• Pegasus Set for Oblivion

    PEGASUS Equipment Set
    by Gorgonzola3000

    Alpha release


    -Copy the Data folder into the Oblivion install folder (for exemple : c:\program files\bethesda softworks\oblivion\)
    Accept overwriting

    uploaded 23:35, 30 Apr 2006 7,040 308 5,131kb gorgonzola3000

  • Coloured Enemy Health Red for Oblivion

    Makes the enemy health bar above the crosshair change from default - red depending on how much health the enemy has left.

    uploaded 22:49, 30 Apr 2006 6,602 109 35kb LordOverkill

  • No Camo Equipment for Oblivion

    This mod is quite simple in function. Personally, I got tired of having Chameleon on equipment. The refraction effect is ugly, and although there are mods that remove the refraction, I still don't like the transparency. That, and getting 100% Chameleon through equipment really bugged me. I tried this mod once before as an overall Chameleon nerf,

    uploaded 22:31, 30 Apr 2006 37 0 3kb daeger

  • ArmoryLab for Oblivion

    Mod: ArmoryLab.esp
    Version: 4.1 (or V3.5 for modular version)
    Date: 12/14/07
    Author: Tom Supergan

    This mod adds six rooms any player can access from each of the buyable houses. There are two main sections--the armory and the laboratory.

    uploaded 22:01, 30 Apr 2006 52,631 1,500 25,531kb tom_supergan

  • Luses EshmeFixModPack for Oblivion

    This mod allows the use of Eshme's female body mod on English speaking versions of the game.
    Huge credits go out to Eshme for her incredible mod.
    Nightstrider from the Better Bodies folks for the eshme-bodyonly.esp
    Nagothm from the CI forums for the Eshmesbodies_en.esp

    I merely compiled and tested it as folks clearly seemed interested.

    uploaded 21:34, 30 Apr 2006 263 42 7kb lusiphur

  • Night Sky Fire and Ice for Oblivion


    The Elder Scrolls IV
    Masser, Secunda, Nebula and Stars textures replacer



    This mod gives you better looking stars, moons and nebula in the night sky over Tamriel. All the work is
    done with Paint Sho

    uploaded 21:33, 30 Apr 2006 5,167 140 1,591kb Sahardoom

  • Coloured Enemy Health Desaturated for Oblivion

    Makes the enemy health bar above the crosshair change from green - yellow - orange - red depending on how much health the enemy has left.

    uploaded 21:31, 30 Apr 2006 2,318 90 34kb LordOverkill

  • Grow Plants! for Oblivion

    Description: This is a plugin that will allow the player to purchase, place and interact with the various alchemical
    flora found in Tamriel. YOu will be able to buy various seeds, plant them, and interact with the cultiavted flora in the following ways:

    Pick Ingredient
    Move Up ( Moves plant up by 4 along the Z axis )
    Move Down ( Moves plant d

    uploaded 21:30, 30 Apr 2006 5,236 125 515kb Proudfoot

  • Maquissars Deadly Vision for Oblivion

    Welcome to Maquissar's vision of Oblivion. The world has never been so scary. If you're afraid of dying, I suggest you do not put these mods on. I'm almost afraid to put them on myself. Please note there are TWO versions of CreatureBoost. Use only one of them.

    The "core" mod elements are in the main folder. All other tweaks have b

    uploaded 21:08, 30 Apr 2006 120 6 1,621kb hardanen

  • Ruins of Hesstar for Oblivion

    Description: This is a Ayleid house mod. The ruins is found south of Chorrol and North of Skingrad. The marker should be visible by default. Read the prior occupant's final words in the initial entry of the ruins for more info.

    uploaded 21:03, 30 Apr 2006 226 15 2,048kb Proudfoot

  • Relevant Major Skills for Oblivion

    This is a simple mod that aims to make each of your characters different to play instead of each being a jack of all trades. It makes your major skills more important. It increases the time that it takes to lvl up a minor skill by a significant amount forcing you to rely on your major skills.

    You can still lvl up your minor skills but it takes

    uploaded 19:40, 30 Apr 2006 83 6 3kb Calaghan

  • Tess Save Game for Oblivion

    Uploaded save game for BlueMax

    uploaded 19:05, 30 Apr 2006 66 7 582kb Mainframe