• Mannimarco Revamped for Oblivion

    Mannimarco as he should have been. Even though you had Traven's help, I was rather dissapointed how easy the almighty King of Worms could be defeated; so I decided to make him more of a challenge as well as provide him with some enchanted gear.

    Even though his resilience in combat has been greatly improved, he has one significant weakness and

    uploaded 22:38, 23 Apr 2006 674 38 68kb Miltiades

  • Lok Klars Training Facility for Oblivion


    1. Installing the Plug-in

    To install the plug-in:

    -unzip the file into your "Oblivion\Data" directory


    uploaded 22:36, 23 Apr 2006 175 13 15kb kharvelan

  • Wristblades for Oblivion

    Rumours say, that there was once a thief and murderer Linale Siltero, who killed his victims with a weapon called Wristblades. However he disappeared many years ago, chased by Imperial legion commander Nomercius Justicus, who disappeared too.
    Hint: Messages in bottles contain many answers, especialy in waterfront.

    unpack archiv

    uploaded 22:06, 23 Apr 2006 2,287 37 890kb Anchakor

  • FF7 AC The side : Rune for Oblivion

    ok , this is the last part , i m releasing the entire sword soon !

    extract to oblivion/data/ in front of the statue in imperial market district.

    if anyone is retexturing my swords better (normal map and stuff) , contact me , i would be happy to see them looking better.

    uploaded 21:53, 23 Apr 2006 878 24 473kb Imaginalex

  • Draconic Armor for Oblivion


    Draconic Armor v1.2
    Textured by Bad Andy

    Bow and Quiver (from Shadowmail Armor Mod)
    Textured by NorrabMaster


    Unzip into your Oblivion\data directory


    uploaded 21:25, 23 Apr 2006 558 29 5,095kb Bad Andy

  • Beowulfs Cloud Nebulas for Oblivion

    This mod adds a bluish red cloud nebula to Oblivion's nightsky. There are two types to choose from, a nebula with star flares and a nebula without.

    -Install Instructions
    Just place the .dds file into the "C:\Program Files\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\textures\Sky" folder.

    -uninstall Instructions
    To unins

    uploaded 21:01, 23 Apr 2006 2,620 99 1,123kb BeowulfTheGreat

  • FF7 AC The back : Butterfly for Oblivion

    This is the 3rd part of the sword : the back : Butterfly.

    extract to oblivion/data/

    the sword is in front of the statue in imperial market district.


    uploaded 20:20, 23 Apr 2006 1,175 16 586kb Imaginalex

  • Eolin for Oblivion

    A pretty-boy highelf for you ... save is in the prison cell ... enjoy:)

    uploaded 20:07, 23 Apr 2006 30 3 238kb ElvenRanger

  • Revenge Served Cold Fix for Oblivion

    Revenge Served Cold Fix
    by NeoSono

    There was a bug with the dialogue of Corrick Northwode. He greeted you as if the quest was already finished due to a wrong condition. I fixed that so you can finish the quest even if you finished "no stone unturned" already.

    Just place the .esp inside your oblivion\

    uploaded 18:49, 23 Apr 2006 91 8 1kb NeoSono

  • Hand of Healing for Oblivion

    This mod adds a spell called 'Hand of Healing' that allows you to heal your travelling companions or any other NPC\Creature in the game. You can buy the spell from "Edgar's Discount Spells" in the Imperial City Market District. It's exclusive to his store.

    The spell requires a certain skill in Restoration and heals 30 points

    uploaded 18:49, 23 Apr 2006 502 27 1kb PersianPaladin

  • Elite_legionnaire_Armorv0_4 for Oblivion

    This mod makes allot of Elite legionnaire with special armor at Kvatch and the Imperial City.
    They do every thing that the normal guards do they also have dialog.
    This mod also fixes some things that I just didn’t like. It makes it so that the horseback legion soldiers have the right helms and gives all legion soldiers full sets of legion armor

    uploaded 18:44, 23 Apr 2006 767 29 4,848kb Sleeper25

  • The blade : organics for Oblivion

    this is the organics , the blade part from the sword.

    uploaded 18:42, 23 Apr 2006 341 10 748kb Imaginalex