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Added: 12/12/2006 - 08:18PM
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I created this mod in the hopes of increasing the viability of peaceful/merchant type characters, and roleplay value. It allows you to take over Lord Drad's Estate after successfully completing Malacath's quest. Three days after you finish the quest (or after you load a game in which the quest is already completed), Lord Drad will flee the estate and a new character named Bauggi will appear at the estate. Speak to him to start the questline. Once you develop the estate you will be able to farm for crops, herd livestock, and mine ore. You'll also run into a few surprises along the way - be sure to defend your investment well!


+ Take charge of Lord Drad's Estate, including the manor, farmland, and nearby Bleak Mine
+ Make investments to hire workers, guards, and expand various areas of the estate
+ Protect your estate from attacks by wolves, goblin raiders, and worse
+ Perfect for merchants, hunters, monks, and other less combat-oriented characters

Version 1.01:
+ Added missing topic for rotten harvest quest