include them at all.  My own might be absurdist, but they do actually include  installation instructions.


  In addition, I'm still making valiant attempts to attain enlightenment so I can understand why any game designer would think that 10 set hair colours are somehow better than letting people simply mix their own colour up with a few RGB sliders.


  And, on a final note, I am baffled by modders who try to put limits on how their mods and assets can be used.  You insist on credit?  You don't want other people using your assets?  You want donations?  You wouldn't exist if you weren't already leeching off a gaming company and THEIR assets.  Nobody owes you a thing (though a thank-you is certainly pleasant and some of the communities and feedback make for an amazing experience) and you don't own a thing. 


  You want to make money or own content?  Get a job and create fully original content that isn't riding on the coattails of other game designers.


  We are leeches.  Plain and simple.  Everything we do should be free and accessible.


  There are some absolutely stunning mods out there and equally fantastic and helpful mod authors...but there are also some incredibly illogical expectations and out-of-control egos.     


  You want to complain about the ethics involved of someone stealing "your" work and uploading it elsewhere, yet at the same time be able to profit with donations from modding a game that you had NO PART in the creation of?


  Those are some perversely convoluted morals...and as much as I appreciate the modding efforts of others, I must admit I am exceedingly happy to see people like that get bitten in the arse with 'stolen' content battles since the rise of the donation system.


  Profits have no place in modding.  Neither do egos.


  RGB sliders will, however, ALWAYS have a place in my heart when it comes to hair colouring...

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