• Chinese Buster sword and sheath for Oblivion

    a chinese buster sword ,and it s sheath who will need some retexturations.

    again , extract to oblivion/data/ and find it in front of imperial market district statue.

    uploaded 22:17, 20 Apr 2006 983 24 275kb Imaginalex

  • Better Hand to Hand Combat for Oblivion

    Ever wanted to be a badass hand-to-hander, but knew that Oblivion made it suck? Well fear not, for I have sorta fixed it. I simply changed what I thought needed to be changed, increased damage to scale better with strength while still not being too overpowered (I hope). I came out of the dungeon doing 6 damage with 55 str and 40 h2h, which seems a

    uploaded 21:28, 20 Apr 2006 21,823 511 2kb peoplenow

  • Unisex Underwear Mesh Revamp for Oblivion

    Unisex Underwear Mesh Revamp v1.0

    I Was Waiting For Someone Else To Do It. But Then I Just Did It Myself.
    Works Great With My Nude Topless Texture Revamp, Download From This Link:

    -A Mesh Edit Change Of The Default Unisex Underwear Meshes.
    -Plus A Mesh Edit Of The Female Chest (The Bre

    uploaded 20:54, 20 Apr 2006 1,440 56 862kb RyanFyu

  • OnOblivion_Enchantment for Oblivion

    What this mod does is make a bunch of magic effects available for enchanting, namely:

    reflect damage, restore stamina (or fatigue if u really want to call it that), restore health, restore magicka, reflect spell, resist magic, resist normal weapons, spell absorbtion, and paralysis for weapon enchants.

    I also added damage magicka to the list

    uploaded 20:51, 20 Apr 2006 432 10 3kb AcidBlood

  • unnerfed staff of worms for Oblivion

    I cant be the only one who was amazingly dissapointed in the staff of worms, i wanted an undead army and i got a 40 second spell!

    well not any more, this staff works on a 9999999second limit, i would have loved to make it infinate but i dont think its possible. However the staff also has a script on it that means if fired at an already reanimate

    uploaded 20:46, 20 Apr 2006 1,411 72 1kb watchinthewheels

  • fwLeveledMagicka for Oblivion

    Adds a fortify magicka multiplier effect to the player based upon the skill values for magic. As your magic skills increase, your max magicka increases. (intelligence*2+fortify magicka)* ( fortify magicka multiplier / 10 )

    The magnitude of leveled magicka applied by this mod is (1+((sum of all magic skills)-100)/175) * 10(Since the magnitude o

    uploaded 20:10, 20 Apr 2006 1,108 44 3kb feywulf

  • House Jeral View Chalet for Oblivion

    Jeral View Chalet 1.3
    By Trigger190

    -= Discription =-
    This mod adds a warm and luxurious, fully furnished Chalet in the north-east part of Bruma. There is plenty of storage and there is no need to worry about items disapearing, because I have checked every container in the house 3 times to see if the "Respawn" tag is off.

    The chalet i

    uploaded 20:10, 20 Apr 2006 813 37 477kb Trigger190

  • Chinese sword with 9 rings for Oblivion

    it s a chinese sword with 9 rings on it.

    extract to oblivion/data/ and it will be at the imperial market disctrict in front of the statue (again)

    uploaded 18:57, 20 Apr 2006 2,719 67 357kb Imaginalex

  • MorrowindBooks for Oblivion

    Morrowind Books by MrDarkSim

    What does this do?
    It adds a collection of books from the TES game Morrowind.This work was made by Bethesda from an earlier game in

    the series.You can find them at the booksellers in Cheydinhal & Leyawiin.

    This is to give a background story for those of you that have not played other game

    uploaded 18:11, 20 Apr 2006 7,787 317 605kb MrDarkSim

  • SuperShieldmod for Oblivion

    Super shield with 85 spellreflect, 85damagereflect and 40 shield. It is situated in miscarcand final zone, you must do a super jump to take this that's why it's a bit difficult to take this. Good game ! Simply extract the file into your oblivion\data\ .Enjoy ! vive les français :p

    uploaded 17:27, 20 Apr 2006 203 10 1kb Raratork

  • fwCharacterDevelopmentPack for Oblivion

    This is a group of 3 mini mods.

    NoTut removes tutorial messages from the intro dungeon.

    HigherMaxAttributes allows you to increase your attributes beyond 100 on the levelup menu, and level up even if all your attributes are >= 100. Your attributes are temporarially reduced for the level-up menu, and then restored.

    CharacterLeveling sets t

    uploaded 16:44, 20 Apr 2006 96 8 16kb feywulf

  • Real Umbra for Oblivion

    The Elder Scrolls IV
    The Real Umbra 1.0


    I have been, like many others, a bit dissapointed with the oblivion's appearance of the sword Umbra so
    I have taken the great model and texture from Oriphier and ported they to the Oblivion's engine including
    normal maps. I have also changed the sword to two

    uploaded 16:42, 20 Apr 2006 1,065 49 720kb Razhkul