• Improved Ancestor Guardian for Oblivion

    Improved Ancestor Guardian
    Version 1.0
    2:44 PM 4/25/2006
    by WishSaw

    This was recently requested on the Boards, and after thinking about it i must agree, having a "Guardian" that is useless after level 3 seems a bit counter-productive. So after a LOT of messing about with the buttons

    uploaded 15:35, 25 Apr 2006 745 41 2kb Wishmaster74

  • Kasdars Detect Life Shader for Oblivion

    This is a new Detect life shader made by me.

    uploaded 15:30, 25 Apr 2006 3,597 147 265kb Kasdar

  • Sun demons race for Oblivion

    Screenshot explains all.

    Creates a race called the Sun Demons - black skinned ladys with tails.

    For best effect give them white hair and blue eyes!
    Designed as stealthy thief assassins, but you can always customise.

    uploaded 13:45, 25 Apr 2006 677 30 1,557kb spacejim

  • Magik 110 for Oblivion


    1.1 Added some tweaks for none combat spells, such
    as the light spell, to last longer, so less spam.
    Magnitude was unchanged. Also the frost spells now
    slow with a multiplier, instead of just draining
    speed. The animation and icon should be fixed
    for those spells now too. Charmeleon change, I
    felt Charmeleon was too powerfull.

    uploaded 12:36, 25 Apr 2006 109 4 6kb marcusklaas

  • NPC Distract Spell for Oblivion

    Adds a scripted spell that forces any NPC target to turn around and stare very intently at the floor for 20 seconds, very useful for thieves. You learn this spell from the Grey Fox, either when you accept his first quest, or after the thieves' guild series is over if you speak to him with the mask on. Enjoy.

    uploaded 11:21, 25 Apr 2006 165 8 3kb tte

  • 808Klan_MaterialsMod100Light_And_SeveriansKatanas110 for Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
    808Klan Materials Mod (Light) (combined with Severians Katanas)
    This (Light) version does NOT include the Meshes and Textures for Severians Katanas...Either D/L the full version of this mod, or this Light version, and use the 808Mod .esp with just the Meshes and Textures from the Katanas mod.

    uploaded 10:30, 25 Apr 2006 235 4 69kb AxeMan808

  • 808Klan_MaterialsMod100_And_SeveriansKatanas110 for Oblivion

    Elder Scrolls 4 - Oblivion
    808Klan Materials Mod (combined with Severians Katanas)
    If you already have Severians Katanas, use those Meshes and Textures, and D/L the (Light) version of this, then replace his .esp with the 808Mod .esp
    [email protected]
    Katanas--> Thanks to
    Plug-in: Severi

    uploaded 10:20, 25 Apr 2006 419 14 3,403kb AxeMan808

  • Magistrate Eyes for Oblivion

    Discuss this mod or make your requests/complaints here:

    --- Magistrate Eyes 3.1 ---

    Author: MaGISTraTe
    Italian Localization: The_Vampire

    30 Brand New Eyes!
    Now Compatible with Mighty Magick 3.2!
    Now Localized in I

    uploaded 9:09, 25 Apr 2006 1,081 66 1,434kb mafia2020

  • Alternative Fonts for Oblivion

    The fonts I added are:

    -Apple Garamond
    -Blue Highway
    -Gill Sans
    -Gloucester MT
    -Zurich XCn

    Note: You will probbaly need BTMod in order to have the fonts function properly. I'm using BTMod, and I haven't tested the fonts without it. If they work fine, great. If you're experiencing problems with it please post about it,

    uploaded 8:38, 25 Apr 2006 3,671 121 739kb Xessive

  • Frostmane Minotaur for Oblivion

    Cleaned up file details a bit to avoid conflicts with other mods.

    Unzip this file into your Oblivion\Data folder.
    An example of a file path is G:\Games\Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion\Data\meshes\creatures\Frostmaneminotaur
    If you choose to install these files manually, just add the files to your existing folders, cre

    uploaded 8:16, 25 Apr 2006 550 21 5,876kb Mealmoran

  • The Complete Dremora for Oblivion

    The Complete Dremora
    v0.2b - 4/25/06
    By Zephranthes
    >This plugin replaces the 128x128 default Dremora face texture with a 512x512 redrawn version.
    >Dremora eye texture has also been improved as well as well as horns.
    >Enables the Dremora race to be selected as a player character.
    >Custom-race fix inclu

    uploaded 7:47, 25 Apr 2006 2,772 93 1,273kb Zephranthes

  • Cynders Female Faces for Oblivion

    Great Female Faces by Cynder - Savegames at the Sewer Exit (So you can change your class / birthsign)

    Required Mods: (Included in the RAR)
    GenericFaces_v1.1 - by Brash
    MD_Natural_Faces_v0.7 - by Maboroshi Daikon

    If you like these let me know and I will create more!!

    uploaded 4:43, 25 Apr 2006 3,170 87 4,846kb Cynder