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  1. atton32x
    • member
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    I have a saved game in the sea domes, when I go to exit to the main world it crashes
    I have the mods:
    clearer underwater
    alive waters
    cloaks and capes
    Bravil sea domes

    Any idea whats happening?
    thank you
  2. StarrBERU
    • member
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    How do I uninstall it? It's not that I don't like it I guess when I was installing it the folders joined together and I have no idea how to separate them or which files belong to this one or how to figure that out. It only installed partially and it made the floor completely water and I couldn't reach the door to leave or fast travel out of it. I want to uninstall it and try again.
    1. courtney1337
      • supporter
      • 84 posts
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      uncheck the plugin in the data files on the loader. and then when you load in access the console and type 'coc testinghall' and it will teleport you out.
  3. JamestheFreak
    • member
    • 307 posts
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    The texture for the rock at the entrance is missing, there's just a big exclamation point where the door is instead of the rock.
  4. courtney1337
    • supporter
    • 84 posts
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    A long time ago, I first installed this mod. I was new to oblivion modding and modding in general. I found this mod through a youtube video. And boy I do not regret it.

    One of the best house mods I have EVER installed. It was more than anything I had ever expected.
    Thank you for making such an incredible creation.
    ....Endorsed.....of course.....

    on yet another occasion [03/07/18] I have returned to redownload my favourite house mod!
  5. Sergio1992
    • member
    • 1,017 posts
    • 67 kudos
    Played around this mod for quite a bit.
    In the end, I deemed it not worth it to have in my load order.

    There are various reasons:

    [annoyance] The entrance's corridor is too long. Seriously, why do I have to walk so much?
    [size] The dome is too claustrophobic.
    [Immersion] It didn't seem 'immersive'. I mean, would I think it was in Oblivion from start? I don't think so.
    [the basement] Do I seriously have to take a lift to go down just to find some containers?
    [fountain] I admit that I would have loved to have trasparent glass inside the fountain placed in the middle of the dome.

    In the end, sorry, but this is not my thing. For anyone reading and sort of agreeing, this mod could match your taste:

    Although better, it still didn't satisfy me totally. The cave is gorgeous though. But it is just decorative

    1. MikuMD
      • member
      • 110 posts
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      I take it you have never been inside an underwater dome in real life.
  6. cyba0
    • member
    • 7 posts
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    Still one of the best house mods IMO. Reminds me a bit of Bioshock and thats why I love it so much.
  7. Linky1
    • member
    • 243 posts
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    I would download the mod and look at the files the mod contains, then look for the same named files and delete them. If you want to reinstall though, just download it and install it and it will overwrite its own files, so you dont need to delete them

    Good luck.
  8. BlackBiohazard
    • member
    • 107 posts
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    Me likey me new homey ill endorse later
  9. PylonDestroyer
    • member
    • 13 posts
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    I did everything it said i should do, and i checked the MOD thingy, and when i go to her she doesn't have anything out of ordinary, does it conflict with MOD races or something? :o
    • BANNED
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    Sweeeeeeeeeeet!! now i don't have to gnaw my own hand off
    Qapla' !