About this mod

Tools inspired by the Thief series - blackjack, water arrows, gas arrows, noisemakers, grease arrows, holy water, rope and vine arrows - are now available in Oblivion. Includes new AI behavior to make stealth gameplay more interesting, and randomly-generated quests.

Permissions and credits
IMPORTANT NOTE #1: If Basso doesn't have anything for sale when you visit him, climb the ladder to the second floor of his shop and activate the "Strange Candle" there. Now he will be fully stocked.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2: If Basso asks you to find some jade amulets, don't bother. They are part of Mission One, which has not been released yet, so they don't yet exist in the game.

UPDATED 1.1.07 Download the patch only if you have previously downloaded the full mod (v1.1). Otherwise download the complete package. See below for change list.

Thieves Arsenal brings the stealth tools of the venerable Thief series to Oblivion.
Become one with the shadows and outwit your adversaries:
Blackjack, for knocking people unconscious;
Vine Arrows, which can be shot into rooftops and ledges to create a climbable vine;
Noisemaker Arrows, for distracting opponents while you sneak past undetected;
Water Arrows, for extinguishing lights;
Grease Arrows, to create slippery traps which can damage or knock out the unwary;
Holy Water Arrows, for repelling the undead;
Gas Arrows, to send guards off for a long nap.

In addition to the new tools, Thieves Arsenal introduces several new behaviors to NPCs and creatures, providing more realistic AI reactions.

A full description of the mod can be found here

Note that Thieves Arsenal REQUIRES Oblivion Script Extender v0009 or later.
OBSE can be downloaded here.


-Fix chests not appearing on Odd Jobs in Ayleid Ruins
-Fix Basso not selling arrows consistently
-Fix some AI issues with the kid, and allow players to get Odd Jobs directly from Basso if the kid doesn't behave.
-Include missing IronHangingLamp meshes
-Some other stuff.