• 196

    A fair attribute gain change
    A fair attribute gain ...
    by SydneyAVDE
  • 436

    Real Retroactive Health Formula
    Real Retroactive Healt...
    by PushTheWinButton
  • 7

    No Skill Rewards
    No Skill Rewards
    by mrjentipede
  • 488

    Attribute Level Up  MAX
    Attribute Level Up MA...
    by ppl47
  • 32

    YJ's Skill and Attribute
    YJ's Skill and Att...
    by thekingyj
  • 132

    demonocus-Mysterious Blade Master
    demonocus-Mysterious B...
    by demonocus666
  • 25

    Higher Level Up Requirement
    Higher Level Up Requir...
    by Flooderis
  • 293

    Lower Level Enemies Don't Disappear
    Lower Level Enemies Do...
    by Aestherus
  • 33

    Mercantile Uncapped
    Mercantile Uncapped
    by Grogrokl
  • 137

    Slow Skills Unerfed
    Slow Skills Unerfed
    by AdamRundolf001
  • 285

    Advanced Mercantile Leveling
    Advanced Mercantile Le...
    by Tossapon
  • 162

    Levelling through training only
    Levelling through trai...
    by Goodluc
  • 224

    Oblivion Level Booster
    Oblivion Level Booster
    by LegoManIAm94
  • 954

    Skill Diary Redone
    Skill Diary Redone
    by PushTheWinButton
  • 274

    All Levelled items
    All Levelled items
    by nosocalypse
  • 109

    Ged Havin's Customizable Leveling
    Ged Havin's Custom...
    by gedhavin
  • 1,596

    Setsuna Dummy Training Modified
    Setsuna Dummy Training...
    by HautdenLukas
  • 720

    Faster Restoration Leveling
    Faster Restoration Lev...
    by Aestherus
  • 391

    Zek's Oblivion Reforged
    Zek's Oblivion Ref...
    by ZekAonar
  • 867

    Small Talk Speechcraft
    Small Talk Speechcraft
    by alphaniner
  • 350

    Master Marksman Trainer Alawen Essential
    Master Marksman Traine...
    by moldilox
  • 344

    Gray Prince Training and Dark Blessing as Skill-Ups
    Gray Prince Training a...
    by kravansh
  • 102

    Amulet of disintegration
    Amulet of disintegrati...
    by Assassinsmessenger
  • 246

    Stunted Acrobatics and Athletics
    Stunted Acrobatics and...
    by ZekAonar
  • 667

    Mastery Magic Skill Perks
    Mastery Magic Skill Pe...
    by V4Vigilante
  • 5,116

    Oblivion Unlimited Training
    Oblivion Unlimited Tra...
    by LegoManIAm94
  • 7,881

    Magic Skill Perks
    Magic Skill Perks
    by DocRob
  • 1,427

    secret ninja trainers
    secret ninja trainers
    by demonocus666
  • 2,887

    Improved Athletics Leveling
    Improved Athletics Lev...
    by KaliTheRabbit
  • 9,172

    Attribute Modifiers on Levelup to 5
    Attribute Modifiers on...
    by Dogan80
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