• Mystisches Heiligtum for Oblivion

    This is the German translation of Stormstriders "Magick Sanctum" Mod. most credit goes to him.
    See his mod under: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2309
    I only translated it and changed some minor things like adding a new room, resizing one and improved the lighting. _tO_

    "House" mod for the ma

    uploaded 18:29, 18 Apr 2006 33 1 14kb _tO_

  • Gender Independent Clothing for Oblivion

    Certain garments which previously morphed based on the gender of the wearer (with females getting the skirt version, and males getting the pants) have now been seperated into distinct "Skirts" and "Pants" items that can be worn by either gender.

    6 garments have been changed, 3 each from the middle and upper classes.
    Vendors sell bot

    uploaded 15:50, 18 Apr 2006 2,530 113 103kb Sacred Snow

  • Groene Rizlas Island home 0 6 for Oblivion

    This is a test Do Not Download If you donot come from the TES4 forums this needs to be tested

    uploaded 15:44, 18 Apr 2006 33 1 289kb GroeneRizla

  • boots and gloves _ black hand robe for Oblivion

    allows you to wear boots and gloves with black hand robe =D

    uploaded 14:10, 18 Apr 2006 520 24 0kb zaffu

  • Essential Unicorn for Oblivion

    Just use like any other data file. All this does is make the unicorn essential just like Shadowmere, thus the unicorn becomes unconscious instead of dying.

    uploaded 13:38, 18 Apr 2006 210,970 25 1kb NullAshton

  • HiddenCastle for Oblivion

    Adds a hidden castle to the Imperial Talos Plaza the castle contain:
    - Dining Room
    - Traning Room
    - Bad Room
    - Library Room
    and few secret passages

    Info about ver 1.6:
    going to add much more rooms and make it not Hidden make it normal castle with back hidden way to escape :)

    - 1.5 -
    fixed floating thinks ( thanks jddb_2000 )
    - 1.4 -

    uploaded 13:35, 18 Apr 2006 376 9 174kb Moty

  • Shabah for Oblivion

    Shabah, the Vampire Nest
    Author: trixxxar
    Version: Release 1.0



    A fisher told u of an old story teller, who knows all about Vampires. But who beliefs in Vampies? But yesterday on his fishingroute he saw a cave, wich fits exactly to one of the old storys. Hes

    uploaded 13:07, 18 Apr 2006 611 28 1,431kb TriXXXar

  • Masamune for Oblivion

    This is the masamune. extract files into : oblivion/data/

    and check in front of the statue in imperial market district.

    uploaded 12:36, 18 Apr 2006 770 33 646kb Imaginalex

  • Finger of the Mountain Fix for Oblivion

    Finger of the Mountain is a quest reward spell that, if gained at higher levels, costs much more than it should. Apparently one of the developers decided to uncheck the "Auto-Calculate Cost" and instead input values that put the cost above what most people can obtain.

    This Fix uses the "Auto-Calculate Cost" option for Finger of the M

    uploaded 12:26, 18 Apr 2006 2,597 86 1kb roguebanshee

  • Faces by Mastery Amber for Oblivion

    Another starting character, this time, a 27 year-old Female Breton named Amber.

    uploaded 12:10, 18 Apr 2006 187 13 1,171kb Mastery

  • Daedric Katana and Daikatana v04 for Oblivion

    EDIT: I noticed some corruption in the normalmap for the katanas. It's subtle, but it detracts from the quality of the mod. The main zip has been updated with the fixed texture.

    This is a revision of my first released mod for Oblivion, so I am open to any rational and constructive criticisms from anyone who has tried this mod.

    This mod add

    uploaded 11:46, 18 Apr 2006 4,124 163 411kb Alastor117

  • Ruins of Nalcarum for Oblivion

    Adds the beautiful ancient Altmer ruins of Nalcarum by the Brena River in County Kvatch, together with a small story by the entrance.. =)
    This is a fairly hard dungeon, with some random numbered enemies, random loot, and a unique "large" end-boss with randomized equipment!

    Forum: http://www.elderscrolls.com/forums/index.php?show

    uploaded 11:10, 18 Apr 2006 1,441 63 92kb Baleur