• Alt Start w Main Quest Cut Off for Oblivion

    After spending hours trying to create an alternative dungeon sequence, I gave up and instead created a new starting area with a blurb about travelling from another land. With this, you are no longer "limited" RP wise as to what your character can become. Many people complained about the idea that your character was bad enough to be put in p

    uploaded 8:06, 15 Apr 2006 3,856 112 7kb TheDCProject

  • Everlasting Corpses for Oblivion

    Makes all NAMED NPCs corpses permanent.
    They will not disappear. Also makes all horses and sheeps corpses permanent and so tey do not respawn.

    -does not effect guards
    -does not effect random generated monsters,
    they will vanish as usual


    uploaded 6:31, 15 Apr 2006 6,456 116 671kb frostillicus

  • New Broadsheets for Oblivion

    Authors: Manargo and Eikona
    Version: 1.2 (6 broadsheets)

    Version 1.1 Changes:
    Fixed various spelling mistakes.

    Version 1.2 Changes:
    Fixed even more various spelling mistakes. Hopefully they are fixed for good.

    This mod adds 6 broadsheets to the game. 2 of them will be added without a

    uploaded 5:13, 15 Apr 2006 357 12 396kb Manargo

  • The Ring Of Invisibility Quest v16 for Oblivion

    v.1.6 - Removed ring ownership

    v.1.5 - Added compass markers, changed ring enhantment, now it will cast Invisibility instead of chameleon, added cosmetic changes in the Lord's Chambers as well

    v.1.1 - Added damage health so the item doesnt stay so uber

    This mod adds a new quest to the game called "The Ring Of Invisibility"
    you c

    uploaded 4:59, 15 Apr 2006 1,424 59 4kb Pastel

  • Bloodeus Unique Stuff for Oblivion

    Bloodeus' Unique Stuff v1.2

    This is more then just an improvment over 1.1, its more like a new mod entirely.
    Icluded is around 50 new items. All with thier own new texture or recoloring.
    Heavy/Light/Shields/Weapons/Robes too many to list cause im lazy -_-

    uploaded 4:06, 15 Apr 2006 4,502 211 23,939kb dedhed

  • Open the Gates! for Oblivion

    UPDATE: The original uploaded version had a bug, causing the corpses who were supposed to stay to ALSO not DIE, thereby kind of breaking the quests even more. Its fixed in 1.0b. If youre readme doesn't say 1.0b in the version, please update!

    Details: This is a quickly written plugin, mostly just a lot of script editing. What it should do is e

    uploaded 4:00, 15 Apr 2006 137 15 15kb Jadame_Tamuli

  • Maquissars Oblivion Mods for Oblivion

    This is not just ONE mod but rather a collection of different mods that should improve immersion and balance the game, at least in my opinion. Instead of making only ONE file, I've divided it in different plugins, so that you might use the ones that you want, and discard the parts you don't want. I suggest, however, to use all the parts toget

    uploaded 2:45, 15 Apr 2006 342 12 1,075kb Maquissar

  • Pretty Breton woman save for Oblivion

    The games is saved immediately before the sewer exit. If you like the face, everything else can be changed.

    uploaded 0:34, 15 Apr 2006 577 22 277kb inokungfu

  • TeMpOs Bow of Infinity 1 3a for Oblivion

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity 1.3a

    Normal Arrows version included - Less powerful then the enchanted arrows version. You can use these mods alone or simultaneously, and then choose which Bow to use.

    TeMpO`s Bow of Infinity never runs out of ammo. The arrows are automatically equipped along with the bow, and you cannot sell them (Bow or Arrows).

    uploaded 22:55, 14 Apr 2006 482 24 4kb TempoJMFS

  • Youris Alternate Advancement for Oblivion

    This mods eliminates the need to micromanage your attributes when you level up.

    1.14: minor bugfix

    Bugfix in 1.13:
    Changed how existing abilitied were converted, to prevent potential skill loss. This will cause some message spam if you load this version for the first time.

    Known cosmetics bugs:
    - Fortify effects from abilities do not sho

    uploaded 22:54, 14 Apr 2006 60 6 18kb yourideboer

  • Sins Expanded Light Armor Kit for Oblivion

    Welcome to Sin's Expanded Light Armor Kit 2.1

    What does this mod do?

    This mod now adds 6 new types of armor to the game at around level 20+.

    New in 2.1
    *Drakefired Glass set

    *Blue Glass
    *Elven Sky
    *Elven Eldar
    *Golden Mithril

    This armor can only be foun

    uploaded 21:31, 14 Apr 2006 1,247 27 34,353kb goc_sin

  • Summon Ghostwheel for Oblivion

    This mod is designed for those people who would like to roleplay a character
    from one of Roger Zelazny's Amber Chronicles. It lets your character start with
    a spell called "Summon Ghostwheel," which summons a Ghost for 120 seconds. It requires a
    Apprentice in Conjuration and costs 10 Magicka. I did not design this mod to give
    a figh

    uploaded 20:59, 14 Apr 2006 81 1 1kb Lindir