• Old Map for Oblivion

    [UPDATE] Added a color version.

    I saw a mod that replaced the world map texture to something more realistic and worn looking a while ago and really liked the idea. However, I wanted to do one myself. And that is just what I have done. I cant really take credit for the idea, this is just an alternative version for anyone who wants it. Makes th

    uploaded 2:22, 22 Apr 2006 6,719 227 5,812kb Drin

  • Imperial Horse Armor for Oblivion

    To install just copy the esp into your Oblivion/Data folder

    Ive released a second plug in, that changes Imperial Horses to wear Steel Armour from the Official Plug-in.
    I did not alter the stats so it wont conflict with Balance mods.

    Note: *You need the official Horse armor mod for this!*

    Enjoy :)

    I highly recommend this mod by Dyn_Sol,

    uploaded 0:27, 22 Apr 2006 5,255 223 2kb kurzschlusskuh

  • Compendium for Oblivion

    SPECIAL NOTE: In regards to the spell damage tweaks. Some find it a bit overpowering. After some testing at high levels, I find myself somewhat agreeing, but I am still straddling the fence. Mages can put out insane damage, but burn the entire mana pool in 1-3 shots (but your target will be dead if you hit them). If you are worried about it, just u

    uploaded 0:10, 22 Apr 2006 42 2 34kb hardanen

  • Fingers of the mountain for Oblivion

    This makes so that you can cast a spell on the pillar repetedly. You know, going there and getting the spell on level 3, a spell that takes 5 damage. Not fun to have used it that early. Well, this mod makes it so that you can do it more than once. You can also do it without the quest from the mages guild. You might have to start a new game to get t

    uploaded 23:09, 21 Apr 2006 143 8 2kb Elgen

  • Half Elves for Oblivion

    This mod adds a new race, Half Elves. They are simply Altmer/Imperial hybrids, so they have inherited attributes. Their stats are hopfully not unbalanced. They are also great Battlemages.

    uploaded 22:29, 21 Apr 2006 366 15 2,104kb The Skinky Sharpshooter

  • Oscars Nicer Grass for Oblivion

    Lower grass length and density. IMPROVED PERFORMANCE!

    TIP: You should rewrite the "fGrassEndDistance" and "fGrassStartFadeDistance" values in your Oblivion.ini to 8000.0000

    Enjoy the grass with weaker computer as well!

    uploaded 21:56, 21 Apr 2006 4,105 139 16kb Oszk√°r Winkler

  • House Map Markers v 14 for Oblivion

    What does it do?
    Adds the locations of the houses you buy throughout the game to your world map, allowing you to fast travel directly to them. You will appear just outside the house facing the door. Houses are generic named, ex. - "Waterfront house"


    Imperial City Waterfront

    uploaded 21:06, 21 Apr 2006 42,736 1,162 10kb Mordrid30

  • Carels music for Oblivion for Oblivion

    11 mp3s edited from an album I released a few years ago.
    To install, go to programme files on your hard drive, open oblivion, open data files, open music. There are 5 subfolders; Explore, Public, Battle, Dungeon and Special. Place the tracks into the folders of your choice.
    Most of these would fit best in the public or explore categories. At som

    uploaded 19:27, 21 Apr 2006 1,583 59 30,453kb Carel de Winter

  • Ungoggled Helms for Oblivion

    This modification removes the (goggles) from the TES Oblivion Orc\Ebony\Glass helmet.

    I was really let down by the fact that the Orc\Ebony\Glass helmet had goggles, so i removed them. This mod does nothing except edit the orignal mesh and replace all the Orc\Ebony\Glass helmets with it.

    Comes in seperate .esp

    uploaded 19:19, 21 Apr 2006 1,935 76 329kb GrimReaper_D

  • Lighter Elven Cuirasses for Oblivion

    Makes the large pauldrons on the male Elven Cuirass considerably smaller and less bulky, and removes the pauldrons from the female Elven Cuirass (note that this does not actually change the weight of either armour, only their appearance).

    Extract to your Oblivion\Data directory
    In the Oblivion Launcher, select Data Files and

    uploaded 18:59, 21 Apr 2006 654 21 422kb Sacred Snow

  • Mannimarco, King of Worms for Oblivion

    Mannimarco, King of Worms, is widely feared as the most powerful of all spell casters. He slew Galerion the Mystic and has routinely hunted down and destroyed countless other Arch-Mages of the Mages Guild.

    Now he has found a way to circumvent Arkay, the last barrier between him and complete control of the mortal world.

    This mod does very litt

    uploaded 17:31, 21 Apr 2006 479 14 5kb Jonuarell

  • PogS Oblivion Encyclopedia for Oblivion

    I made an encyclopedia of miscellaneous information on Oblivion :
    - Map
    - Spoiler Map
    - Daedric Shrines
    - Spells
    - Skill Books
    - Trainers
    - Houses
    - Horses
    - Weapons
    - Armours
    - Buyable Magic items
    - Potions
    - Ingredients

    I collected all this information from Forum FAQ, sites and strategy guide.

    This is an excel file. While this

    uploaded 17:29, 21 Apr 2006 585 61 4,330kb PogS