• Novieres Gray Fox Armor for Oblivion

    Adds a set of leather armor that matches the Cowl of Nocturnal(aka the Gray Fox's mask) to the game. It also makes it so that the Gray Fox himself wears this armor.

    The armor consists of 5 pieces(boots, bracers, cuirass, gloves, and greaves), though the bracers and gloves occupy the same slot. Includes textures for the armor, as well as uniqu

    uploaded 17:12, 13 Apr 2006 1,747 89 4,647kb noviere

  • Fast Hotkey cast after spell switch for Oblivion

    This mod allow switch and cast a spell with one keyhit.

    Use: Hit your Hotkeys (1-9) and the spell get active and will cast instant.
    (look manual how to assign Hotkeys)

    Enable/Disable with SCROLL (betwean print and pause)
    Each key(1-9) can be en/dis in tryicon menu.

    Installation: Start the exe and then start oblivion. After play unload ex

    uploaded 17:07, 13 Apr 2006 371 14 51kb adhome

  • Femmefs Modified Crime System for Oblivion

    Femmef `s Modified Crime System V1.0 BETA for OBLIVION


    -----Now you can kill a indoor NPC and scarcely bring on a watchfulness of outdoor guard.

    -----Now you can close to a guard after your murder(barring you crime two murder or more within 30 minutes),And the guard will not arrestting you forwardly,Wi

    uploaded 17:03, 13 Apr 2006 214 6 2kb femmef

  • Faces by Mastery Eva for Oblivion

    Here is my first (well, second ;) shot at creating an in-game face model.

    Meet Eva, a 24 year-old Nord raised by a family of notorious Redguard armorers. She was imprisoned for the murder of a High Elf Council member who allegedly tried to rape her.

    uploaded 15:51, 13 Apr 2006 111 5 1,108kb Mastery

  • Retros Fletching and Imbueing Deutsch for Oblivion

    Ich habe das "Retros Fletching and Imbueing" PlugIn übersetzt, dieses erlaubt es euch selber Pfeile zu schnitzen und zu verzaubern, hier die orginal Readme:


    Retro's Arrow Fletching and Imbueing v0.99z


    1. Insta

    uploaded 13:58, 13 Apr 2006 117 9 119kb Windauge

  • Daedric Katana and Daikatana for Oblivion

    NOTICE: There is a newer version of the mod here:

    This is my first released mod for Oblivion, so I am open to any rational and constructive criticisms from anyone who has tried this mod.

    This mod adds the Daedric Katana and Dai-katana to the game. These elegant and powerful weapons can be

    uploaded 13:43, 13 Apr 2006 307 12 463kb Alastor117

  • Adventurers Spells for Oblivion

    This mod adds 4 new spells to the game. They are:
    1. Mark - Places a mark at your location.
    2. Recall - Moves you to the placed mark.
    3. Magic Storage - Summons a magical storage space to place your stuff.
    4. Sleep Spell - Puts you to sleep for however many hours you wish, acts like a bed.

    These spells are added to your list once you read a

    uploaded 13:25, 13 Apr 2006 3,571 112 6kb Me.v1

  • Book Placement Wine Addon for Oblivion

    This is a requested extension of Bookplacer to help with wine racks. As with Bookplacer this only works when the Winerack is standing facing directly North, South,West and East.

    Require Bookplacer .esm (Version 1.2) to run.

    Barely tested as of yet, so make sure to backup your safe files first. Just copy into \data order and select to run

    uploaded 10:47, 13 Apr 2006 598 23 8kb jepeter

  • AXEFACES Blades Ceremonial Armour omod for Oblivion

    "This Oblivion mod adds a new set of Heavy armour to the Cloud Ruler Temple armoury, the Blades Ceremonial Armour. This glorious suit of armour was commissioned by Uriel Septim himself as a reward and thankyou to his blades."

    This is an .omod version of Axeface's Blades Ceremonial Armour. Simply unpack and open the file to install the m

    uploaded 10:10, 13 Apr 2006 2,198 93 2,611kb phat39

  • Darker Vampirism for Oblivion

    Adds new vampirism gameplay changes.

    - You can hide your face with a hood of full helmet, so NPCs don't see you are a vampire
    - Any vampire hit with a silver weapon suffers great fire damage.
    - You cannot use weapons made of silver.
    - There is no sun damage on vampire level 4, but every HP loss is deadly for you. (sun weakness)
    - You can

    uploaded 9:25, 13 Apr 2006 892 30 60kb Tibixe

  • Realistic Blocking for Oblivion

    This is as simple as it gets. This mod changes two values:

    fBlockMax = 1 vs vanilla 0.75
    fBlockSkillMult = 3 vs vanilla 1

    This means that with a shield, you will end up blocking 100% of the damage at the block skill level of 33 (well 99% technically), but only 50% with a weapon, which will max out at 100% at level 66. The Journeyman perk i

    uploaded 9:21, 13 Apr 2006 4,005 108 1kb Neural Eclipse

  • Home outside the cities for Oblivion

    I was tired of having to live in a city. This mod adds an abandoned house in the wilderness next to a small waterfall that you can claim as your own (the key is in the locked crate next to the door). The screenshot shows on the map where it is. Follow the Orange Road East from Chorrol. If you want to be able to fast travel to it, there is a cave at

    uploaded 9:13, 13 Apr 2006 243 13 9kb pongsifu