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Name: Valley View Estate
Version: 1.1
Date: 2007/10/01
Category: Buildings, Quests and Adventures
Requirements: Installation of TES4: Oblivion. Does not require expansion pack Shivering Isles.
Recommended: Oblivion Patch v1.2.0416, Oblivion Mod Manager
Author(s): Glypha (glypha_AT_gmail_DOT_com)
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com

After finishing an introductory quest, you can aquire the Valley View Estate, which includes a manor, a farm house and a working vineyard which can produce wines and brandies.
You can get involved actively in running the vineyard and keep a profitable business by hiring characters to work on the vineyard and guard the estate.
You also have the possibility to produce a special type of wine yourself.

Mod Highlights
* Cheydinhal architecture manor with stunning view over Skingrad and surrounding wilderness.
* Interior lighting coordinated to time of day and weather.
* Vineyard that can produce two varieties of wine and a variety of brandy.
* Vineyard activity that requires player involvement.
* Wine cellar.
* Hireable characters with detailed AI.
* A secret area and a lot more details which you'll discover by playing the mod.

Valley View Estate is located considerably far in the NW of Skingrad, W from the shrine of Sanguine and SE from Valley View Camp.
The introductory quest starts once you reach the location.

If you're having problems playing the mod, see the walkthru at the bottom of this readme file, and make sure to read through the related ES Forum thread(s).

This archive is distributed in OMOD-Ready format.
It allows you to manually extract and install like most other mods but it also allows you to use Oblivion Mod Manager and import this archive with all the settings pre-configured for an OMOD file.

Manual Install
1. Extract this archive to any folder and then copy the contents to Oblivion's Data folder.
You can ignore or delete the "omod conversion data" folder, the screenshot images and the readme file, they are not necessary to play the mod.
2. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, and enable the "Valley_View_Estate.esp" file.

OBMM Install
Create the OMOD (Do this section only once)
1. Copy archive to (install folder)\Oblivion\obmm\omod\
2. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
3. Click the Create button.
4. Click the Add Archive button, find and select the archive, then click Yes.
5. Click the Create omod button, then click OK when it finishes.

Install the mod using OBMM
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen.
(icon should turn blue)

Pick which method you are going to use for uninstall based on how you installed it:

Manual Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the "Valley_View_Estate.esp" file.
2. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod:

Oblivion\Data\Valley View Estate.esp

OBMM Uninstall
1. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.
2. Double-click the name of the mod in the right-hand side of the OBMM screen,
click Yes. (icon should turn green)

To upgrade from an older version of the mod, follow the steps below:
1. Remove all items you want to keep from the mod cells and containers (manor interior, manor cellar, farm house interior, secret passage and farm house cellar).
2. Save the game and exit Oblivion.
3. In the data menu of the game start screen, uncheck Valley_View_Estate.esp (or disable the mod from OBMM)
4. Start the game, load the savegame you just made and save again (this will remove any previous mod content)
5. Install the new mod version (see above)

Note: You can attempt to upgrade by installing the new version without uninstalling the old one first. This hasn't been tested in depth and is not guaranteed to work flawlessly.

I'm currently running a large number of popular mods and didn't find any obvious conflict.

Known Issues or Bugs
There are no bugs that I'm aware of.


1.1, 2007/10/01 - Fourth release.
- Guards now patrol while on watch;
- Scripts and AI have been tidied;
- Some harmless bugs have been eliminated.

1.0, 2007/07/17 - Third release.
- A "Valley View" sign and various other embelishments have been added;
- Lots of spelling and grammar errors have been corrected.
- The Oblivion gate which used to spawn in the backyard of the estate was moved further up the hill. This should also work with savegames that already have the gate spawned.

0.8, 2007/03/06 - Second release.
- Valley View Wine, Vintage and Brandy prices have been lowered;
- Various quest enhancements;
- Various bug fixes;
- Added a walkthru at the bottom of this readme file;
- Other minor adjustments.

0.7, 2007/02/19 - Initial release.

You can e-mail me at glypha_AT_gmail_DOT_com about anything related to the mod.

Making this mod has been made possible by the great modding resources and tutorials at http://cs.elderscrolls.com.
I would also like to thank:
- TESSource.net for keeping the most comprehensive Oblivion mod archive out there and for hosting this mod.
- Bethesda for creating a new standard for modern RPGs.
- Lord Gildor at the ES Forums for taking the time to gather up an impressive list of grammar and spelling errors.
- mmmpld at the ES Forums for implementing the Oblivion gate fix.
- Patje and other people at the ES Forums for their feedback and help with testing the mod.
- The author of the template for this readme file, lhammonds.
- The people who got back to me saying how much they love the mod.

If you wish to re-package or publish any part of this mod, please contact me and obtain my permission first.
You can change this mod in any way you want as long as it is done for your own personal use.


Chapter 1: The Abandoned Vineyard

Valley View Estate is located considerably far in the northwest of Skingrad, west from the shrine of Sanguine and southeast from Valley View Camp.
The introductory quest starts as soon as you reach the vineyard. If you search around, you'll find a note pinned to the door of the farm house, from someone named Fanid destined to Barnard, who used to live at the vineyard.

You can meet Fanid at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad on Loredas and Sundas. From him, you find out that the Valley View Estate is owned by a rich man from Cheydinhal, Lord Uthras, who recently went missing. Fanid will also tell you that Bernard used to keep the vineyard for Lord Uthras and that he can be found in Cheydinhal, at the Bridge Inn.

Bernard will tell you more about Lord Uthras' disappearance and that you can find his wife at her house in Cheydinhal, near the west gate. If she's not home, Lady Uthras can be found in the hall of Castle Cheydinhal.

After speaking to Lady Uthras and listening to the whole story, you volunteer to find her missing husband. If you raise her disposition enough, she'll tell you that her husband has a hideout somewhere near Valley View. Bernard can give you an additional hint, if you get him to like you enough.

You should then return to Valley View. You'll soon find out that Lord Uthras' hideout is actually an underground passage that connects the manor to the farm house, mazing beneath the vineyard. The hideout entrance is north of the estate, downhill, behind some rocks, close to a patch of trees. If you're having trouble finding the entrance, here is a picture of it:

By pushing through the two thugs and their leader, you discover that Lord Uthras has just been murdered by the aforementioned. You should then look for some kind of explanation to what happened there, and you'll find it in the form of an undelivered letter to Lady Uthras.

You complete the quest by taking the letter to Lady Uthras. She'll reward you handsomely in exchange for the bad news.

Chapter 2: Running Valley View

Lady Uthras will tell you she is not interested in running the vineyard herself so she's willing to sell the entire estate to you for 12000 septims. She'll be willing to accept as low as 10000 gold from you.

If you have the money, she'll hand you the keys for both the Valley View manor and farm house. She'll also tell you that you can get the vineyard running again by hiring Bernard and his wife and daughter. Bernard will be happy to work for you for as much as 700 septims a week.

You can also hire a couple of guards to keep your new investment safe. They can be found at the Three Sisters Inn in Leyawiin and are willing to guard the estate for 350 septims a week, each.

Once he gets to Valley View, you should talk to Bernard again. He'll tell you all you need to know about running the vineyard.

The vineyard produces 2 bottles of wine and one bottle of brandy every day. You can also age Valley View Wine and the regular Tamika and Surilie wines by making use of the aging barrels in the manor wine cellar. You have to let the wines sit for 10 full days in the aging barrels for them to change into their noble varieties.

Finally, you'll be able to sell your wines and brandies for the best prices to Fanid, the wine merchant. You can meet him again at the West Weald Inn in Skingrad on Loredas and Sundas. He'll then give you a note of his weekly schedule so you can find him whenever you need him.