• Rhapsod A Musical Pilgrimage Into Oblivion for Oblivion

    Rhapsody is a mod that tries to bring life to the dull magic system in Oblivion that consists of 10 different versions of the same spell with slightly different stats and same exact graphic. It introduced a whole new way of playing the game and allowed total control over roleplaying availability.

    Story of Rhapsody: Bards from all over the world

    uploaded 3:38, 30 Apr 2006 353 6 551kb Grand Cross

  • Skooma Addiction for Oblivion

    Skooma Addiction Plugin for Oblivion
    Version 1.0
    by Maxim

    This plugin is a modification of my Morrowind Skooma Addiction plugin, for all the Skooma junkies out there.

    This plugin makes skooma into an addictive substance, every time you drink a bottle of Skooma there is a 50% chance that y

    uploaded 3:34, 30 Apr 2006 487 12 4kb atnexus

  • Tougher Magic Settings for Oblivion

    As a long time TES player while I rejoiced the first time playing Oblivion over the fact that magicka regenerated without having to rest or sleep, I felt that Bethesda set the rate too high and it was in need of reduction. This mod addresses this issue by reducing the rate in which magicka
    regenerates and makes other adjustments to the magic set

    uploaded 2:31, 30 Apr 2006 41 7 2kb Valamir

  • Hunters mod resized v11 for Oblivion

    See "Natural Wildlife - resized" at TES Source for info and screenshots: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=3710
    See also.. new version of "Larger Ogres and Trolls (Etc)" at TES Source: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2805

    *v1-1 - added m

    uploaded 1:30, 30 Apr 2006 372 18 1,533kb neeboo9

  • female imperial cutie for Oblivion

    Just a cute little imperial girl for you character collection or perhaps your main character. The armor pictured here is from another mod by Aleanne which is listed in credits and available on this site.

    uploaded 0:55, 30 Apr 2006 194 8 466kb graywolf68

  • Particle Effect Katana for Oblivion

    This mods adds a new unique katana to the game called Sorrow. This weapon can be purchased from the heavy arms dealer in The Best Defense in the Imperial City Marketplace (Varnado). This weapon uses full particle effects, as you'll soon notice that the blade is engulfs in magical light. It also comes with a Damage Health 30 points on strike e

    uploaded 0:53, 30 Apr 2006 657 22 480kb Senlur

  • Upgrade Restoration Faster for Oblivion

    This mod makes restoration upgrade faster.
    We had to wait for ages to upgrade restoration.
    So now i made it. More details at the readme.

    uploaded 0:10, 30 Apr 2006 343 26 1kb Trecherius

  • Higher woodelves for Oblivion

    All this mod does is raise the height of wood elves from 0.9 to 1.1

    uploaded 0:04, 30 Apr 2006 296 4 3kb stormstrike

  • Eshmes Female Bodies and Clothes English and German version for Oblivion

    There is Version2 now at
    Download this instead ;)

    Working with the English and German Version of the Game. Deactivate the German version you might have had before playing, if you now use the English version.

    This Modification does enhance the appearance of all Female Bodies and adds a few more

    uploaded 23:53, 29 Apr 2006 9,237 456 8,636kb Obliviane

  • Blind Lockpicking with Graphical Addition & Modmans Lock Dif for Oblivion

    A mod called Blind Lockpicking was released one day. It intrigued me, because it made the tumblers completely invisible, forcing you to pick the lock by sound alone. As someone who can easily pick a very hard lock at security skill 1, I found this invaluable in upping the difficulty, and thus the immersion level.

    I modified this mod by changin

    uploaded 23:38, 29 Apr 2006 4,340 125 60kb Ryan.likes.pancakes

  • Arrows Rebalanced Mark II for Oblivion

    This is a second version of Arrows Rebalanced. Some people thought the arrows were a tad too fast. Personally, I like to hunt outdoors and really need the faster arrows but anyways here it is. 1.0 still available for download.

    *speeds reduced by 50% from original mod, no great differences between arrow grades.
    *Arrow speeds depend on materia

    uploaded 22:54, 29 Apr 2006 359 14 3kb anjen

  • More Lockpicks for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that adds more lockpicks to the random loot lists. You will now find lockpicks in barrels, crates, on bandits, etc. much more often. I felt that if you weren't a member of the thieves guild it was almost impossible to find a good supply of lockpicks. You won't find lockpicks absolutely everywhere, but it shouldn't b

    uploaded 21:01, 29 Apr 2006 1,714 95 2kb Marrx