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Life has been getting very busy as of late. Up until the end of June, I've been supporting my wife while she finishes her PhD comp exams. Now that this is over, a time sink has occurred at work. I've been researching server virtualization for about 2 years and we finally pulled the trigger for a particular project. We got the hardware in about 2 weeks ago and I have been running like a mad man trying to keep this project on track and learn as fast as I can. I am converting 20 physical servers to virtual servers using VMware vSphere and have about 1/2 converted. It is a fun project but there is a lot to learn and not much wiggle room for mistakes. I had a 20-hour work day recently that was killer and there will probably be many more off-hours work to be done during July which stinks because that cuts into my hobby time. Oh well...better I work on a paying hobby than not.

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