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Added: 29/01/2007 - 12:14AM
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Equipping a helmet will mask parts of your screen in first person view to simulate decreased field of view (FOV) due to the helmet's shape.

NEW in v1.10:
• OBSE is now required (not optional anymore).
• Fixed being able to see the edges of the FOV plane when using widescreen resolutions.
• New streamlined file structure for easier integration of new FOV textures and animations.
• Support for Shivering Isles, Knights of the Nine and a few user-created custom helmets
v1.11 Hotfix:
• Fixed script to properly apply anims when changing helmets in 3rd person view

For further details see the ReadMe :)

ESF Discussion Thread

PS: Please don't ask me to change the textures - I like them the way they are.
However, feel free to edit the files to your liking :)

PPS: Does not work with all custom helmets (e.g. introduced by Oscuros Oblivion Overhaul, Francesco's optional new items/creatures add-on, Phitt's Helmet Collection, Oblivion Warcry, etc., etc.) yet.