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Horse commands 4.0, Horse speed equals player speed 1.8, Own stolen horses over time, Simple saddlebags

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Name: Horse commands
Version: 4.994
Date: 30 November 2012
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Oblivion Patch,
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE): http://obse.silverlock.org/
Author(s): kuertee
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=8766

Changes since last update (4.993)
4.994, 30 November 2012, by migck - DO A CLEAN SAVE
Bug-fix, tweaks: Simplified the Horse Speed Equals Player Speed module so as not to actively try to correct any alteration to the horse's speed, and uses ModAVMod max. New speed is calculated from the horse's and player's base speed, and the speed modifier is only applied when the horse is actually moving, be it walking, swimming or moving backwards.
Bug-fix: recompiled scripts, changed a few variable names that were named as functions and might cause trouble.

Gameplay changes
Horse commands (Lesser Power):
When cast without a target, if there are any horses nearby, they will stop following you.
If no horses are nearby but they are not far off, they will come to you and start to follow you.
When cast on a specific horse, a menu is presented. Only that horse will follow the command given from that menu.
After dismounting a horse, that horse will start to follow you.
When you have your weapon out or are sneaking, the horse will keep some distance from you.
Press O to ride a horse through Load-doors.

Horse training:
High ranking members of the Fighter's guild offers combat training to the horse you last rode.
Basic: Health +25, Shield 25, Strength +12, Fatigue +25. Takes a day and costs 1000 gold.
Advanced: Health +50, Shield 50, Strength +25, Fatigue +50. Takes another day and costs a further 2000 gold.
Basic and Advanced training abilities are not accumulative.
Time will be advanced the number of days required for the training.

Horse speed equals player speed:
Horses that you ride on will have their walking speed increased to 110% your speed.

Own stolen horses over time:
Spend time with a stolen horse and over time it will become yours.
Press / on a targeted horse to view their "ownership" status.

Simple saddlebags:
All horses you own (or in the process of owning after stealing), will have a Saddlebag.
Press Left-Alt on a targeted horse or while riding a horse to access it. Press Left-Shift + Left-Alt on a targeted horses to access all saddlebags.
After accessing a saddlebag, it will be available by pressing Left-Alt even without targeting the horse.
This is useful when visiting a merchant indoors.

Container manager:
Each saddlebag, has a Saddlebag Misc Item that you can take with you.
When on your person, you can access the Saddlebag by clicking on it.
When putting it into another container, that saddlebag's content is put into that container.
A filter can be applied to which items are put in the container:
(1) Only move items that are of the same type (e.g. Weapons, Armour, etc.) that are already in the container
(2) Only move items that are the same as those (e.g. Nirnroot, Nightshader, etc.) in the container
(3) Get a menu with these options

The ESP has no master ESM. This mod should be compatible with any TES4-based games. E.g. Nehrim.
The horses AI are forced to the command that you gave them. This is checked constantly and are reapplied when it changes.
To make another mod with another horse AI work on one of your horses, free it from Horse commands by selecting the appropriate Command from the menu.
Otherwise, this should be compatible with any ridable creature.

Configure this mod with its INI file in (game folder)\Data\Ini\.
The AI of horses are constantly checked. If they are found to have an AI that doesn't correspond to the Command they are following, the correct AI will be applied.
You'll need to keep stolen horses close by.
Until a stolen horses is fully owned by you, its "stolen" flag will randomise when you dismount it. Be careful in mounting it again.
If its flag is as a "stolen" horse, witnesses will report you as a horse thief.
Owners of stolen horses may try to take them back. There will be no fight, they will simply ride the horse away. When this happens, you'll need to re-steal the horse.

Upgrade from previous versions
OBMM: Deactivate the previous OMOD then follow the OBMM Install instructions with the new ZIP.
Manual: Replace the old files and folders with the new files and folders from the ZIP.

OBMM Install
1. Click on "Create" to create a new OMOD.
2. Click on "Add archive" and point to the downloaded ZIP file.
3. Click on "Create omod".
4. Activate the newly created OMOD.

OBMM Uninstall
1. Deactivate the OMOD.

Manual Install/Uninstall
Unsupported. OBMM is recommended.

4.993, 17 January 2012:
Bug-fix: When you have the Saddlebag item in your inventory and drop an arbitrary item into a container, the mod will move the items from the saddlebag into the container.
Only when you drop the Saddlebag item into the container should the mod move items from the saddlebag into the container.
Fixed now.
New feature: Filter the items that gets moved from the saddlebag into the container you drop it into.
Set transferItemsFilterMode in the Saddlebags INI file to one of these:
0 = Move all items as previous versions.
1 = Move only items that are of the same type (e.g. weapons, armour) that are already in the container.
2 = Move only the same items that are already in the container.
Or hold down the T key when dropping the Saddlebag item into the container to get a menu of the above options.
Read-me: A concise description of the mod: Gameplay changes, Compatibility, Details.
Rewritten for ease of scanning. (And to get this ready for Skyrim users.)
4.992, 26 December 2011:
Tweak: When commanding the horse to "Do as it pleases", it will ignore all general Horse Command whistles.
This should allow compatibility with other mods with horse AIs.
The horse will follow Horse Commands again when you mount/dismount it or when it is given a command from the menu.
Thanks to dreamed1 for suggesting this compatibility option.
Tweak: If a home marker is set, horses at the horse marker will ignore the general Horse Command whistle.
New option: When "horsesFollowThroughLoadDoors" is set to 0, horses will not follow the player through load-doors.
Note that the player can still ride horses through load-doors.
This allows the player to leave a horse in an "instanced" pen (i.e. city) or leave them outside cities.
Default is 1.
Thanks to Peste for suggesting this feature.
Tweak: Horses will acknowledge your commands with one of their idle sounds like they did in v3 and v2.
4.991, 5 December 2011:
Bug-fix: The horse would sometimes teleport to the player when the player enters an interior cell in Oblivion.
This version fixes this.
Bug-fix: The horse still teleports to the Dreamworlds.
Fixed now.
Bug-fix: Previously, when issuing the command without a specific horse targeted, only 1 horse would listen to it instead of any horse that can hear it.
Fixed now.
4.99, 6 November 2011:
New feature: Custom home location.
Set the home location from the horse's pop-up menu.
If removed, horses commanded to go home, will return to their original stables.
Otherwise, horses commanded to go home, will go to the location you set.
Only one home location can be set but it can be moved.
Untested feature: I've removed the mod's reliance on the Oblivion.esm master.
This may allow it to be used in games that don't have Oblivion.esm as a master.
This, however, is untested.
I am just guessing that doing this is sufficient to make the mod work in games without Oblivion.esm.
4.98, 28 September 2011:
Tweak: My enhanced code for the Stay command of the last version doesn't "stick" when the player Fast Travels.
Reverted to my old code of applying a "follow an invisible marker" AI to the horses commanded to Stay.
The limits of 10 to the number of horses you can commanded to Stay of the older versions is the drawback to this method.
However, quest markers of horses you commanded to stay is also back in this version.
Tweak: "Partially" stolen horses now receive the Horse commands pop-up.
4.97, 24 September 2011:
Tweak: Enhanced the code for Stop commands.
Tweak: Enhanced the code that prevents the horses from blocking doorways you exit through.
I've tried several methods previously to make this full-proof.
I find this method best.
Tweak: Enhanced the code that lets the players go through gates while riding a horse.
In this version, the gates between the IC districts that have steps to and from them should not get the player stuck in between walls.
4.96, 6 August 2011:
Bug-fix: Last ridden horse doesn't fast-travel with the player any more when they are commanded to stay.
Tweak: By default, the horses' carrying capacity is now 110% of the player's carrying capacity.
Previously, it was 110% the horse's Strength.
You can change which is used in the INI file.
4.95, 18 June 2011:
Tweak: You can release the horse from any of the commands by choosing the appropriate command from the menu.
Bug-fix: Previous version still had bugs with horses that were given to the player (e.g. Prior Maborel's horse).
The bugs were: you can't command them nor will they have a saddlebag.
However, these horses still automatically follow the player when they dismount from them.
This version should fix this.
Bug-fix: Stopping the horses from trying to follow the player to an interior cell has always been a bug that was a bit tricky to fix.
I use a slightly tweaked code in this version that should help prevent this.
New feature: 3rd-party modders can now clear the horse's AI packages from within their own mod.
Let horseRef := GetPlayersLastRiddenHorse;or get horse ref some other way
Let functionRef := GetFormFromMod "kuerteeHorseCommands.esp" "000D5D";FunctionRemoveHorseCommandsAI script
Call functionRef horseRef
Note that when the player dismounts from the horse or when the Horse Commands are used, it'll re-acquire the appropriate AI.
4.94, 5 June 2011:
Bug-fix: Horses commanded to stay will not follow the player when using the Map's Fast Travel feature.
(Thanks to the OBSE team's OBSE v0020 version.)
Tweak: I've added these features to the training:
Basic: Strength +12, Fatigue + 25
Advanced: Strength + 25, Fatigue + 50
Tweak: Carrying capacity of horses is now 2 x their Strength.
Previously, it was 50% their base health.
4.93, 9 April 2011:
Tweak: A small timing error in Horse speed equals player speed was detected by Wiinikka. (Thanks, Winikka!)
This version addresses that.
4.92, 1 April 2011:
Bug-fix: Sometimes horses (even those not stolen) would be tagged as being taken back from the player by an arbitrary owner.
When this happens, the horse will ignore all player given commands.
This version fixes this.
4.91, 13 March 2011:
Tweaks: After a short discussion with miguick and my testing, I found that Agility, Strength and Speed Fortify Abilities gained from horses' Combat training were not useful.
So these have been removed and have been replaced by these:
Basic: Health +25, 25 Shield
Advanced: Health +50, 50 Shield
Bug-fix: Determining whether the horse should be owned by the player or not.
This new version should automatically fix any horse (e.g. Prior Maborel's) that has been tagged as stolen when it shouldn't have been.
4.9, 2 January 2011:
New feature: Command the horse to "Be more aggressive (Aggression +25)" or to "Be calm (return to normal aggression)".
New feature: Combat training: The higher ranking members in any of the Fighters Guild's chapters offer combat training for horses.
Basic: +25 to Health, Agility, Strength and Speed. Takes a day and costs 1000 gold.
Advanced: a further +25 to Health, Agility, Strength and Speed. Takes another day and costs a further 2000 gold.
Time will be advanced the number of days required for the training.
4.8, 3 January 2010:
Bug-fix: Moving horses to the player when the player moves between Oblivion and Tamriel.
Bug-fix: Putting the Saddlebag Miscellaneous item into another container will now automatically close the loot window to start the transfer of items.
Previously, the player had to close the loot window for the transfer to occur.
New feature: The contents of the saddlebag of a stolen horse that was reclaimed is dropped from the horse.
Bug-fix: Previously, the script would fail on some horses when the Horse command was issued.
Bug-fix: Previously, horses that got stuck due to pathing will forever be stuck.
In this version, horses that are following the player will be teleported to the player if their distance to the player becomes too large.
Bug-fix: Previously, calling horses was limited to horses within 1 cell away from the player.
In this version, all horses within 3 cells around the player will hear the Horse command.
4.7, 16 December 2009:
Bug-fix: Tracking horses with their 6-character Form Id:
Previously they were tracked with their 8-character Form Id.
The first 2 characters of the Form Ids of all objects is the load-order of their originating mod.
So when the load-order of the mod the horses are from changes, their 8-character Form Id changes.
This will cause the data in Horse commands to be out of sync with the horses.
Tracking the horses with their 6-character Form id will ensure that the horses and their data are in sync regardless of the load-order of the mod the horses are from.
Note: Save your game before switching to this version.
If you find the items in your saddlebags have gone:
1. revert to the old version,
2. clear your saddlebags of items,
3. switch to this new version
4.6, 29 November 2009:
Tweak: Detecting Oblivion worlds.
Added a check against the display name to the current check against the reference name.
Tweak: FormIds that were at one time references to horses are checked before use.
String FormIds are used to index arrays that keep track of horse data.
Sometimes (for example when a load order changes), these FormIds change.
When they change, data in them become invalid for use.
In previous versions, the mod tries and fails to use these invalid data.
In this version, these data are removed.
New feature: Saddlebag Miscellaneous item.
A Saddlebag inventory item will be added to all saddlebags.
When the Saddlebag item is put into a container, all the contents of the saddlebag it came from will be transferred into the container.
Only one Saddlebag item at a time can be carried by the Player.
Transferring items from one horse to another is possible.
Bug-fix: Weight restrictions on horses now work.
By default, the total weight a horse can carry is half its base health.
This may seem light - but keep in mind that the horse needs to take the weight of the player also
Be careful when first accessing the saddlebags in this version: its very likely that the horse will be overburdened.
If you think the horse will be overburdened, take the horse home immediately and use the saddlebag item to dump all the items in a chest or cupboard
4.5, 3 November 2009:
Tweak: Recompilation on OBSE 0017.
This removes the requirement of OBSE beta 0018.
Tweak: Recoding of the checks for Oblivion and Dream cells to remove OBSE beta 008 requirement.
This removes the requirement of OBSE beta 0018.
New feature: Support for Alternatives to death and reload.
Previously, when the player is "saved from death", the horse will try to make its way back to the player in real game-time.
With this version, the horse will get teleported to the player once they exit to an exterior cell.
4.41, 21 October 2009:
Horse commands:
Bug-fix: The checks for detecting Oblivion and Dream cells now occur when the player moves between cells.
Previously, the check only occurred when the player moves in and out of interior cells.
Activating an Oblivion gate from Tamriel moves the player between to exterior cells.
so the previous method would not update the player's nor the horses' status in being in Oblivion or in the Dream cells.
4.4, 19 October 2009:
Horse commands:
Bug-fix: Stolen horses that have been reclaimed by their previous owner should not receive the AI.
New feature: The first 10 horses that the player has command over are now tracked as Quest targets.
Bug-fix: Cells in Oblivion and those in the mission Through A Nightmare, Darkly are detected correctly.
New feature: New INI property "horsesFollowToOblivion".
Set this to allow horses to follow the player through Oblivion gates.
The horses can be ridden through the gates regardless of this property, however.
Bug-fix: The horse now returns to the nearest city when commanded to.
Previously, the horse always returned to Skingrad.
Bug-fix: Horses in Oblivion are usually disabled by the game when the gate is closed.
These horses are now re-enabled and returned to the player when the gate is closed.

Simple saddlebags:
Bug-fix: Saddlebags on stolen horses that have been reclaimed by their previous owner should now disappear.
Previously, the contents of these saddlebags would "appear" on another horse's saddlebag.
Tweak: The carrying capacity of horses have been drastically reduced to 0.5 their base health.
(Thanks, Locksley, for the brief information you posted on horses: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/index.php?showtopic=1028563&view=findpost&p=15135663.)

Horse speed equals player speed:
Bug-fix: Previously, disabled horses (e.g. when left in Oblivion) would crash the game.
4.3, 3 October 2009:
Simple saddlebags:
Bug-fix: Horses weren't getting individualised resulting in one saddlebag opening for several horses.
This fix ensures that the correct saddlebag is opened.
New feature: Fail-safe access to the saddlebags.
To get access to all the saddlebags, hold down the left-shift and press the "access the saddlebag" button (default left-alt) on a valid horse.
New versions of the mod may detach the saddlebags from the horses.
Use this to get access to the saddlebags.
Horse commands:
Tweak: The separated AI has been removed.
Previously, this AI caused horses that were commanded to stay to return home when they become separated from the player.
They were treated as separated from the player when their distance is greater than 10000 units.
In this version, horses commanded to stay should stay (i.e. wander in the area) regardless how far they are from the player.
4.2, 27 September 2009:
Bug-fix: Own stolen horses over time
An unending loop would cause the game to freeze.
Tweak: Simple saddlebags
Rewritten the code from scratch to use Arrays rather than tokens.
This fixed an untrackable bug when a token stops running when they become inactive.
They become inactive when the horses they are attached to move away from active cells.
Tweak: Array data in all mods now use the horses' form id rather than their display name.
The only mod affected by this at the game-level is Own stolen horses over time.
The player ownership data of horses that aren't fully owned is reset.
This means that the player needs to start the process again: steal the horse again.
But horses that have become fully owned do revert their ownership from the player.
4.1, 19 September 2009:
Bug-fix: Simple saddlebags
Carrying capacity of horses are now calculated properly.
Previously, this was getting set to 0.
Tweak: Horse commands
Previously, the "move away from doors" AI would sometimes teleport the horse to an arbitrary area in the map.
This fix ensures that horses are only teleported if they are distanceSeparatedAI from the "move away from doors" marker.
"Move away from doors" AI is required to stop the horses from blocking the doors the player exited from.
4.0, 18 September 2009:
Newly built from scratch.
Added these mods to the esp:
Horse speed equals player speed 1.8,
Own stolen horses over time (unreleased mod) and
Simple saddlebags (unreleased mod)
Removed training requirement.
Removed the books used for configuring the horses' behaviours.
Returned the ability of the commands to work on several horses.
Works with any ridable horse.
Allowed horses in interiors.
Remove the requirement of Dude where's my horse.
Series 3, 2007 to 2009, HarlanRM's Horse commands Revamped
Made to work with any horse.
Payment required to acquire ability to command horses.
Cleaned and tweaked the code.
The horse quest marker is available with the requirement of Dude where's my horse.
Limited the commands and behaviours to work only on the last horse ridden.
Series 2, 2007, my Horse Commands 2:
Consolidated the three Lesser Powers into one.
Made horses interpret the one command dependent on their distance from the player.
Added Find nearest city and Return home AI.
Added a 2nd book that made the horse quest markers visible.
Series 1, 2006 to 2007, Xebeth's Horse Commands:
Three Lesser Powers to command horses: Follow, Call and Caution.
Made horses enter cities.
Added books that configured the horse's behaviours.
Limited only to ownable horses in the "vanilla" game.

kuertee in the Bethesda forums: http://www.bethsoft.com/bgsforums/

kuertee (author)

Tools Used
Oblivion Mod Manager - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2097
Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) - http://obse.silverlock.org/
TES4Edit - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11536
Readme Generator - http://lhammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that
you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. I would also like
to know what mods are including my work.