RuneSkulls by Exnem
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Added: 24/02/2007 - 06:08PM
Updated: 08/03/2010 - 03:36PM

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Last updated at 15:36, 8 Mar 2010 Uploaded at 18:08, 24 Feb 2007

This mod adds more than 250 runeskulls to the game. These are objects that let you enchant weapons and armor without using an enchanting station, much like sigil stones work, but give multiple enchantments instead of just one.

These have been included in oblivion's loot tables so they will spawn form chests and npcs just like regular objects. You will most likely find these in places where there are necromancers or mages, and there are also some handplaced runeskulls hidden in several places (spolier: Check The First Edition's basement for one).

I tried to make this mod as balanced as possible, so runeskulls will appear depending on your level, at low level you will get low leveled skulls and higher ones as you level up.

HOWEVER, have in mind that I made this mod to be used in conjunction with OOO, Francesco's and MMM which greatly change the difficulty and gameplay of oblivion, so they WILL be overpowered if you use it alone.

Anyway, if you are like me that like to collect stuff, these are perfect to start a nice collection and furnish your homes.

NOTE: When you hover the mouse over some runeskulls, not all of the enchantments may be displayed if they are many, in this case you will have to click on it (as if you were going to use it) to see the full list of effects, this is a limitation of the game enginge itself. And remember, some effects are applied to armor (clothing, rings etc) and the others to weapons, so choose wisely ;)