Facial Textures by Enayla by Miss Onatopp
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Added: 03/03/2007 - 07:25PM
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Last updated at 23:24, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 19:25, 3 Mar 2007

Facial Textures by Enayla

This replaces all the human,elven & orc headtextures with new ones. All textures were painted by the amazingly talented Enayla of www.furiae.com. This is an as is mod & NOT a resource. You cannot alter the textures and then redistribute them.

I highly recommend that you use this mod in addition to either natural faces or improved facial textures. This mod only adds the base and not the age textures. Install either IFT or Natural faces first AND then add these textures. There is also a "dulled-down" alternative for the human faces. If you wish to use this one instead; replace the headhuman file in your textures/characters/imperial folder with the file in the dulled down folder.

Unzip the files into your Oblivion/data folder.

If you encounter any errors or have questions about the mod feel free to send me a PM on the Official forums, my username is TheWolfQueen.