• TeMpO Skills and Encumbrance for Oblivion

    TeMpO Skills & Encumbrance 1.0

    It allows the Player to train up to 100 Skill Points each level instead of 5, and it allows the player to carry a lot more weight.

    Copy "TeMpO Skills & Encumbrance.esp" to your "Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data" Folder.
    Start the game, select "Data Files", and double-click "TeMpO S

    uploaded 21:59, 18 Apr 2006 687 42 0kb TempoJMFS

  • Arrow Forge for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion MOD

    Arrow Forge

    Version 2.1
    by HaroK ([email protected])


    v2.1 Update


    + You can now convert some misc items in

    uploaded 21:57, 18 Apr 2006 1,592 54 21kb harokyang

  • Confront_th_king_fix for Oblivion

    I made this fix for myself, because i can't killed Mannimarco.. He was totally unvulnerably, because of the bug in the script. This "mod" fixes this bug.

    uploaded 21:34, 18 Apr 2006 267 16 4kb m0sia

  • Quicker Screensaver for Oblivion

    This mod changes the delay before the screensaver effect starts (the turning of the camera around the pc) to 20 seconds, instead of the original 120 seconds.

    uploaded 20:43, 18 Apr 2006 168 6 0kb ApellA

  • Anti Dunmer Spells for Oblivion

    Adds a Frostball and Shockball, as well as weak variants of each. This will provide an alternative for low level mages who are facing opponents with fire resistance.
    See Druja in the Skingrad Mage's Guild to purchase these spells.

    uploaded 20:30, 18 Apr 2006 170 1 2kb Gundato

  • Bank of Cyrodiil for Oblivion

    This mod adds a bank to the Imperial City Market District (with a sign made by Arcanox). You can deposit and withdraw gold and earn interest at a rate of 5-7 gold per 1000 gold per day (partly dependend on your mercantile skill). For a small fee you can also use a secure chest in the vault.

    New: Added banking functionality to all traders in the

    uploaded 20:22, 18 Apr 2006 85,571 2,427 605kb Zarkis

  • Tylian race for Oblivion

    Those are the tylians , they are hybrid between white tigers and humans (i m drawing some comics with a tylian as a hero i wanted to make them for the game.)

    better read me.

    i hope this will just work if you extract into oblivion/data/

    there are two mod files one to make the race playable and the other is the race.

    i hope you will like.

    uploaded 19:51, 18 Apr 2006 408 22 5,706kb Imaginalex

  • Fake HDR Better Sun for Oblivion

    The Fake HDR lighting mod by timeslip is utterly great, but has limitations. One of these is that the sun tends to get 'washed' out by the brightness-adaptation mechanism within the plugin.

    Fixing this by altering the FakeHDR effect is possible, but would cause the overall effect of the plugin to deteriorate.

    Instead, i decided to rep

    uploaded 19:49, 18 Apr 2006 1,662 50 742kb shirosae

  • EndOfTheHawks for Oblivion

    It s the sword gatts uses to get his freedom from griffith and leave the band of the hawks.

    again , extract into oblivion/data/

    imperial market district , in front of the statue.

    feel free to make your own normal maps for weapons because i dont really know how to do that.

    uploaded 19:14, 18 Apr 2006 330 19 437kb Imaginalex

  • Magic Words for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
    Magic Words v1.1

    Mod Description
    This mod employs voice recognition technology to change a player’s active spell.

    A project forged from the frustration and immersion-breaking experience of pausing to select a new spell, this mod allows players to exploit the biggest strength a mage has –

    uploaded 18:50, 18 Apr 2006 650 38 340kb Tevenan

  • Runed Katana and Katana of Power and Happines for Oblivion

    extract all files to data folder. and read the readme file.

    uploaded 18:49, 18 Apr 2006 373 18 538kb demonizzer

  • Altessian Trial Grounds for Oblivion

    The Altessians were an exceptionally powerful band of mercenaries. They were efficient, deadly, and willing to do anything for the right price. Their abilities in combat were unmatched. One day, the entire mercenary band disappeared without explanation.

    Legend has it that to become one, an initiate must endure a gruelling series of tes

    uploaded 18:48, 18 Apr 2006 1,372 60 8,954kb TheHoMan