Butcher Giveaway!

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Greetings everyone,

I come bearing gifts! Some of you may remember the Witanlore: Dreamtime Giveaway we ran back at the end of January. Well I’m back at it again with keys for the game Butcher, by Transhuman Design!

THD is a great group of developers and have been kind enough to grant us 10 keys to hand out. As the developers themselves describe the game:

BUTCHER is a fast-paced 2D shooter and a blood-soaked love letter to the cult classics of the genre. If kicking corpses into a lava pit and adorning walls with blood is your idea of a good time, BUTCHER is THE game for you.
You can check out Butcher on the official website.
We've also just put up a Nexus Site for Butcher.
(Our very own SirSalami has kicked things off over there with a punishing level called Exile!)

To enter for a chance to win you must do the following:

1. Follow Transhuman Design on Twitter
2. Follow Nexus Mods on Twitter
3. Retweet any of our Butcher Giveaway tweets with the hashtags #NXMGiveaway and #Butcher2D
(You must do all of these to be entered for a chance to win!)

1. Go to our pinned Butcher Giveaway FB Post
2. Like that post and leave a comment as to why you should win.
3. Share the post using the hashtags #NXMGiveawayand #Butcher2D
(You must do all of these to be entered for a chance to win!)

The giveaway starts today and runs through Sunday night (11:59PM on March 12th).
On Monday we will pick 5 winners from Facebook and 5 winners from Twitter.
You do NOT have to enter on both Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win.
Only doing one or the other is fine, as long as you meet all the listed requirements for the social media platform of your choice.

Good luck to everyone and happy modding!


  1. AceGoober
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    Partnering with developers is a win-win for both entities. Transhuman Design gets their name and game advertised on a hugely popular site and NexusMods gives back to the community through the developer. Advertising Butcher2D to a wider audience on a platform which reaches millions is always a good thing.

    Even if I don't win a key I am going to buy the game. Definitely has piqued my interest since I'm one of those who played Commander Keen on first day of release.
    1. kingwilfre16
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      Never head of Commander Keen, I just saw free giveaway and signed up, I'm a simple creature like that.
  2. MrJohn
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    So cynically seen it's an abuse of your followers to gain "free" publicity for yourself and another product? Not so much a "giveaway" as a "purchase your chance to win by letting us utilize your social media account for free publicity"

    That is quite the scumbag way to do things. And yet everyone is supportive of it.

    Why not make the requirements lesser, but nudge people to help raise publicity by retweeting or reposting stuff if they desire? A more fair way to do things, and being open to people not having social media accounts, as @indycurt mentioned.

    I can't help but feel theres something in the background at work here. Nexus has no business (far as I'm concerned) being someones PR department. Why this game of all the games? Did they contact you? Sponsor this? And just 10 keys for your million of potential entrees?
    1. TerrorFox1234
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      I run the social media for Nexus Mods (along with handling quite a few other community development tasks). I like partnering with game devs to do fun things on social media.

      If you'd like to understand more about what I do, my intentions with social media, and (most importantly) the benefits it can bring to this community, please read this.

      Best to hear the side of the person you portraying as a "scumbag" before throwing such accusations around, no?

      Not everything has some deep conspiracy behind it or a seedy ulterior motive. There was no hidden reason as to why it was this game. They have some modding support. I contact devs with games that have modding support about collaborating on promotional events. It helps us and it helps them. It helps us in that both of our communities grow. At the same time, our members get free stuff. It's a win-win-win from what I can see. Beyond that, it is absolutely in our best interest (as far as I'm concerned) to continue growing this community and fostering deeper engagement with said community.

      We are looking at events (contests and the like) that are run within the community instead of on social media, but I don't want to talk about anything before it's prepared. There is a bigger picture here, but I don't think it is as sinister as the conclusions you've leapt to. The bigger picture is better engagement with our community and fun events. The bigger picture is the continued growth of this community and relationships with more game developers. Some events will be on the site. Some events will be through social media. That's it.
    2. MrJohn
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      Thanks for the reply. I agree that my handing out the "Big bad wolf" card might have seen hastily and of course I wanted more information on your side of things, hence the questions, and the addition of "cynically seen". But personally I believe what you are presenting here isn't quite the "giveaway" as it is a lottery ticket for reposters.

      "That value comes in the form of leverage. Having a massive social media following can be used as a bargaining chip when talking with game developers and other companies about doing cross-promotion events, or when talking to a developer about why Nexus Mods would be a good choice for their modding community."

      "When I approach a game developer about a cross-promotion event, in which we use social media to give away game keys, and they see a site with 12 million members and a massive social media following, they are far more likely to want to participate than they would be if they just saw a site with 12 million members and no social media presence." - From the page you've linked.

      This is inherently my problem. The reason you are given keys is by "bargaining" your members out. The intentions might be good, aiding up-and-coming developers with their content, but the execution I think is wrong.
      This method of "giveaway" same as giving content for "donations", when in essentially you are gating off content/prizes for a paid/reposting user base. (Ref. Cry of Fear, donations for Famas and "donators room". You could say that those who want to be part of the "giveaway" should also lend their social voice in support, but then there are people like me who prefers to keep their business private. Again I raise the issue that @indycurt presented, those who doesn't use social media or are maybe even unable to.
      This "bargaining chip" should rather be used as pressure against oppression (like paid mods and the likes) than used for publicity to games. A unified voice for a better experience.

      I repeat my point, why not let the whole nexus userbase participate in the giveaway by default, thereby maybe garnering more members, and nudge those interested into reposting and giving out publicity to the game, thereby leveling the playing field and letting those good of heart and interest help the project. Or even better to limit your giveaway crowd to those interested, have them post to you specifically @Nexus or something where they can say something that they are interested, eliminating random people even unaware receiving something they might not bother with. Then you are not pushing people to broadcast this to everyone just because you said so, as might be intended.
      It might seem as I'm trying to "enter the contenst by doing nothing", but to be clear I am just pointing out my view of this whole thing. Using the second example I would probably not have bothered with the ordeal. A giveaway is a giveaway, free to enter without something in return and have a chance to be given something for nothing. This is more a trade, a social media repost for a ticket to your "lottery".
      A (better?) example would be the recent giveaway on ModDB, where you posted your mod suggestion in order to have a chance at some games. You found your mod and posted it to them (using @Modlove or something) and they took those in. The site got publicity through the giveaway, the mods got the publicity through people voicing those mods and the community might win something. I didn't enter to be given something, but because I wanted to share a mod I liked (Improved Atmosphere for Dragon Age: Origins was my pick). In contrast, you are forcing us to both "follow" you and a developer, as well as broadcast something. "You *MUST* do this".

      I am not against Nexus doing these types of things, just personally disagree with your handling of it. It might not be a "deep conspiracy / seedy ulterior motives" but you got to admit you are handling real power here and using it. Nexus support of a game could save a failed project or ruin a guaranteed success. (E.G. paid modding could have worked with full Nexus support, what could community really have done with a Steam/Nexus collaboration?)

      And as you've said: "The bigger picture is the continued growth of this community and relationships with more game developers." We've come to see that more and bigger developers/publishers care less about the end user and more about their monetary gain. A "good" relationship with a developer/publisher is one that gives them more, and I don't think that should be the focus of Nexus. A good relationship with developers/publishers should be better integration between your service and theirs, effectively helping modding and mod hosting/managing becoming even better for the end user. The end result shouldn't be gains, but delivering a better product.

      I am not judging the game itself by any means, by the description I don't think I would be interested and it sounds like a niche game for those who prefer "cult classics", which isn't my identification.

      I hope I don't give out any wrong impressions of my support for your intentions, about helping and nurturing modding in games, mod development and aspiring developers. Other sites might do the same type of content, but the reason I post my opinions/critique here is because I do want Nexus to be better than other sites. To aspire to something greater and be a better example. And also be free and fair.
    3. ohmyy
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      They are taking advise from the 'experts'.

      That means pump facebook, twitter, etc...

      Retweet, retweet, retweet...it's all shady social media nonsense, that they buy into.

      It'll probably work. Shame though.
    4. Dark0ne
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      shady social media nonsense


      The mind boggles.
  3. tsukinomi
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    Ignore the negative feedback. Most of the users in the nexus have no idea what it's like to make a mod and much lees to make a game. Still many complain about the requirements and obvious intention of a giveaway.
  4. amanandhisdog
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    i personally detest facebook, and last time i logged into twitter it said my account was suspended for spam activities, ive followed like 3 live streamers and logged in like 5 times. but that being said, KUDOS for THD and Nexus for doing something for the Nexus community. its like a little private giveaway, thats kinda neat. not my particular game type but ill go give it a look anyways because you never know, i liked breaking wheel so....
    1. ElectricMessiah
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      Not going to jump through the hoops for "a chance" to win.

      But, that is my choice. Thanks for the promo offer, THD.
  5. Valkyrie
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    Very cool guys thnx! I'll check it out.
  6. Aryell
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    Nice hardcore game Thanks to Transhuman Design Team!
  7. Ethreon
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    Impressive the large amount of clueless people that moan about a free bloody giveaway.
    1. Dark0ne
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      After 16 years in this community, I'm not shocked in the slightest. It used to boggle the mind but now it's just "oh yeah, right, silly me". It becomes easier to ignore it as the years go by and you just focus on helping out people who are actually nice, friendly and positive influences in the community while ignoring those who certainly aren't.
    2. ohmyy
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      10 keys? polling from the nexus community? facebook and twitter? i'd be interested in seeing the numbers after the fact.
  8. ohmyy
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    ah. haha, yeah. ok.
  9. TLymond
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    Not really keen on these giveaways that are only done in the hopes more money will be made from views/sales.

    Wait?  What?  The whole reason giveaways are done is in the hopes of more views/sales to increase revenue (or, in the case of non-profits, contributions.)  That's the ONLY  reason they're done.  (What planet do you live on?)
  10. GeneralJohn
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    Not really keen on these giveaways that are only done in the hopes more money will be made from views/sales.