• Daedric Caustic Armor Set for Oblivion

    This mod adds a newly skinned set of Daedric Armor. This
    does NOT replace the original Daedric set. I left the set
    unenchanted so you can give it your own enchants.
    This armor is also significantly better than basic Daedric.

    I've scattered the 6 pieces in 6 towns. You must hunt them down in these towns:

    uploaded 20:36, 26 Apr 2006 564 19 4,557kb SolitaryEcho

  • Far and Away Breaking Wind ext for Oblivion

    Wind everywhere, I am so sick of the sound of the wind in this game all you hear is wind. On a clear day wind, on an overcast day wind, during rain and thunder more wind. The sound of wind everywhere it just seems so unreal. For one thing you never hear wind in the real world on a daily bases, you just don’t, in many places you would be lucky to

    uploaded 20:26, 26 Apr 2006 349 22 5kb Gorric

  • Magik Tweaks 120 for Oblivion

    I really thought in Oblivion, some spells were
    most useless and a lot of spells needed to be
    spammed. I mean, what's the point of having a 15
    point burden spell that lasts for 15 seconds?
    Mighty Magicka changes this type of things, and
    therefore I was really excited about testing it
    and all. But I quickly found that it was

    uploaded 20:24, 26 Apr 2006 1,650 22 6kb marcusklaas

  • wz_Inventory for Oblivion

    Once you exit the sewers, you start to mess with the clutter: Tons of keys, hundreds of ingredients, more potion than all apothecaries on Vvardenfell together. And only six visible slots! Of course, you can install an UI mod and get 16, or 20, but you want the real deal.
    Suddenly, you wish you had the Morrowind inventory back…

    Well - here you

    uploaded 17:57, 26 Apr 2006 31,573 1,125 157kb *wz

  • Able and Good looking adoring fan for Oblivion

    This changes the fan to look nice and fight for you.
    Also a second headless version for dark necro (only looks change)

    uploaded 17:51, 26 Apr 2006 568 19 3kb apolonas

  • Genos Life Detect Mod v2 for Oblivion

    Geno's Life Detect Oblivion Mod v2

    Version 2.0 (4-27-06)
    -Changed the Life Detect effect to a pulsing particle effect simulating the bloodstream
    -This one is for the high-end systems, its a real nice effect, but it comes at a price

    -paste the texture folder into

    uploaded 17:38, 26 Apr 2006 244 7 8kb Geno8702

  • Female Dwarven Cuirass for Oblivion

    Adds a female mesh to Dwarven Cuirasses.

    uploaded 16:31, 26 Apr 2006 535 38 227kb mmmpld

  • Color Map of Cyrodiil Micro Print for Oblivion

    This micro map was soley designed to see at night. I kept getting frustrated at what cities were what and where.... so I made this little map to print out (in color). Something small you can put next to your keyboard and or even laminate...

    uploaded 15:33, 26 Apr 2006 174 10 91kb prowlinger

  • slowfall for Oblivion

    this mod adds four spells wich mimic morrowinds slowfall spells, the first three have varying times ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. The final one is a toggleable effect which will drain your magica as long as it is active.

    the spell will stop you taking any fall damage while its applied but unfortunatly you wont get any visual slowing of t

    uploaded 15:14, 26 Apr 2006 339 17 3kb watchinthewheels

  • Quality Female Textures v10a Final *OMOD Version* for Oblivion

    Quality Female Textures v1.0a Final

    I was fed up with the low quality textures of the females ingame
    Even tho there are a few textures out right now, none had the quality i was looking for

    So i sat back and did some quality Textures for:

    for all female characters


    uploaded 15:04, 26 Apr 2006 1,802 61 7,787kb outlive

  • Nukeing Oblivion for Oblivion

    This is the spell used in this video:


    A few people asked me how i made it and to be honist i was to lazy to go step by step so was just simpler to upload it... if you watch the video you'll know where to find the spell...

    heh this is NOT what i imgained as my first oblivion mod but i do have m

    uploaded 14:46, 26 Apr 2006 1,190 42 2kb hotcod

  • Fewer Random Oblivion gates for Oblivion

    This reduces the maximum number of random oblivon gates open at any time, as well as decrease the chance of one opening. In short, you won't see as many random gates with this mod, or even none at all if that's what you want. It comes in several 'flavours', all included in the zip.

    UPDATED TO 0.7
    Added an alternative .esp that just

    uploaded 13:32, 26 Apr 2006 2,809 186 45kb LaidBackNinja