Red Headed Gang Quest and Girl Companion MOD by HaranBJ
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Added: 13/02/2007 - 08:10AM
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Red Headed Gang (Quest and Girl Companion MOD)
with Side Story:The Secret of Undergroundia
by HaranBJ
Date: Jul.26,2007
Version: 0.8
Requirements: Nothing

New quest "The Secret of Undergroundia" available
Screen3 Screen2 Screen1

- Fixed "CastleTowerTrapDoor01" bug found in v0.7
(For v0.7users, if you already downloaded RHGv0.8_ESP_only_Bug_fix_for_v0.7, no need to download v0.8)

Description (Main Story:Red Headed Gang Quest)
This is a series of quests and girl companion mod.
Cecilia, a young Breton girl is looking for her father, who disappeared several days ago. One of her father's friends may know the whereabouts, but he lives in the sewer under the Imperial City, from where strange creature's sounds come out.
When she finds you looks strong enough, she will ask you to help her to find her father.

Description (Side Story:The Secret of Undergroundia)
Sewer Researcher Dr.Marlson confessed the existence of a new race, Undergroundians. According to his research, they are living deep under Imperial City and the secret entrance to their domain is somewhere in the Doctor's sewer. When you have found it, the new adventure will begin.

- Cecilia will be in danger again. Only you can help her, but this time you also will encounter difficult situations caused by the intrigues of the Undergroundians. This is not "save the world" type nor for big reward. This is the story to save your companion and/or retrieve your ***.

How to start (Main Story:Red Headed Gang Quest)
NPC Cecilia is standing around the center of Talos Plaza in Imperial City. When she finds you, she will come to talk to you.

How to start (Side Story:The Secret of Undergroundia)
After you save Dr.Marlson from the Red Headed Gang, just talk with him about his research in his sewer at IC Talos Plaza. Cecilia should be with you.

- You can start new quest from very early part of the main story. (Dr.Marlson is the first person you save from the Red Headed Gang in main quest.)

The companion:
NPC "Cecilia" will be a companion of your journey. She has basic companion functions,
-Training with her (it's not like NPC trainer in vanilla oblivion. She will be a sparring partner in real fight. Not available at first.)
-Map marker (to find where she is anytime)
-Follow/Wait order
-Inventory share function (change clothes/armors/weapons)
-Go home order (available after she invites you to her house)
Also she will sneak or ride a horse as you do.

The quest:
In the story, you will face the opportunities to save some NPC's life or not. Even if you fail, the story can continue.

This quest contains,
3 Sewer type dungeons
1 Enemy Base (Fort)
1 Enemy Castle

Some re-textured clothes and armors
1 miniskirt
1 normal length skirt
1 set of re-colored iron armor (for female) and shield
3 types of female iron cuirasses with miniskirt
1 chainmail cuirass with miniskirt
1 helmet for enemy gang

Warning (Important!!)
- Backup your save data, save often and play at your own risk. There is possibility of bugs.

- "The Secret of Undergroundia" is for high-level player.(My test play character was lv.25 fighter) Once you reach the Undergroundia, you can not go back until the latter part of the quest. If you feel uncomfortable in the dungeon, just go back to the ground.

- Fixed "CastleTowerTrapDoor01" bug found in "The Secret of Undergroundia"

- Added Side Story of "The Secret of Undergroundia" plus others.
- Added quest icon
- Other changes.

Some problems found after installing Shivering isles and patch v1.2.0416
- Fixed duplicating NPC Cecilia after some fast-travel.
- Fixed no greeting problem when NPC Cecilia is in Shivering isles.
- Other small changes.

- Cleaned up esp file (deleted unnecessary object which causes switch control problem in some cases)

- Enemy's fort was moved within borders
- Other small issues

- Improved and corrected dialogues in many points (thanks to uruz7)
- Improved Cecilia's following script
- Enemy's fort was moved a little south

- Changed quests priority from 50 to now 75 (for the problem that companion shows no dialogue menu because main quest ignore low priority quests in some part)
- Widened the opening to the secret trap door
- Other small issues

- Initial release

check readme file for others