• Jewelry Enchantment Fix for Oblivion

    This mod fixes jewelry enchantments. Originally, the normal version of an item (e.g. Amulet of Reflection) had a stronger enchantment on it than the grand version (e.g. Grand Amulet of Reflection).

    This mod puts the correct enchantments on the items so when you see a Grand Ring of Anything, it will actually be grander to your Normal Ring of Anyt

    uploaded 6:41, 20 Apr 2006 404 15 3kb GrilledFish

  • AF Level Mod for Oblivion

    This mod changes the default method of levelling your character in Oblivion. Instead of worrying about getting x5 multipliers each level, whenever your Skill raises, the appropriate Attribute will gain also. It's not a one to one relationship.

    This version is compatible with all Race/Birthsign mods. You are able to set your racial starting

    uploaded 5:31, 20 Apr 2006 40,353 668 40kb Fraktyl

  • On Top of the World LC for Oblivion

    On Top of the World v 1.2c by Dung Beetle
    Adds collision to the Imperial Tower and 2 spells (Emperor's Lookout and Emperor's Landing) to reach the top and to get back down. I can't imagine any bugs that might happen, but email me if you find some. The book to learn the spells is right in front of the Imperial Palace entrance. Added my own

    uploaded 4:53, 20 Apr 2006 125 5 5kb dung_beetle

  • Goblin Tribal Shields for Oblivion

    Goblin Tribal Shields V0.2
    by Frank.

    First off, thanks for downloading my mod. This mod does the following things

    1. Adds seven re-skinned leather shields, each one based on one of the seven named Goblin tribes that participates in the goblin wars script.

    2. Adds a shield to the inventory of each tribal goblin and removes the default le

    uploaded 4:50, 20 Apr 2006 648 16 0kb Frankpants

  • Monk_Armor for Oblivion

    -Monks Speed-

    Give the player a armor rating based off the Attribute "Speed".
    For every 5 points you gain in "Speed" after a speed of 40 you
    use this equation.
    Speed / 2 = Armor (rounded down to the nearest 0, 2, 5 or 7)
    1) Using a Speed of 80
    80 / 2 = 40
    2) Using a speed of 97
    97 / 2 = 47

    Starting at a

    uploaded 4:13, 20 Apr 2006 511 18 696kb halaku

  • Vampire Cure Potions in Bruma Caverns for Oblivion

    Adds 4 vampire cure potions to bruma caverns as well as a nice dwarven axe of fire(that was mostly a gift for me lol) but think youll get them without a (small) fight!!!

    uploaded 3:59, 20 Apr 2006 1,870 65 1kb darth_ephraim

  • Imperial Tower for Oblivion

    Imperial Tower which you can buy in Imperial City Market District
    in Imperial City Commerce.
    It costs 55000 and has all the furnitures.
    Imperial T0wer has 2 floor and a roof where u can go and see everything from it.
    It has also a secret door in warehouse where is a little garden for alchemists.

    uploaded 3:26, 20 Apr 2006 230 12 63kb SOB

  • Unholy Edge resource for Oblivion

    Resource from a mod I'm no longer working on...it's public domain now. Black shortsword, bumpmapped and glowmapped runes on the blade... uses the steel shortsword (fine version) mesh.

    uploaded 2:22, 20 Apr 2006 452 25 395kb lostingeneral

  • Veshnakars Mysticism Spellpack for Oblivion

    Well I have been playing oblivion for a while now and if it wasn't obvious for the rest of you, the mysticism tree in the game is VERY lacking. Well it happens to be my favorite spell tree, and in my opinion has the most potential out of them all, I figured I should do something about it, so I begin my journey into making mysticism a more fun an

    uploaded 1:25, 20 Apr 2006 479 26 3kb Veshnakar

  • Novieres Gray Fox Hood for Oblivion

    Adds a hood that matches the armor from my Gray Fox's Armor plug-in. It is located in the Guildmaster's Quarters in Dareloth's House(Imperial City, Waterfront), on the chest at the foot of the bed. Because of this, you will need to be the Guildmaster of the Thieves Guild in order to get it.

    There are two hoods, one of which is enchanted

    uploaded 0:13, 20 Apr 2006 443 27 1,916kb noviere

  • Guide Books for Oblivion

    Contents of the mod:

    This mod currently adds 5 new books with helpful information to the book vendor Phintias at "The First Edition" in the Imperial City Market District.
    - A trainer guide to all trainers in the game, including master trainers and some tips for their quests
    - A guide to the miscellanous quests throughout the game and how

    uploaded 22:50, 19 Apr 2006 2,618 120 2,543kb lollerich

  • LGs Mehrunes Razor for Oblivion

    This is my first mod for Oblivion, though I would say I am a veteran Morrowind modder. My assassin character searched all of Cyrodiil for the famed Mehrune's Razor, my favorite TES artifact, only to be disappointed after a long harrowing search.

    So, I cheated and looked in the CS, only to discover that the artifact was not in the game at all.

    uploaded 21:45, 19 Apr 2006 279 11 2kb Lord_Gallant