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Attempted to get back into Oblivion in 2022 but lost interest pretty quickly.
Wish/To-Do List:
Add a feature in EditorID Location Found for FormID Finder which also gives the Level of NPCs/Creatures
Patch for Weather - All Natural that stops it from randomizing weather for the first 24-72 in game hours immediately after finishing the Tutorial, making it behave more like Vanilla. In Vanilla, the weather will always be clear with some clouds during the day, without exception, and completely clear and cloudless during the night for a set period of time after finishing the Tutorial (not sure for how many in game hours).
Automatic "doorways" in Imperial Canal Overhaul
A finished, more lightweight epilogue mod for Kvatch such as Kvatch: Roses of Success or an updated version of Katch Aftermath
Test Better Underwater and Night-Eye Shaders for OR with ORC and ORE3. They should still work provided the features still exist and haven't been significantly changed.
Some slight improvements and features to Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul, Ultimate Leveling, and possibly Basic Primary Needs as well, three amazing mods.

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