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A complete overhaul of Frostcrag, replete with added backstory, massive quests, and rewards galore.

Permissions and credits
Alternate Versions:

The De-Isolated Version can be found here and thanks to AliTheLord for its creation:


Use this version if you have a problem over-writing your downloaded version. This won't overwrite your DLC file and is compatible with the Unofficial Patch. Please read current instructions on his page.


I have officially ended my Oblivion Modding career. It is a true cliche that artists never complete their works, and such is the case with Frostcrag. There are many things left undone, or done poorly that I would change. Unfortunately my life has taken me down different paths of game design (expect to see more of my works in different venues) consequently those ideas will now never be implemented.

Because of that I am now Opening this MOD to the world as An OPEN SOURCE production. If you create a fix or a new version please just credit me for the work I did, and add a link to your download page to my TesNexus page so they can find the original should they desire. Obviously this is based on the honor system, so it relies on the new authors integrity to give credit where credit is due, but also upon the users to keep new authors honest should it be found they are claiming credit where they shouldn't.

Final Request: Please with all due haste would some aspiring mod author add a new and functioning mage's guild house by re-populating the 'Student's Quarters" and adding NPC's etc... to be activated at the end of the avalon quest... This is the top most request of users I receive so you will have a built in audience. If you just create a patch, I will advertise it heavily on this description page so you get more users.




You NEED Shivering Isles, don't complain Im not making a SI free version

You NEED the Original DLCfrostcrag from Bethesda. Again, don't complain, This is a copyright issue and I won't change it.

If your using the COBL patch, then Obviously, you NEED to have COBL installed. COBL is basically a library of pre-installed resources for modders to use at will. Find it here on the Nexus, and install it if you wish to have the COBL improvements to Frostcrag in your game. If you try to use the COBL version without COBL, your game WILL CRASH.



Frostcrag Reborn is meant to be a definitive all-encompassing overhaul of Frostcrag. Thus, If you have already begun to play through another version of frostcrag, be it the original or otherwise, you need to make a 'clean save' before installing Frostcrag Reborn.

A Clean save is a save which has no Frostcrag version installed at the time of the save. Do this by momentarily deactivating any version of frostcrag, and then making a save. This will reset the furniture quest and all variables having to do with frostcrag, thus you will need to re-buy that stuff if you have already bought it.

ALSO: The Unofficial Oblivion Patch for Frostcrag should NOT be used in conjunction with Frostcrag Reborn. Many people have mentioned extreme problems when this is tried.

1. Install the official DLCfrostcrag from Bethesda if you haven't already.
2. Backup the official DLCfrostcrag.esp and move it out of your Data folder, leave everything else installed by the DLC alone (ie. the .bsa file)
3. Download the Mod v3.0.6 either the OMOD or the Manual depending on your preference.
4. Using the downloaded Archive either, (A) Install with OBMM ( B ) Install it using BAIN, or ( C ) Manually extract the files into your Data Directory
5. If you want to use the COBL patch, however you install it, just make sure it is near the bottom of your load order, and loaded after the DLCfrostcrag.esp. If you have issues with 'BrumaTestHouse' incrementally move both down in your load order till the problem is corrected.
6. Optionally you can now use Wrye Bash on it as well, I never do, but It probably won't hurt.
7. Play the game with your brand new home installed.


Optional FIXES and Add-ons:


FIX the Visible when Distant problem with this addon

(the above is a fix for the known issue when you can see the distant complete tower, only to have it disappear as you get closer...)

Stairs Fix:


(fixes some problems with the stairs that slipped through on the final iteration)


Short Mod description:

This is a modification of the DLC wizard tower, otherwise known as frostcrag. I always felt that the original was severely lacking in many regards, and I set out to make it better for my own benefit. Afterall I had just got done paying 2 dollars for it, I thought that I may as well make it worth the money. This is a result of that decision. Two years and about 4000+ hours of modding later, here we are.

Frostcrag Material:
-Extensive Backstory additions.
-Improved default Interiors
-HUGE Waterfall Fountain
-Dragon Pad for the Akatosh Mount Mod
-Added storage throughout
-A real Library and Added Bookshelves
-The Well of Mana room
-Armory and Mannequin Stands for your Collection
-A completely new Alchemy Garden and station with Sorter (use the COBL patch to Get the COBL sorter)
-Protective Barriers to keep thieves and bandits out...
-Much Much More to discover

Quest Material:
-Long and engaging quests with a detailed backstory.
-Massive Levels
-Insanely difficult fights
-Well Earned Treasure and Loot


Version 3.0.6 patch and Full Release is AVAILABLE at FrostcragReborn.com

***Please consider making a donation @ frostcragreborn.com I spent a good portion of my life creating this, and if you enjoy my work it helps me immeasurably.***

official Forum Thread for the Release of 3.0.5


Much more information can be obtained at the homepage for Frostcrag Reborn. It is the only place to obtain the walk-through and the Read-me so please come visit.

Compatibility Mods:

Kvatch Rebuilt: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22547 Creates a portal that links FC Reborn 3.0+ with the Kvatch Mages Guild after it has been rebuilt.



A new Video Showcasing v 3.0.5 has been uploaded to frostcragreborn.com
If your still not convinced about downloading the mod, go check it out. http://frostcragreborn.com/videos.html

For those of you who were waiting for the full release to try out v3.0 Here is a brief Introduction. V 3.0 has improved interiors for the player, and some re-organization from the 2.2 release. I improved some tower interiors such as the waterfall to be a little more FPS friendly and re-organized the storage. The Jewel of v 3.0 is the addition of a massive quest. v 3.0 Incorporates a quest that has taken me the better part of year to build. From player reports it is one of the best quests to grace the oblivion Modding scene. I certainly have tried my best to make it so. Up to 8 hours of gameplay, mulitple massive levels to explore, new stories to uncover and incredible treasure to win. This quest has the most unique Oblivion Interior levels to ever grace your computer screen. I proudly present the culmination of the Frostcrag Reborn Experience. This is the Big One my friends. I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks for all the support, and a special Shout-out to Willi Wiper who has been a Tremendous help and actually has taken an active role since the beta release to help make this mod as good as it has turned out to be. Thanks Willi.

v3.0.5 to 3.0.6
Only a few minor bug fixes and other small concerns were changed, It shouldn't have any problem updating. Use the patch download from frostcragreborn.com for updating. New Users need to download the other files as indicated. I did add one resource for the Daedric Lava Whiskey which has been re-done by Russader back on the Nexus forums.

COBL specifics:
If you have been using COBL you need to use the new COBL specific .esp as well as your DLCfrostcrag.esp . Load the FrostcragCobl esp after the DLCfrostcrag.esp and keep them both relatively low in your load order, and you shouldn't encounter any issues. If you have already bought the upgrades then follow these directions to enable the new cobl Stuff;
1) If you had already bought the library upgrade, go to the middle round table near the bookshelfs, click it in the console, then enter "disable" and without exiting the console enter "enable". All what is there will disappear with "disable" command (don't panic!) and then reappear with "enable" command, together with the Cobl stuff.
2) If you had already bought the bedroom upgrade, go to the bed and do exactly the same.

V 3.0.4 to v 3.0.5
Corrected Resource for stairs at Avalon Gate. Added Levelled Lists to most encounters. Lessened chance of receiving too much easy loot. Fixed Rastieri's Soul Gem so it can't be used till after it has served its real purpose. Fixed Novice Alchemy Station so it provides a 'Novice' Buff. Added Quest Icons to important quests. Changed Orb of Intelligence to only work outside of inventory. Deleted Unused Items, levelled some of the creatures health to be more reasonable at higher levels. Moved some items in the Alchemy lab to be more accessible. Fixed typos and bad grammar in Journals and such. Deleted enhancements for the Eternal Guardian Sword since there were just too many goodies to be found already. Deleted Ladder from Library, it was always just for looks anyway. Fixed Thomas AI (I think) so that he no longer just chills in his room for days at a time, but he will chill in his room if the cold embrace is activated. Willi Wiper Added AI Path Nodes to a number of levels for me, and I added some improvements to pathnodes around Avalon as well as some areas in Nalonwyn and the Student Quarters. Added around 10 new NPC Avalon Civilians for variety in the Leveled Lists so your not always seeing the same faces over and over, and put leveled lists in all their inventory so that will be randomized as well. Added some different visual effects that take place after the main part of the new quest is completed, added a Lot more spawn points around Avalon to make it more challenging, and increased the Level of the civilians to make them a bit tougher. Some minor fixes just about everywhere.

V 3.0.3 to v 3.0.4:
Added Resources: Added Matching 1 handed Overlord sword (1 mesh and 3 textures), Brighter more visible waterfall mesh so that I can use 30% less stacked meshes to get the effect I wanted resulting in an increased FPS while viewing the waterfall; A fixed version of the Painting in Living area that so that it displays texture correctly.

ESP Changes: Added some corrected AI pathing to most of the Frostcrag cells for those of you who use partners. Corrected Thomas AI so that he doesn't sit on his butt all day long for no good reason. He actually sweeps now since the AI package is pointing to the correct broom. Minor Edits to the Avalon Citizens so that they no longer cast that stupid paralyze spell, as well as making them a bit more frightening to look at. Some minor Overlapping mesh corrections in Lor Anteriori and Avalon Anteriori. Deleted Azani blackheart material from Telan Highcourt (oops!). Gave Telan a unique set of Armor and a unique Sword which is a less powerful two-handed version of the Overlord sword. Corrected blank spellname used by the Overlord ring. Made Tyras an even tougher SOB since it sounds like he was too easy for some people, you have a gauranteed death awaiting if you don't have his ring on hand, and a you will probably die anyway even with the ring, multiple times. This is purposeful since I don't want low-level characters to get his Armor, you have to kill a god before you can wear god armor. Let me know if he is too difficult even for Higher level characters to beat(40+).

List of BugFixes v 3.0.2 OpenBeta from Original Beta:
V 3.0.2 is a Multiple Bug Fix Release, added more quest markers, collision issues, Missing VWD LOD, reported bugs etc. I also added a small questline with Bandits attacking tower if you don't leave it protected. Afterall the tower is rather conspicuous. Upgrading to this may require a clean save from all previous v.3xx. Will definitely require a clean save if your upgrading from any v2.XX versions.

List of Changes: v 3.0 OpenBeta from 2.2
Frostcrag Additions:
*Complete Retexture of Frostcrag Exterior and Interior, I think you will like it as much as I do.
*Thomas has a schedule and offers Services, Yay!
*Re-Organized storage areas to be more centralized.
*Added a useful Smithy that increases your Armorer ability while in use, much like the alchemy station. (just activate the anvil)

Quest Additions:
*Multiple massive underground levels and tunnels with much to be done and much to see
*Added storyline and depth to accommodate the new quest lines
*Extensive additions to both quest lines and a complete re-do of Thomas Quest line...it has been incorporated into a much larger and grander quest, Thomas is just a regular dude now, but have no fear the quests are much better for it. Total quest time may exceed 4 hours+ of game play I would guess.
* Some well earned rewards, like the Mana Well being capable of use everday instead of just sunday after completing Quests.
-A unique set of Ayleid armor (this will be one heck of a reward, but I don't recommend even attempting it till a pretty high level, possibly 35 and above)
-All sorts of Ayleid weaponry (again your going to earn this stuff and most likely die in the attempt a few times)

Bugfixes and annoyances removed
*Deleted Giant Potion (still too buggy after a lot of tinkering)
*Player requests small and large added
-like a waterfall switch
-like a quieter waterfall overall
-like a harder villain to defeat
-I can't even remember all the little things I have changed and improved, you'll just have to see for yourself.

List of Changes: v 2.2 from 1.3 (OLD VERSION)

*VWD from all cities where it's possible to see frostcrag peak. This includes parts of the IC, Cheydinhal, Bruma, and of Course Tamriel. Thats right, you can see it while inside the city walls.
*Alchemy Room with Ingredient sorter (SI and Normal) plus some surprises
* Room I call the Well of Mana: must be seen and used to be believed. Fun and Intriguing.
*Overhauled Living Quarters with a Five-story tall Fountain/waterfall just for the hell of it
*New Out-building (was once the promising start of a new chapter of the mage's guild)
*Dragon Pad for akatosh mount
*Improved battles, bosses and sub-quests.
*Spells, weapons, armor, storyline added.
*Auto-stacking book shelves.
*Improved lighting in key areas
*Fixed scripting Issues
*Added Auto-updater function for those updating from v 2.1 (please make a backup anyway)
*Minor improvements everywhere