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  • 201. Amazing Jump for Oblivion

    Name: Amazing Jump
    Version: 1.1
    Date: 2007/07/08
    Category: Models and Textures
    Author: Ramy
    Homepage: http://ramyoblivion.hp.infoseek.co.jp
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Jump motion is modified to acrobatic loop.


    1. Place the meshes folder into your \Oblivion\Data folder and overw

    updated 0:07, 8 Jan 2008 118,167 1,922 1,514kb RamyEnfant

  • 202. Myths and Legends Weapons 2 for Oblivion

    MOD : Myths and Legends : Weapons 2
    Version : 2.3.6 (Internal)
    Authors : TemplarGFX, GrimDeath, SykoFox, GamerGirlx
    Requirements : Oblivion Game (PC)
    Approx. 65Mb free HD space
    Mid-Range PC specs

    Myths and Legends : Weapons adds 14 unique artifacts to the game,
    each w

    updated 23:51, 7 Jan 2008 221,138 1,916 20,811kb templargfx

  • 203. Oblivion Sound Sets for Oblivion

    Bored with your mute character? Want your evil character to sound like evil? Want your palladin to sound like one? Now you can.

    This mod gives your character ability to speak. From now on you will hear your character commenting about 30 various events through the game. This includes diverse battle-cries during combat, differential comments whil

    updated 1:49, 10 May 2009 145,199 1,910 17,516kb brucevayne

  • 204. Ren Beauty plus Soya Hair Final Pack for Oblivion

    With this mod pack, you will get:

    - Mystic Elf Custom Race.
    - Ren's Beauty Hair for all races.
    - Soya's Hair for all races.
    - Custom Race Fix.

    updated 0:10, 8 Jan 2008 92,638 1,899 19,434kb lonrot

  • 205. Crowded Cities 12 for Oblivion

    Adds a bunch of people to each city. They just wander around, but they do so throughout the city (not just roads). There are 225 people for the day lists to randomly choose from and 153 people for the night lists to choose from.

    There are 2 versions to choose from, 15 and 30. The lower the number the more people there will be in the city. I per

    updated 23:44, 7 Jan 2008 72,038 1,898 701kb bkwyrm13

  • 206. Cheydinhal Petshop v17 for Oblivion

    * 14 Pets to choose from: Golden Lab, Chocolate Lab, Husky, Panther, Imp, Spectacled Bear, Akaviri Bear (Panda), Brown Bear, Snow Leopard, White Akavirian Tiger, Battle Boar, Mudcrab, Cougar, and the Skeleton
    * Every 5th level a pet will grow in physical size, ending at 30
    * Each time you level your character your pet will level too wh

    updated 23:45, 7 Jan 2008 83,092 1,892 22,141kb Proudfoot

  • 207. Kafeis Better Amulet Replacer for Oblivion

    This replaces the textures for the basic metal amulets (gold, silver, jade, bronze, copper, jeweled) with better looking versions. Unique amulets were left alone, aside from a few tweaks.


    Extract to your Oblivion/Data file. Allow overwrite if prompted. There is no .esp file.


    updated 23:44, 7 Jan 2008 45,838 1,866 3,306kb Kafeid

  • 208. Roads of Cyrodiil for Oblivion

    Expands on the existing road network in Cyrodiil to make getting around easier, especially around the Imperial Isle.

    updated 9:55, 6 May 2013 83,209 1,861 3,810kb Arthmoor

  • 209. Dark Illusion Armor for Oblivion

    === Dark Illusion Armor (ver 1.0a) ===

    This MOD will add one set of light armor and two sets of haevy armor.
    Their name is [Dark Illusion].

    This MOD for Exnem Eyecandy body.

    - Installation

    Copy whole file to Data folder. Overwrite all(Select 'Yes to all'). Start launcher select Data Files and check DarkIllusionArmor.esp.

    updated 23:42, 7 Jan 2008 115,534 1,853 21,324kb skeletonk

  • 210. Deadly Reflex 6 - NiFSE1-0 Release Compatibility Fix for Oblivion

    A small fix to make DR6 require NifSE 1.0 Release (or 1.1 Release) Instead of the old unsupported beta.

    updated 1:19, 11 Sep 2011 53,646 1,851 1kb HeX_0ff

  • 211. Danis13 BEAUTY FACES v13 Full for Oblivion

    Danis13 BEAUTY FACES
    Version 1.3

    Version 1.3: 08 October 2006
    - Several changes in Base texture for Dark Elf, Imperial and Orc.
    - All diff maps for Dark Elf and Imperial
    from Natural Faces Plugin for Oblivion Version 0.9
    - New headhuman_50.* meshes

    updated 0:00, 8 Jan 2008 82,360 1,851 5,896kb Danis13

  • 212. Deadly Reflex OMOD for Oblivion

    OMOD of Deadly Reflex by Skycaptain. Install script to make installation as easy as possible.

    updated 20:57, 19 Apr 2011 90,132 1,847 58,802kb reon

  • 213. HGEC_Sinblood_RavenousElegance for Oblivion

    Add a new set of clothes/armor (using HGEC fighter Dcup and medium bottom) for Oblivion. There are two version of top, with and without jeweled cross necklace

    updated 20:45, 14 Aug 2010 58,355 1,837 9,308kb Sinblood

  • 214. Companion Neeshka for Oblivion

    Neeshka is a complex companion mod loaded with features, and 100% voiced using original sound files.

    updated 1:11, 14 May 2010 33,528 1,834 2,579kb Rsdnt-Evle

  • 215. Unlimited Amulets and Rings for Oblivion

    Unlimited Amulets and Rings 1.0 by timmypod

    This is a simple mod that allows the user to wear an unlimited number of amulets and rings.
    - Rings do NOT show on the fingers
    - This mod does not affect user-made custom rings. Only the default rings in the CS. *supposedly all rings, pre-made and enchanted work. I will test this soon to be certain*

    updated 23:10, 9 Nov 2009 63,166 1,828 11kb timmypod

  • 216. NO PSYCHIC GUARDS 12 for Oblivion


    V1.2 (both plugins) reduces the crime sound alarm to a shorter distance. The alarm distance is now the same as the voice sound distance in the game. This distance is now 1000, down from 1500 in v1.1. The original game alarm sound distance was 3000. When an NPC is yelling for help, their voice will travel a little bit farther distance

    updated 23:45, 7 Jan 2008 74,865 1,827 3kb buddah

  • 217. Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide for Oblivion

    Just to get you started with Wrye Bash

    updated 20:02, 4 Aug 2017 53,277 1,819 3,975kb alt3rn1ty

  • 218. Better Looking Armor for Oblivion

    Enhances the armor textures to look more sharp and "up to date".

    updated 22:15, 24 Apr 2014 38,234 1,803 60,544kb SpiderAkiraC

  • 219. MALEVOLENT for Oblivion

    Malevolent is a complex, multi-pathed, story-driven quest MOD revolving around the Player's relationship (be it good or bad) with a sentient suit of armour called "The Armour of Malevolence." The Armour himself is a charismatic, manipulative and deceptive personality who likes to consider himself "Articulate Evil" and -after the Player dons th

    updated 9:36, 10 Jul 2008 115,856 1,792 1,217kb Simyaz

  • 220. x117Race Plus Plus for Oblivion

    I add various race / hairstyles / eyes to a base with MBP++.
    x117race is face mesh to 1.17 times, and reduce scale of the body.

    updated 15:04, 1 May 2011 127,472 1,779 7,837kb nkyhiro

  • 221. Construction Set Extender for Oblivion

    An OBSE plugin that makes an omnibus of the CS.

    updated 22:34, 30 Apr 2017 36,555 1,768 9,368kb shademe

  • 222. The Heart of the Dead for Oblivion


    The Heart of the Dead is a 10+ quest line, with more than 20 new dungeons, dozens of fully realized characters, new armor and weapons, and whole new areas to explore.

    1,000 lines of fully spoken dialog. Fully speaking companions at the end. Come experience the way HOD was
    meant to be played...

    updated 17:41, 10 Jun 2011 151,992 1,763 1,502kb MidDark

  • 223. The Lost Spires for Oblivion

    *The files uploaded to TESNexus are just patches! Download the main file (260MB) at the site below.*

    The Lost Spires: http://www.lostspires.com

    Uncover the mysteries of ancient Tamriel as only one can, through the Archeology Guild. Scale the guild's ranks and explore new, exotic locales to unravel a plot of sinister deceit, betray

    updated 0:00, 8 Jan 2008 76,359 1,761 1,609kb liquidgraph1

  • 224. Younger Hotter NPCs Women for Oblivion

    Makes women npc's younger and prettier. Skin error fixing complete. Over 100 npc's edited. Includes bandits, necromancers, conjurers, marauders, etc. Does not include vampires.

    YOUNGER HOTTER NPC's version 1.0 - Women
    by nenina



    updated 23:21, 7 Jan 2008 63,815 1,759 349kb nenina

  • 225. Natural Walk - Animation Replacer for Oblivion

    Description: Isn't it unnatural to do a side step and a backward walking in noncombat?
    This mod changes walk and run to natural animation. It is only 3rd person view.

    updated 11:48, 13 Jul 2010 72,800 1,757 503kb amsterdam2019

  • 226. Qarls TP3 for NMM for Oblivion

    It bothered me that there was no installation option for Qarl's Texture Pack III compatible with the Nexus Mod Manager. (Attempting to install OMODs with NMM didn't work.) So, I made one.

    updated 3:03, 25 Jan 2014 54,243 1,755 1,788,600kb KeeperFiM

  • 227. Apophis Armory of the Silver Dragon for Oblivion

    Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon adds several complete weapons/armor/clothes sets for sale to various vendors in the Imperial City Market District. Go to the 1st Edition book store and purchase the book called "Apophis: Armory of the Silver Dragon" and read it for more information about the armor sets.

    updated 0:10, 8 Jan 2008 92,628 1,755 54,883kb LHammonds

  • 228. Enhanced Magic Effects for Oblivion

    Enhanced Magic Effects by Cristina
    Version 1.0

    This mod replaces all spell textures with larger ones, adding some new eye-candy to the game. Enjoy!

    updated 23:23, 7 Jan 2008 68,487 1,752 241kb Vlad V.

  • 229. Let the People Drink for Oblivion

    "Let the People Drink" breathes life into the very dry Imperial City, it adds multitude of fountains as well as a Great Aqueduct running from Charcoal Cave to the city. Discover what Bethesda's Imperial City should have been like; take a drink from the fountains and enjoy the view from the aqueducts, this mod is for you!

    updated 12:37, 19 Oct 2014 62,915 1,742 32,993kb Qazaaq

  • 230. Bravil Sea Domes for Oblivion

    ==Bravil Sea Domes==

    Bravil Sea Domes is an underwater home mostly made of new meshes. It is small-medium sized and more about atmosphere than about functionality, although there are enough display cases and safe storage possibilities.

    updated 23:50, 7 Jan 2008 85,741 1,731 6,047kb Phitt

  • 231. Kafeis Better Ring Replacer for Oblivion

    I don't know about you, but I think the default metal rings look more like shoe leather than rings. It's such a small detail, but it bugs me. This replaces the defaults with better looking versions. The rings affected:




    updated 23:50, 7 Jan 2008 44,221 1,722 2,044kb Kafeid

  • 232. Bartholm for Oblivion

    Ruled by Count Serverus Victrix, Bartholm is a small town consisting of a Castle, Arena, Inn, General Store, Chapel, Stables, Mages' Guild & 8 houses.

    Protected by the Bartholm Foreign Legion, the village of Slartholm is situated on the Isle of Slart.

    updated 17:51, 26 Mar 2010 60,275 1,719 88,410kb jsera

  • 233. Castle Seaview for Oblivion

    Castle Seaview, the pearl of the Gold Coast is a player home plugin. You won't get it for free, there is a small quest waiting for you!
    The castle has a unique look, you'll find nothing similar!

    updated 21:32, 6 Jan 2010 105,214 1,717 371kb mr_siika

  • 234. Improved Amulets and Rings for Oblivion

    This is a retexture of the basic amulets (bronze,copper,gold,silver & jade) and the basic rings (brass,copper,gold,silver,jade,ebony & novice) with 512X512 new textures.

    updated 2:56, 18 May 2008 59,058 1,710 5,084kb miknmel1

  • 235. Dancers clothes L H for HGEC for Oblivion

    4 colors. 2 sizes. 2 type Light armor

    updated 15:39, 24 Sep 2008 74,976 1,707 5,453kb KURESE

  • 236. Better Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary for Oblivion

    Improvements to your Dark Brotherhood experience. Includes player-owned bed & safe storage chest for new members, private Listener chambers, additional Listener gear, recolored black Shrouded Armor with improved hood mesh, custom retexturing throughout the sanctuary, a family Porter, and more.

    updated 20:48, 15 Dec 2016 55,993 1,706 43,326kb Khettienna

  • 237. BBB for EVE HGEC stock replacer for Oblivion

    HGEC Eyeacandy Variants Expansion ( EVE ) is a big stock which replaces the vanilla's armors and clothes with HGEC versions. Now converted for BBB, HGEC E cup.

    updated 20:21, 30 Aug 2010 44,415 1,704 6,444kb Saaya

  • 238. SonicEthers Beaming Sunglare for Oblivion

    This is a texture replacer for the Sun of Tamriel that adds Sunglare.

    updated 19:41, 12 Apr 2008 69,619 1,702 589kb theLeeHarvey

  • 239. Enhanced Weather for Oblivion

    Enhanced Weather is the next generation of photorealistic weather mods. Unlike most other such mods available, it merely adds to, instead of replacing, Oblivion's default weather system, resulting in a seamless blend of both vanilla and new weathers, as well as some unique features.

    updated 13:22, 4 Jul 2012 120,368 1,688 8,528kb HTF

  • 240. The Lands of Solstheim Vvardenfell and Mournhold - SoVvM br3 for Oblivion

    An unofficial large-scale mod for Oblivion, designed to recreate the three regions featured in TESIII: Morrowind with the advanced graphics and capabilities of Oblivion's engine. Gameplay in the three new regions is also better and more realistic than in Cyrodiil or Shivering Isles. Please read the readme (or else :P).

    updated 17:13, 12 Oct 2011 268,270 1,686 72,252kb thePOSTALdude

  • 241. Warglaives and Silverlight Armor by Jojjo for Oblivion

    Adds Warglaives and a set of armour (female only, shield not included).

    updated 16:44, 22 Dec 2009 112,036 1,675 254kb jojjo

  • 242. OblivionScriptOptimization for Oblivion

    The goal of this mod is to give a better performance by optimizing the scripts found in the game. Every frame, hunderds sometimes thousands of scripts run in the background, processing these requires alot of cpu processing power. The scripts which are part of the game have been written for readability and not optimization, which unfortunately cause

    updated 23:59, 7 Jan 2008 68,259 1,674 192kb hrmn

  • 243. Landscape LOD generator tes4ll-v5 for Oblivion

    This tool converts the landscape heightmap of all your mods into landscape LOD meshes. It can be configured by a script and adapted to different requirements.

    updated 9:03, 5 Feb 2017 47,828 1,671 686kb gruftikus

  • 244. Better Blood for Oblivion

    This mod adds more blood, and makes it look better.

    updated 17:47, 11 May 2011 66,568 1,666 1,079kb xxXEvandarXxx

  • 245. Arena Alive for Oblivion

    Name: 24 Hour Arena Alive
    Version: 2.0
    Category: Models and Textures
    Author: WillieSea
    Country: USA

    ReUploaded V2ESP's only file.

    Brings the Arena to life!
    Added lights, more spectators, colorful spectators, levele

    updated 23:48, 7 Jan 2008 51,353 1,664 4,253kb WilliamSea

  • 246. Apachii Heroes Store for Oblivion

    A store for Robert males and Exnem/HGEC.
    Many items can be used by other types of male/female bodies.

    The store has weapons,shields,armor,clothes,wigs,amulets,beards,piercings and other accessories.
    This version v.1.0 adds 577 items to the game.
    The items are made from bits and pieces from meshes from many mods and r

    updated 17:55, 25 Sep 2012 117,253 1,647 519,451kb apachii

  • 247. HENTAIMANIA2 for Oblivion

    A monster you've never seen
    A quest you've never experienced
    A combat you'll never forget

    updated 1:30, 16 Sep 2010 87,087 1,644 3,109kb zotman12

  • 248. RuneSkulls for Oblivion

    This mod adds more than 250 runeskulls to the game. These are objects that let you enchant weapons and armor without using an enchanting station, much like sigil stones work, but give multiple enchantments instead of just one.

    These have been included in oblivion's loot tables so they will spawn form chests and npcs just like regular objects.

    updated 0:04, 8 Jan 2008 54,346 1,644 7,049kb exnem

  • 249. Saurons Armor Chest for Oblivion

    update 06/10/30
    version 1.02
    Fix Sauron's gauntlets for female characters
    (Now the gauntlets of female chara are visible)

    update 06/10/29
    version 1.01
    Sauron's Cuirass doesn't disable Quiver.
    Fix the transparency of The One Ring Icon.

    Sauron's Armor Chest


    updated 23:58, 7 Jan 2008 62,661 1,633 4,161kb CultBraiN

  • 250. Silver Ranger - Animation Replacer for Oblivion

    This mod changes the skill animations of Marksman. It is only 3rd person view.

    updated 13:56, 12 Apr 2010 65,126 1,632 500kb amsterdam2019

  • 251. Short Grass V3 for Oblivion

    Some people thought the grass was to tall and bogged down their systems, so i created this mod that should shorten the grass by a good margine.

    2.0 changes
    Was told my estimates of 50% was wrong due to the fact of what i was editing was not the total height but a range. removed the ranges completely so the standard model is the only height of t

    updated 0:06, 8 Jan 2008 53,874 1,631 4kb Slig

  • 252. CTD and Memory patch ENBoost for Oblivion

    x64 optimized patch for heavily modified game, it much more efficiently utilize memory. Specially for users with HD textures

    updated 1:01, 3 Jul 2014 46,382 1,630 4kb BorisVorontsov

  • 253. TES4Gecko for Oblivion

    TES4Gecko - Version 15.2

    Created by TeamGecko
    - New development and Original TES4 Plugin Utility code: ScripterRon (Ron Hoffman)
    - Original Gecko plugin splitter and compare code: KomodoDave (N David Brown)
    - Gecko project leader: dev_akm (Aubrey K McAuley)

    updated 2:16, 22 May 2009 60,764 1,626 1,218kb dev_akm

  • 254. Assassins Creed-Altairs Gear by Nexon for Oblivion

    updated 7:17, 15 Dec 2008 115,286 1,625 9,615kb Nexxon

  • 255. Moonshadow Elves OMOD for Oblivion

    This is the OMOD for the great Moonshadow Elves mod by Sulpyum.

    updated 5:54, 17 Aug 2010 57,315 1,623 41,672kb TheFoilFedora

  • 256. Umpa Sexy Walk for Oblivion

    Add a forward sexy walk for female character (or male...) only for player

    updated 19:53, 19 Mar 2011 118,848 1,607 12kb umpa

  • 257. Realistic Water for Oblivion

    This mod makes the water: outside, in the shivering isles, in caves and in sewers,bravil and the Oblivion Lava look a lot more realistic and dynamic, by changing the waters variables based on the weather. (requires OBSE v.20)

    updated 11:41, 18 Apr 2011 43,026 1,606 661kb Soolie

  • 258. Mountain Tower for Oblivion

    High quality tower abode. Click the above link to read the full description

    updated 14:21, 5 Dec 2008 69,769 1,602 92,510kb Sage Rime

  • 259. Dwemer Technology PartII Dwemer Skyship for Oblivion

    Dwemer Technology Part II, Dwemer Skyship is a player home plugin for TES IV, Oblivion. It allows the player to control and own the Dwemer Skyship, the last one of the glorious Dwemer sky-fleet.

    updated 23:24, 17 Apr 2009 85,214 1,599 35,497kb mr_siika

  • 260. Personality Idles4 for Oblivion

    Adds new animations and reactions to NPC's
    and Player Character. This replaces personality idles 3. Also adds the option of instant actions and ability to change default idle at any time. Lute playing added and more.

    updated 8:36, 8 Feb 2011 121,772 1,598 79,261kb dereko

  • 261. LTD-Vampire Overhaul for Oblivion

    Makes vampirism a lot more interesting by redesigning its implementation almost from the ground up. The plugin is highly modular, allowing users to fine-tune it to their own preferences through an in-game menu.

    updated 18:06, 10 Sep 2011 45,481 1,579 4,230kb LoginToDownload

  • 262. Atmospheric Weather System for Oblivion

    This is a very large weather addon for Oblivion. It has more than 100 different weather types. Including 60 or so for the Shivering Isles expansion. It is a seperate file included so if you do not own SI you can still use AWS.
    It also adds a seasonal weather system and improves night time and the water.

    Version History

    V2.1 Update 30/4/07

    updated 23:27, 25 Apr 2010 69,159 1,578 28,680kb HTF

  • 263. IvyArmor for HGEC for Oblivion

    This mod adds the armors of Soul Calibur III Ivy.
    3 kind(Dcup/Hcup) 36 colors of armor for HG EyeCandy Body.
    add total 470 items (Full Package)

    updated 16:28, 7 Dec 2008 83,615 1,575 93,098kb Ozmo

  • 264. Better Benirus Manor for Oblivion

    A brighter & better Benirus Manor with many features you can toggle on or off as you like in-game. The light, clean design is now enhanced with custom textures & fun surprises. Welcome home.

    updated 20:22, 3 Jun 2017 33,608 1,573 19,672kb Khettienna

  • 265. Camping for Oblivion

    This mod enables the player character to set up and dismantle a campsite to provide a place to sleep when out in the wilderness. It includes built-in language localization support for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and Chinese (simplified).

    updated 20:54, 21 Oct 2013 24,689 1,571 2,988kb Maskar

  • 266. Red Rose Manor ver 2_3 for Oblivion

    Solve a fairytale-like mini-quest, gain a lovely medieval-style manor.
    Now with Skyrim-inspired crafting, “real” roses and a fully voiced Aurora.
    Optional sheep can be bought at Roxey Inn.

    updated 15:58, 1 Jan 2015 36,077 1,571 74,000kb Emma

  • 267. shadeMe for Oblivion

    At last, dynamic shadows for everyone and their mother.

    I love my mother. Also, chops and sauce.

    updated 20:49, 22 Aug 2016 44,004 1,570 1kb shademe

  • 268. Real Lights for Oblivion


    Have you noticed Oblivion is full of fire that actually don't light?! Have you wondered why Ayleid ruins are full of welkynd stones sealed in walls? Do you hate the mystic light points that make your life easier in the caves?
    This plugin (will) remove (most of) all fake lights that you can find hanging around and make fire

    updated 23:36, 7 Jan 2008 63,996 1,567 2,574kb Josef K.

  • 269. Rens Beauty Pack OMOD - -No more bald elves- version for Oblivion

    Just an OMOD for Rens Beauty Pack. Activate it in OBMM.

    This version doesn't have the "bald elves" error.

    You need the "custom race fix" to begin your game:


    updated 14:45, 18 Aug 2012 33,229 1,565 14,583kb Funivia

  • 270. Idle Dialogues for Oblivion

    Enables the 86 Idle Dialogue lines included in the main game but never called in by the NPCs.

    updated 18:38, 3 Aug 2011 27,838 1,563 6kb Cliffworms

  • 271. Crowded Roads Revamped for Oblivion

    See the readme.

    updated 23:35, 7 Jan 2008 69,133 1,561 254kb MaXiMiUS

  • 272. Menu Video Replacement Scenery for Oblivion

    This video replaces the default map video that plays on the TES IV: Oblivion main menu.

    The video was created by finding a nice, sceneic spot to film, typing "TM" in the console to remove HUD elements, and recorded using Fraps at 1280x800 30fps. The recorded video was edited with VirtualDub 1.6.14 and Ulead VideoStudio 9, and encoded using

    updated 23:21, 7 Jan 2008 64,132 1,558 26,854kb Rehevkor

  • 273. Female EyeCandy Wardrobe for Oblivion

    Female EyeCandy - Wardrobe v0.1
    by Exnem


    This is a plugin for "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion" that brings new armors and clothes for females to wear. This will be an ever growing plugin and it will be updated constantly to add more clothes.

    This plugin uses my female body replacer (underwear or nude version), so you

    updated 0:04, 8 Jan 2008 50,234 1,555 19,000kb exnem

  • 274. SP1stPersonLegs for Oblivion

    Lower body and foot models in first person animations.

    updated 15:38, 20 Jul 2008 80,121 1,553 8kb Draugo

  • 275. HGEC_Queens_Armory for Oblivion

    Queen's Armory for the HGEC Body, available at Best Defence.

    updated 12:58, 31 Aug 2008 64,758 1,548 26,008kb rblade

  • 276. Levelers Cheat for Oblivion

    Have you ever lost a high level save game and have to start over from scratch? Just need to make test characters to test a mod? Now you can quickly gain the levels you lost using this shack just up the hill from the Imperial Sewer Exit.

    updated 18:07, 13 Jul 2008 46,952 1,546 9,889kb WilliamSea

  • 277. HGEC Rogue Armor for Oblivion

    A new rogue like armor.It is pretty detailed and very realistic looking. This makes it quite unique. Sorry for the simple name.

    updated 11:15, 17 Jun 2011 39,921 1,539 7,312kb Alecu

  • 278. Faster Arrows for Oblivion

    I loved the concept of the Marksman Velocity mod, but I thought it would be better (and would make more sense) if all the arrows went the same speed. So I made this real fast. Comes in 125%, 150%, 175%, 200%, 225%, and 250% speed varieties. Remember, only enable one of them. Works with mods that increase bow/arrow damage, and the like.

    v1.1: Now

    updated 23:59, 7 Jan 2008 37,391 1,537 2kb daeger

  • 279. BOSS Master List Manager for Oblivion

    BOSS Master List Manager has become the BOSS Userlist Manager.

    The BOSS Userlist Manager is designed to help you manage and maintain BOSS's Userlist file. It requires BOSS to work.

    updated 9:23, 13 Jan 2016 32,272 1,535 6,673kb Surazal

  • 280. Let There Be Darkness for Oblivion

    Makes all dungeons in the game darker by removing the universal ambient lighting and fog. You will need torch/light spell/night-eye to see well in dungeons.

    updated 13:32, 26 May 2009 51,495 1,531 25kb LprMan

  • 281. Elven Map For Shivering Isles for Oblivion

    Elven map for Shivering Isles to be used with the "Elven Map Redux mod" by xythen his mod can be found at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3002

    updated 5:19, 16 Apr 2008 45,755 1,530 679kb odin_ml

  • 282. Black Luster Weapons and Armor for Oblivion

    Black Luster Weapons & Armor v2.4.0

    By hide

    updated 23:50, 7 Jan 2008 66,571 1,529 39,327kb hide0128

  • 283. Improved Sky Textures for Oblivion

    This mod replaces the original sky textures with improved textures

    updated 17:55, 13 May 2011 54,003 1,524 27,041kb sourceuser

  • 284. OBSE Tester for Oblivion

    This is just a little plugin that will tell you whether or not OBSE is installed correctly on your computer.

    updated 18:54, 5 Aug 2010 28,779 1,524 2kb PatOLoughlin

  • 285. Coloured Enemy Health for Oblivion

    Makes the enemy health bar above the crosshair change from green - yellow - orange - red depending on how much health the enemy has left.

    updated 23:48, 7 Jan 2008 38,666 1,522 35kb LordOverkill

  • 286. ArmoryLab for Oblivion

    Mod: ArmoryLab.esp
    Version: 4.1 (or V3.5 for modular version)
    Date: 12/14/07
    Author: Tom Supergan

    This mod adds six rooms any player can access from each of the buyable houses. There are two main sections--the armory and the laboratory.

    updated 23:57, 7 Jan 2008 52,720 1,508 25,531kb tom_supergan

  • 287. Gloria and Trish Armor for HGEC for Oblivion

    add 2type a Armor

    updated 18:16, 8 Oct 2008 67,673 1,501 10,797kb KURESE

  • 288. Shdw_Armor set_Sotonhorian for Oblivion

    Sotonhorian armor set:
    - ebony chain, black decorated leather, unique set of light armor for both males and females And Tail Armor for Argonians

    updated 19:05, 9 Mar 2008 52,604 1,500 24,007kb Andragorn

  • 289. Imperial Furniture for Oblivion

    Decorate your house and garden with movable furniture, plants and light sources. (An expansion is now available, please see long description!!)

    updated 23:26, 7 Jan 2008 45,055 1,481 25,082kb Virtuoso

  • 290. Cyrodiil Terrain Map v25 for Oblivion

    This is a replacement for The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion's default in-game map. It was made using the game's landscape files, resulting in a fairly accurate representation of Cyrodiil's terrain. The map was made as an alternative to some of the excellent stylized maps that have already been created.

    April 7, 2007: Now updated to version 2.

    updated 23:35, 7 Jan 2008 77,098 1,474 15,751kb whisselj

  • 291. Dungeon Actors Have Torches for Oblivion

    Dungeon Actors Have Torches 1.6
    by nenina

    Actors use torches in dungeons to increase immersion. Don't let them brood in darkness over one mishap in life just so they can blame everything on it and use it to justify misdeeds.

    Evil NPC actors in dungeons get a one-time 75% chan

    updated 23:38, 7 Jan 2008 55,210 1,474 15kb nenina

  • 292. Enchantment Restore Over Time OBSE for Oblivion

    New version fixes NPC recharging and tweaked well recharging.

    This mod just makes your currently equipped weapon restore its charges over a period of time like Morrowind. Works with any custom/mod added weapon.

    By default the restore rate is based on your Mysticism skill with it restoring up to 10 charges every 10 seconds. You can set the rat

    updated 23:22, 7 Jan 2008 46,678 1,470 6kb flyfightflea

  • 293. A To Take All for Oblivion

    Press the 'A' button to loot all items in a container, just like Fallout 3.

    updated 16:21, 7 Jan 2010 29,638 1,467 1kb statttis

  • 294. Knightly Armory for Oblivion

    This mod adds lots of nice goodies for knights to the game. Armors, helmets, shields, even a few weapons. Just look at the screenshots.

    updated 0:20, 16 Aug 2008 43,003 1,466 12,717kb Phitt

  • 295. Beautiful Women Mod for Oblivion

    Gives all the 'nice' (protagonistic) female npcs in Tamriel a face lift...

    updated 16:20, 5 Jun 2008 150,894 1,466 3,111kb ntobmodfan

  • 296. BSA Commander for Oblivion

    Work with oblivion archive files (.bsa) with friendly interface.

    With BSA Commander you can:

    - unpack files from archive (all files or any of them);
    - create new .bsa archives;
    - view content of .bsa files;
    - get detailed info about archive and save it to file;
    - register archive files for game;
    - you may associate BSA Comman

    updated 23:21, 7 Jan 2008 43,030 1,463 341kb Butch

  • 297. Luchaires Tabaxi Cat Race Version 2 for Oblivion

    This is an update to the Tabaxi race, combining the original tabaxi, tabby tabaxi, and white tabaxi in one mod, along with 26 new hairstyles from the Corean race mod.

    updated 17:35, 23 Aug 2009 120,812 1,462 72,162kb Luchaire

  • 298. Get Wet Update for Oblivion

    This is an update to the wonderful Get Wet mod with the blessing of the original author.

    [quote]This mod allows your character and all npcs/creatures to become wet in the rain. The player can also get wet by swimming. This was originally created just for myself to play around with the Oblivion shaders and scripts but I decided to release it anyw

    updated 9:45, 2 Mar 2008 52,779 1,456 119kb mmmpld

  • 299. Oblivion Mod Manager Extended for Oblivion

    updated 9:32, 4 Mar 2011 55,830 1,452 183kb scenttree

  • 300. Working Eyelashes for Oblivion

    A modder's resource which allows addition of working eyelashes to most humanoid races in Oblivion.

    updated 0:52, 3 Jul 2008 118,571 1,447 6,764kb jclyde6108