• Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul for Oblivion

    Mise à jour: 1.23b
    Traduction des compétences que j'avais oubliées. (Merci du retour Flagibule)
    En cas de mise à jours, vous pouvez ne téléchargez que le fichier .esp suivant http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3685

    Traduction du mod bien connu:

    "J'ai décidé de faire ce mod après avoir réalisé les défauts impor

    uploaded 20:28, 28 Apr 2006 2,316 48 0kb Boudje

  • Underwear Texture Assortment for Oblivion

    This is a zip file with 14 different textures for the bra and undies for females. It's just sorta random free textures that I found browsing some webpages then applied them and added a little shadow to them nothing spectacular.

    The instructions are fairly simple if you've added any changes to the textures before, and I included a readme

    uploaded 20:25, 28 Apr 2006 3,646 46 1,913kb Darin

  • Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul for Oblivion

    Version 1.23b: Traduction des compétences que j'avais oubliées. ( merci du retour Flagibule)

    Traduction du mod bien connu.

    Remplacez simplement le fichier FULL_Oscuro's_Oblivion_Overhaul_V_1.23.esp
    par celui que je fourni.

    N'hésitez pas à me faire un retour d'information concernant une traduction mal effectuée.

    uploaded 18:42, 28 Apr 2006 1,833 42 3,747kb Boudje

  • Marcas_mapa_Rivendel for Oblivion

    Corregido, ya hay texturas :)
    Esta es la traducción al español del fantastico mod MapMarkers de Xebeth (Gracias).
    Permite crear anotaciones en el mapa en forma de marcadores. Permite crear marcas para señalar que una cueva está visitada, un área sin explorar, zona de vampiros, etc.


    uploaded 15:19, 28 Apr 2006 196 6 753kb Rivendel75

  • ICTalosBridgeFIX for Oblivion

    I've notice fires on imperial city bridges doesn't light, so I've fixed it

    uploaded 8:38, 28 Apr 2006 263 17 2kb Josef K.

  • Ryans Special Advantages and Disadvantages for Oblivion

    This is a character creation addition/modification that adds Daggerfall style character advantages and disadvantages. The game will give you the option of adding advantages and disadvantages immediately after you Facegen and name your character. There are currently only 10 advantages and 10 disadvantages, but more of them are planned for a later

    uploaded 7:26, 28 Apr 2006 74 4 5kb Ryan.likes.pancakes

  • Translate Ingredient Name for Oblivion

    Now i tranlate all ingredients for portuguese.

    Agora eu traduzi todos os ingredientes para o português.

    uploaded 6:35, 28 Apr 2006 25 1 0kb Eduardo_2006

  • Anvil Recommendation Quest Fix for Oblivion

    There is an aggravating issue with the Mages Guild Anvil Recommendation Quest. This esp file fixes the problem.

    When leaving Brina Cross Inn to confront the mage who is ambushing travelers, Arielle and another mage Roliand will attack, causing a nearby guard to attack them. Once the rogue mage is dead, the gaurd and your fellow

    uploaded 6:08, 28 Apr 2006 328 25 2kb PierreBeauregard

  • MP3 01 for Oblivion

    Adds a simple MP3 player to Desele's House of Earthly Delights in Suran. It plays back selected sound effects like a jukebox. Look for it on the counter near the bar.

    uploaded 5:50, 28 Apr 2006 112 3 0kb morsepone7

  • Realistic Persuasion for Oblivion

    Realisitic Persuasion 1.8
    This mod makes Personality and Speechcraft important values by making the persuasion mini-game more challenging unless you have decent speechcraft skill. No longer will you be able to max NPC disposition with just a few clicks irrespective of your speechcraft skills.
    > Increases persuasion mini-game difficulty.
    > Reduc

    uploaded 5:37, 28 Apr 2006 2,977 84 7kb neilius

  • Erthor Fix fr for Oblivion

    c'est la version francais de Maximillian et SadSheepy
    . J'ai juste recopier les dialogue de ma version fr



    * General info

    This mod will correct a bug that happens to somebody when they are making the mage quests.
    Some people meet this bug making the mage g

    uploaded 4:34, 28 Apr 2006 110 4 4kb ShadowDevil

  • Creature Armor for Oblivion

    This mod will be a on-going process to make creature heads (plus some other enemies and races) available to wear or display.

    I will be doing matching armor when I get to it.

    Version Log:

    .01 - Added tailored land dreugh helm. Only one in game currently. Located in the Bruma Castle Barracks.

    .02 - Added correct Tailored Dreugh Helm

    uploaded 4:26, 28 Apr 2006 250 5 195kb Atearus