• Rosethorn Hall Sanctuary for Oblivion

    Basically, this mod adds a Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary to Rosethorn Hall - the house you can buy in Skingrad. It's accessed via a secret door in the basement. Simply pull the candle-holder and away you go.

    Currently the Sanctuary contains the following areas/features:

    - Living quarters and training area similar to those in the Cheydinhal Sa

    uploaded 15:21, 22 Apr 2006 685 26 2,108kb Velax

  • Battlespire Books for Oblivion

    Battlespire Books v 1.1

    Adds the following books from The Elder Scrolls: Battlespire to the game:

    Annotated Compendium of Arcane Contrivances of the Second Age, Volume IV
    A Short History of the Augmented Craftworks
    A Short History of the Augmented Craftworks
    Book of Life and Service
    Book of Rest and Endings
    Codex Arcana, Volume I-IX

    uploaded 14:42, 22 Apr 2006 1,290 77 9kb Skuld

  • VampSpells for Oblivion

    by Kerm (Faderkaka)


    This mod adds two new spells to the game. A spell that turns you into a first-stage vampire
    and the other spell cures you from it.

    Where to get them:

    You buy them in the Mystic Emporium which is located in

    uploaded 14:35, 22 Apr 2006 630 11 2kb Faderkaka

  • MaxArmor100 for Oblivion

    Changes the player's maximun possible armor rating from 85 to 100.

    Armor rating 100 means you will take NO damage from weapons.

    Spells will still do damage though.

    uploaded 13:58, 22 Apr 2006 270 11 0kb chomp

  • Primary Needs for Oblivion

    Primary Needs v1.35


    - Adds mandatory eating and sleeping to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


    - Any stats drained by this mod will STAY DRAINED if you remove this mod before the st

    uploaded 13:36, 22 Apr 2006 4,691 129 6kb Jammer

  • Oblivion FaceGen for Oblivion

    It simply adds the Oblivion face models to the FaceGen Modeller 3.1 (Demo).

    If you have the full version of FaceGen then you'll be able to create your own races (to a certain extent) using NifSkope.

    To get this to work you will need to download and install the FaceGen Demo from http://www.facegen.com/demos.htm or buy the full version.

    uploaded 12:53, 22 Apr 2006 10,410 330 20,035kb scanti

  • Marker Explore [GERMAN VERSION] for Oblivion

    This is the german version of Tandems Marker Explore mod version 1.0. I translated it to german, so the german players can enjoy this mod too. I changed nothing but the english names of the modified mapmarkers and worldspaces into german. All the credits must go to Tandem!


    uploaded 12:48, 22 Apr 2006 82 1 6kb freezer250

  • upgradable finger of the mountain spell for Oblivion

    This plugin will allow you to upgrade to the more powerfull version of the finger of the mountain spell as you reach the required level cap.

    uploaded 12:17, 22 Apr 2006 230 13 3kb zebani

  • Heavens Wrath Weather Change Spell for Oblivion

    Heaven's Wrath Weather Change Spell
    v1.1 4/23/06 - by richdiesal ([email protected])

    I noticed a lot of interest in mods that changed the weather patterns, but none that gave me full and absolute control, right at my fingertips.

    Heaven's Wrath is an Alteration spell that alters the weather. As

    uploaded 9:00, 22 Apr 2006 4,035 121 6kb richdiesal

  • Gender Balance for Oblivion

    This mod balances the attributes of male and female characters so that both
    genders for a particular race have the same starting attributes. This makes
    the choice of gender a purely aesthetic one. Now you can have Redguard women
    clobbering things with maces and Argonian men hurling spells without taking
    a hit to your primary attributes.


    uploaded 7:59, 22 Apr 2006 297 16 8kb Rehevkor

  • Mystic Estate for Oblivion

    This places a small farmhouse outside of Weynon Priory, so you can live in this beautiful settlment.

    uploaded 7:57, 22 Apr 2006 115 8 57kb AydenOfAnvil

  • CWars Chest of Fun for Oblivion

    WARNING, this is a cheat mod.
    CWar's Chest of Fun
    **1.4 Update**
    Added Asteroid Field spell to Ring of Mass Destruction, and Word of the Nine, Spreading of the Word, Dismiss, and Raining Cats & Dogs spells to Amulet of the Nine. Also put labels before the name of each spells, (MD) for spells in Ring of Mass Destruction, and (N

    uploaded 7:03, 22 Apr 2006 5,949 184 333kb CWar