• 21 October 2013 16:58:45

    Another update on the sites and NMM

    posted by Dark0ne Site News
    I last gave an update on the current situation back in September. 5 weeks on I thought I’d let you know what’s happened and where we are.

    On the site front we think we’ve finally resolved our database cluster and it’s now working smoothly. Any errors you might see or have seen on the site over the past few days will not be related to our database cluster any longer. As it happens it turns out troubleshooting the problems with the site is a bit like pulling up the carpet to sort out some dampness only to find the floorboards need replacing, only to find your electronics underneath the floorboards need replacing, only to find your house has termites, only to find...you get my point. The good news is that the next step of our infrastructure work is now ready to be moved in to as our Cloud system is now operational. We just need to move the sites over and tweak a few lines of code.

    In the not too distant future we’ll also be releasing our new Nexus Mods site that I’ve been going on for yonks now that will support mods for any and all games. It would be prudent to wait until this work is ready before transitioning everything over to the new Cloud setup. However we’re aware that things can get pretty bad at times on the sites (namely Skyrim Nexus) so we’ll be using Skyrim Nexus as our guinea pig. If the cloud setup can handle Skyrim Nexus comfortably then it’s going to be able to handle all the other games being on it as well. We’re already busy transferring the files over to the Cloud and at some point this week we’ll be doing a full switch from our current dedicated server setup to the Cloud setup. You’ll see the usual maintenance page during this work. From there we can tweak our Cloud setup and go on from there. Once ready we’ll move all the sites over. It might mean in the short-term things are a bit turbulent on Skyrim Nexus but it’ll be some short term pain for some long term gain. We’re hoping that a database cluster with 80 CPU cores and 480GB of RAM plus a 48 CPU cores, 192GB RAM cloud environment equals a fully functional and fast site 24/7.

    On the NMM front I know I mentioned that an alpha for 0.50, with mod profiling, was “just around the corner”. However after writing that article a few important changes needed to be made. A few people have gone a bit bat-shit crazy at the fact we haven’t released the alpha yet after saying it was near. To you guys I shall simply say; calm the hell down. I’m sure you’d have been raging a lot more if we’d given you an update to NMM that had broken all your mods so have a little faith that any delay has occurred in your best interests. And don’t be stupid. Please. We’ll get it out to you as soon as we’re happy with the results.

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