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Added: 07/11/2006 - 02:05PM
Updated: 29/06/2010 - 11:06PM

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The Gift of Kynareth: v2.1 - Deluxe Edition
New adventures, quests, treasures and monsters, all in one and more to come!
By Painkiller_Rider
Scripting: Dev_Akm, Painkiller_Rider
Beta testers: BlackDragon66, Dev_Akm
All armor textures edited by Painkiller_Rider
Ayleid weapons by MadCat and RDJeke
Auroran custom textures by Koldorn
Morihaus Female Armor Mesh by Vagabond Angel
Voiced Dialogue by Ibsen's Ghost
Deluxe Edition re-packaging by MentalElf

What it does:
Adds a bunch of armor pieces, one shield, one mighty axe and 4 original Ayleid weapons to the game, all part of a small quest and a puzzle.
The Guardian armor pieces have been used before in Mighty Umbra, but they were not playable. I added them here, with Damar Stiehl's blessing. They do not carry any enchantment, I leave that to player's taste... The stats are Daedric or a bit better.
The Morihaus armor pieces have never been released before, except for Armor of Morihaus (previously released as Lord's Mail in Artifacts of Tamriel). I made the other bits for personal use, but decided to make them public, after many requests...
They all bear the enchantments I made for my own use, except for the cuirass, which I left unchanged comparing to Artifacts of Tamriel (just adjusted a bit the AR and HP).
The Axe and Shield are brand new, a sort of bonus for this mod. Their meshes & textures are custom made out of Oblivion meshes and textures, plus some personal touch.
The Ayleid weapons are a bit different from MadCat&RDJeke's mod, but only in terms of health, damage and enchantments (I had them trimmed to my own needs).

Where exactly do I get the stuff:
Follow the questline, it's a known and easy to find location, and hopefully is not interfering with any other mod (a new building is added). Please do not ask where this location is: if you don't know it already, it means you just have to play the game some more...

Story :
"Many stories are lost from memory, covered with the dust of the passing ages. But some never fade, being too much filled with grief and tears, or just shinning with the undying aura of mythical heroic deeds. Such is the story of Morihaus, Taker of the Citadel and lover of Alessia, a story of glory and bliss. But also a story of sorrow and loss, for during the siege of the White Tower he lost his friend Pelinal Whitestrake, captured and cut into eights by his Ayleid enemies...
Later on, when Morihaus also departed from our mortal world, he became a God-Hero, one to live as a lasting example of unsurpassed strength and bravery, aptly named The First Breath of Man. As the story goes, it is said that Kynareth herself takes his armor at times of peril and grants it to whoever she deems worthy to wear. Nobody knows what became of the rest of his armor, his mighty axe or his great shield...
Suddenly I understand the meaning of this story and look up to the sky, as I hear the breeze turning into a whispering voice calling my name. I know it is Kynareth who wanted me to remember all of these. Yet all I see is the sky and nothing beyond it; nonetheless I can hear her voice clearly saying I should take haste and go to her Shrine neigh to the Silverfish River!"

Full version:
Place the following items in the listed locations as below:
'Gift Of Kynareth.esp' and the 'meshes', 'textures' & 'sounds' folders all go in the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\". You will be asked if you want to overwrite a couple of times, choose 'yes' to each time or 'yes to all' to save a couple of clicks.
With that done make sure to check the activation box for the 'Gift Of Kynareth.esp' file before launching the game.
Deluxe Edition:
Place the following items in the listed locations as below:
'Gift Of Kynareth.esp' and the 'Gift Of Kynareth.bsa' in the following location: "Install Directory\Oblivion\Data\".

Deluxe Edition Update:
Same as v2.1 + Voice Pack + High-Res Textures Pack, but all packed in a BSA file by MentalElf, resulting in easier installation and simpler folder structure (among others).

31-Oct-2009: Armour of Morihaus total rehaul added!!! The whole set went through a complete rehaul: UV-mapping corrected for most of the meshes, some textures redone, some new normal maps, etc. See the screenshot with the new armour for a better description... ;) REQUIRES the full Deluxe version of the mod.

NOTE: version 2.1 contains a full Female Morihaus' Armor set (cuirass, greaves, gauntlets and a new, more adequate helmet), thanks to the masterfull "bending into shape" of a stock male cuirass mesh by Vagabond Angel! However, the update contains some other minor tweaks, including a new Nif for Morihaus Axe (which had a minor bug), so I recommend the past users to update anyway.

Special Thanks:
Bethesda for the great game and background for modding, as well as for the useful Construction Set provided with the game; Damar Stiehl, PoHa!, AlexTed, Guidobot101 and MadMaxjah for scripting help; Vagabond Angel and Adonnay for great advices in modelling/texturing; MadCat&RDjeke for the amazing Ayleid weapons; Koldorn for the better Aurorans and Marin O'Keefe (via The Exile) for his agreement on re-using the cuirass. Very special thanks to BlackDragon66 and Dev_Akm, for their invaluable help - without them this mod wouldn't have an update! :)