• Emarion Equipment for Oblivion

    Adds a set of armor and a set of weapons to a merchant in Anvil, near the front gates. Emarion Weaponry and armor is from my major project, Emaria Open. Emarion weapons are as strong as Ebony, but twice as durable, half as heavy, and twice the cost. Emarion armor is as strong as ebony, but much more costly, and much lighter (it is light armor, afte

    uploaded 5:02, 24 Apr 2006 164 11 9,503kb EmuMaster2002

  • Imaginalex FF7 AC sword modified for Oblivion

    Full credit for this amazing weapon goes to Imaginalex.
    I have only used a different methos of importing the weapon
    into Oblivion to make the lighting react as it should.

    Good work Imaginalex!

    uploaded 4:32, 24 Apr 2006 519 22 2,766kb ModelMan

  • Cured Leather Armor for Oblivion

    Adds Cured Leather armor to the game.
    I found this model which was included with the game but seems to only be called by a QA script
    not used during the game, though I maybe wrong and it is found somewhere under some other name.

    Anyway Enjoy!

    Can be found for purchase at Stonewalls Shields.

    Fixed the helm so it is now available too.

    uploaded 4:04, 24 Apr 2006 545 57 1kb Neela

  • BreJul Manor for Oblivion

    A medium sized house build into the peak of Mount Gnoll near Bruma. It is Anvil styled, but fits nicely, and has plenty of storage space. It also has a throne room, teleport room, and incredible views. The teleporters take you to and from the player owned houses everywhere but Bravil and Kvatch. This is my first mod.

    v1.1 will include

    uploaded 2:51, 24 Apr 2006 986 37 71kb The Crimson Major

  • Bulky Nords for Oblivion

    Makes Nord males a slight bit taller, and more muscled. Northmen in their true barbaric shape!

    See also the Bulky Orcs mod. No more skinny orcs!

    uploaded 2:46, 24 Apr 2006 6,632 255 2kb Belenos

  • Alhana_lvl1_Woodelf_Female for Oblivion

    This is a saved game file of the beautiful Alhana, a level 1 woodelf female. I have several pics of her as my avatar on TES:Oblivion forums and I got several PMs about her so I figured I'd upload her here and share her with everyone.

    She relies on 2 mods that you can download here on Tessource if you don't already have them (MD_Natural

    uploaded 2:21, 24 Apr 2006 271 21 212kb kabhal

  • Bulky Orcs for Oblivion

    A good deal of people thought the original orcs in oblivion were too skinny, so I've decided to release this mod that makes them more bulky.

    Next release will include a new texture to make their skin less smooth.

    uploaded 2:06, 24 Apr 2006 5,154 209 2kb Belenos

  • Ingredient Jars for Oblivion

    ***v1.0 Users: you don't need to download this again, just simply convert the esp file to an esm, read below for more info.***

    Release Thread:

    - By Dark Jester

    v1.1 Changes

    uploaded 1:43, 24 Apr 2006 1,465 100 352kb darkjester

  • Lilarcor for Oblivion

    Lilarcor, the talking sword.

    Version: 1.4

    Don't forget to check for updates: http://utc.16.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=6

    See this image: http://www.tessource.net/files/image.php?id=3364 or this
    http://img273.imageshack.us/img273/3672/map7rw.jpg for where to find the
    dungeon. The key to the locked cell is hidden underneath a locked che

    uploaded 1:21, 24 Apr 2006 9,160 163 5,430kb MaXiMiUS

  • Valenwood Castle for Oblivion

    This mod adds a castle on top of a mountain in Valenwood, just south of Anvil.

    Note: The castle is outside of Cyrodil's boarders. You need to have boarder regions off to use this mod. You can do this by changing bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 and bEnableBorderRegion=0 in your Oblivion.ini in your My Games folder.

    If you prefer not to edit your .

    uploaded 1:05, 24 Apr 2006 1,171 48 234kb Jab_Bauer

  • Karew Manor for Oblivion

    Karew Manor is an extensive Imperial City-style house available for purchase near Wawnet Inn, which is outside the Imperial City's Talos Plaza, across the bridge. Also includes a small quest, with a custom NPC and voiceovers.

    uploaded 0:16, 24 Apr 2006 1,277 65 401kb aubray1741

  • FF7 AC FINAL SWORD for Oblivion

    FF7 AC cloud sword, all together parts ! that s the final release for this series.

    UPDATE !! new normal map from modelman who gives it a real must be shining and better looking!

    extract to /oblivion/data/
    and it s in front of the statue in imperial market district !
    ENJOY !!!

    updated , link seemed to be broken.

    uploaded 0:00, 24 Apr 2006 3,719 100 2,764kb Imaginalex