• Silver Wind for Oblivion

    Need a horse but in game horse is too weak? Get Silver Wind
    with speed, health and damage increase giving you no need to worry for it in combat. To get it fast travel to Anvil at the stable look for a silver wind horse if it didnt work go into the town and come out you might find it.

    uploaded 11:19, 23 Apr 2006 196 18 1kb Aceon

  • Paladin Armor for Oblivion

    Want to use steel armor and yet not doing so due to the poor defence?? I give to you a set of godly steel armor, weapon and some special spell you might find it useful. Put in into your data file in oblivion then start up oblivion auto run click data file and check the paladin esm file is ready then start up the game. The stuff is at the cell you a

    uploaded 11:13, 23 Apr 2006 652 14 8kb Aceon

  • Dragon Buster for Oblivion

    -==Model Man Presents==-
    Dragon Buster (Large 2 Handed Sword)

    Copy all files in "Model Man Dragon Buster v1-2.rar" into your "Oblivion/Data" directory

    uploaded 10:16, 23 Apr 2006 1,985 37 511kb ModelMan

  • Menu Video Replacer for Oblivion


    This mod replaces the default video that plays on the TES IV: Oblivion main menu screen with a new one. I thought the default scrolling map background video was a little uninspired and that the main menu could be improved by adding something that showed scenes from within the game itself.

    The movie is borderless/full screen with a res

    uploaded 9:53, 23 Apr 2006 1,719 48 18,228kb lennybook

  • Real Size Rats for Oblivion

    A simple MOD that adds Real Size Rats to the Game World,
    purely for atmosphere and ambiance. They are non violent.

    I have added a script to common barrels and crates, for cities
    and dungeons ( and a few wildreness objects ) that spawn real
    sized rats. They scurry about and then scurry faster if the PC

    uploaded 9:15, 23 Apr 2006 1,000 53 9kb XmirroR

  • Avelars Armory and Mannequins for Oblivion

    Avelar's Armory and Mannequins provides advanced mannequins with special effects and armor previews, conflict-free integration for AvArm-compliant custom armor mods, and a new shop with vendors for armor, weapon, and quest centralization.

    uploaded 8:05, 23 Apr 2006 2,697 105 4,027kb nezroy

  • Z Hours to Respawn Pack for Oblivion

    This mod lets you change the standerd 72 hours for Critters to respawn to
    Either 1 ,2 ,4 ,8 , or 12 hours. So you get alot more stuff to fight quicker.
    Just choose the one you like.

    By Shaden Ashblood

    uploaded 7:50, 23 Apr 2006 1,224 42 1kb Drazz

  • No Helmet Graphics for Oblivion

    This mod will make it so that when you equip a helmet it will not show up on your character, so you don't have to worry about those really ugly helmets.

    This mod was partly made with timmypod's unlimited rings mod, which makes it so that the rings go into no particular slot, but still give you the effects. This did not work with the helmet

    uploaded 7:41, 23 Apr 2006 2,900 81 4kb FlyinPingu

  • The Storytellers Brother for Oblivion

    2. ABOUT

    Magdinio the Storyteller needs your help to recover an item of
    great personal value to him.


    Copy the TheStorytellersBrotherQuest.esp to your
    Oblivion/Data/ folder.

    The voices directory should be installed in
    The full path is Oblivions/Data/sound/voice/TheStorytellersBrotherQuest.

    uploaded 5:23, 23 Apr 2006 1,618 59 1,851kb DeadlyAccurate

  • Xionanxs Summon Master Merchant for Oblivion

    This mod adds a lesser power to your spellbook which allows you to summon a merchant to your current location. The merchant will buy any item from you, even stolen items. The merchant also offers repair and recharge services as well as training in the mercantile skill up to master level.

    Things you should know about the merchant:

    Merchant s

    uploaded 5:09, 23 Apr 2006 289 10 6kb Xionanx

  • Alchemy Economy Fix for Oblivion

    This plugin removes the imbalancing effect on the game economy that self brewed potions can have. This simply sets the sale price of all self-made potions to zero.

    Basically due to the abundance of of all sorts of ingredients in the game world, it is incredibly easy to make lots of money by selling your own potions. For example it is possible to

    uploaded 4:56, 23 Apr 2006 166 9 2kb frosty_xyz

  • Dwemer Item naming Mod for Oblivion

    A simple mod, that for continuity's sake renames all Dwarven items as "Dwemer (itemname)" I think I got them all... if one of them's not properly renamed, inform me at [email protected]!

    uploaded 4:01, 23 Apr 2006 53 4 7kb Ghilz