Hashshashin Armor by Dimitri Mazieres
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Added: 02/12/2006 - 07:19PM
Updated: 08/01/2008 - 12:07AM

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Last updated at 0:07, 8 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 19:19, 2 Dec 2006

This mod adds a new armor inspired by the Assassins Creed's character outfit, and requested by Eion at the Elder Scrolls Forums, as well as two variations of it with different colors and details. Also included, are two daggers and two scimitars to complete your assassin look.
And, finally, with the help of some very talented folks at the Elder Scrolls Forums, I've managed to include a working wristblade. ;-)

The original Hashshashin armor (white) is set up as something in the level of Mithril Armor, although a bit more durable, and quite more expensive. If you want to change this, you can do so in the Construction Set (DMAC subcategory in the Armor tree -> double click on the item you wish to change -> change the AR rating to something you'd like -> Save the mod). The Dark Hashshashin and Crimson Death armors have higher ratings, based upon those of the regular Hashshashin Armor.

There are a number of optional files to customize the look of the armor. Their use is described below.

As a bonus, I've included a simple replacer for the Dark Brotherhood's hood that I didn't think warranted a separate download. You can find it in the Extras folder.

About the wristblade: It's basically a couple of gauntlets with a blade attached to one of them, taht appears when in Hand to Hand combat (unarmed, fists drawn). It provides a Fortify effect to Hand to Hand and Sneak skills while the blade is drawn.


Note that this mod has been made using available resources and doesn't include any new models made specifically to recreate that outfit, so if you find any inconsistencies with the original Assassin's Creed armor, that is the reason.

I've done my best to achieve a look that resembles that of Assassins Creed's character as closely as possible with what's available and the invaluable help of the people credited below, who provided resources that otherwise I wouldn't be able to create by myself.


- 2.0 - Added greaves to the Crimson Death's armored skirt,as well as an individual item, added a new NPC and a new dagger (Dark Hashshashin Dagger), tweaked the Crimson Death' cuirass texture, added the bracers from the Crimson Death cuirass to the gauntlets and made them viewable in first person. And, finally, added a much requested wristblade!

- 1.22 - Added individual boots for the Dark Hashshashin and Crimson Death armors, tweaked the Crimson Death pauldron and cuirass' texture.

- 1.21 - Fixed a wrong texture (nothing critical), and added a couple of Extras I had forgotten including before.

- 1.2- Changed the skirt mesh once again, added the black version of the armor as an independent suit instead of a replacer, added a two pauldron cuirass (thanks to XMarkTheSpot), a new red variation of the armor (Crimson Death armor), a couple of great looking scimitars, courtesy of Mr. Dave, and tweaked pretty much all the textures. A lot.

- 1.1 - Changed the skirt mesh for one with tighter pants (thanks, AlienSlof!), changed the shoulder patch design for the Assassin's Creed symbol, added a couple of gauntlets options for those that don't feel comfortable with bracers, and a lot of customizing options (alternate esp, black version, cuirass without pauldron, skirt mesh alternative).

- 1.01 - Fixed a wrong reference to the female boots' world model. Thanks to MarkQuinn for the heads up!

- 1.0 - Initial Release