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The Conformulator v0.7 Read Me Please note that if you have the setup version 0.6 of the conformulator installed, you\'ll have to uninstall it before installing this version. *** What Does it Do? It basically makes creating hair or helms in Oblivion possible. Using parent tri and egm files. You can generate an egm and an optional tr

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The Conformulator v0.7 Read Me

Please note that if you have the setup version 0.6 of the conformulator installed, you'll have to uninstall it before installing this version.

*** What Does it Do?

It basically makes creating hair or helms in Oblivion possible.

Using parent tri and egm files. You can generate an egm and an optional tri file for your own mesh.
So when you move the sliders in the Character Generator your mesh will distort in the same way as the parent mesh.
You can now generate a hair morph which is influenced by the hair length slider.

*** How do I use it?

1.Create your hair/helm mesh to fit the race head you are creating it for. i.e. for an imperial the mesh will fit the headhuman.nif file. The hair model must only use one mesh as the FaceGen morpher can’t work across several meshes.

2.(Optional - can now load nif files). Load your mesh into NifSkope and export the mesh as an obj file. You must use NifSkope as the structure of the obj file must exactly match the structure of the nif file.

3.Start the conformulator.

4.In the top box select the head tri file the hair is for. You must also have the corresponding egm file in the same directory.

5.In the other file select box select the obj file of your hair, saved by NifSkope or you can specify a nif file.

6.Select the quality.
Nearest PointThis is the worst quality. Will only use 1 data point.
Nearest LineThis is the medium quality setting. It will interpolate between 2 points of data.
Nearest Face This is the best quality setting. It will interpolate between 3 points of data.

7.Select if you want to generate a tri file. This contains the talking and expression morphs.
None Don’t generate a tri file.
No UV+Model Special Oblivion compatible compacted tri file. It removes the model and UV data from the file. Not compatible with the FaceGen modeller. The same size as No UV but will compress better.
No UV Creates a slightly smaller tri file. Removes the UV info from the file. Compatible with the FaceGen Modeller.
FullCreates a “proper” full version of the tri file.

8.If you wish to only conformulate within a certain distance of the head mesh then tick Conform range and set the distance that you wish the conformulator to stop conformulating. NB. The higher the quality setting the more accurate this will be.

9.If you wish to generate a hair morph then tick the Create HairMorph box. The morph model for the hair morph must be called (hairmorph).obj and be an obj file. So if you are conformulating spikeyhair.nif the hair morph file would be spikeyhair(hairmorph).obj. A hair morph will *only* work if the hair is set-up as being hair in the constuction set.

10.Click on the Conformulate button. If all goes well an egm (and tri) file will be created with the same name as your hair’s obj file and in the same directory.

11.Copy the newly created egm (and tri) file into the same Oblivion data folder as your hair’s nif file.

As the program can now create tri files, you can feed your generated tri files back into the conformulator. This means you can use it to mask out parts of a head model. Create and obj file of the head model and remove all the parts of the head you want masked out. Then run it through the conformulator with the orginal head model.

You can also isolate parts of model to be conformulated. Say for instance you have a round hat. When you run the hat through the conformulator it fits the head but the hat is no longer perfectly round. Instead of conformulting the hat create a bounding box that the same size as the hat. The conformulate this box, generating a tri file. Then conformulate the hat using this box. It *should* cause the hat to change scale in sync with the head but not it’s shape.

*** How to use the command line.

You can alternatively call the program using the command line. The parameters you pass are:


The quality level is from 1 to 3. 1 being the worst quality and 3 being the best.

The optional parameters are:

silent Runs the program in silent mode. No message boxes will pop up but also no specific errors will be reported. However it will return errorlevel 1 to the calling program on an error.
trilowCreate a no UV+Model tri.
trimedCreate a no UV tri.
trifullCreate a normal full tri file.

*** To do list.

Allow the user add their own morphs. Partially done - can generate a hair morph.

Use OpenMP to allow the program to use more than one thread.

Update the command line interface to use the new features.

*** Changes list.

Current version (v0.7)

Can now generate a hair morph.


Added nif file support. :-)
Changed Conform range to Falloff. You can now specify a falloff range that causes the conformulator to conform less as you mesh gets further away from the base mesh.


Fixed zig zagging bug when using nearest line/face quality. It's now much more accurate but a little slower.
The Conformulator now longer quits each time you conformulate.
You can create a full tri file with morphs for any quality type now, instead of just nearest point.
You can tell the conformulator to only conformulate within a certain distance from the head mesh. May help with the creation of helms.
Changed the read me to the rtf text format because it looks nicer. I was going to use pdf but it's a bit sad when your utility is smaller that your read me.


Bug fix where an obj file with a line with no spaces in it would cause an exception error.


Found zig-zag bug. Added a quick hack to try to fix.
Added support for the creation of tri files along with the expression/talking morphs.


Nearest face quality.
Made changes to the code so it’s easier to work with and easier to add new features.
Fixed a bug with that stopped the program from reading an obj file if your regional settings set the decimal point to anything other than a full stop. Thanks to Warpscum for finding that bug.


Command line interface.
Nearest line quality.


First Version.

*** License and usage details.

This is licensed under the do with it what you want licence. :)

This code is freeware and you must not attempt to charge for it. That’s my only condition on it’s use.

This utility includes the niflib.dll library. This is owned by the NifTools team and does not come under my "do what you like" licence. Please visit http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifTools for licence and usage details.

*** Contact Details.

My website is www.oblation.eu

You can also find me on the elderscroll forums using the name scanti at www.elderscrolls.com/forums