Atmospheric Oblivion by Piratelord
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Added: 29/10/2006 - 04:02PM
Updated: 19/03/2010 - 09:55PM

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Last updated at 21:55, 19 Mar 2010 Uploaded at 16:02, 29 Oct 2006

This mods adds more ambient sound to virtually everywhere in the game, from Tombs to Oblivion Realms.
It also adjusts some of the ingame sound effects to change their volume and/or range.

This mod is fairly subtle, so it's recommended to play with low or no music. You will hear the louder sounds with high music.

You'll hear:
* Ghostly moans
* Insane Muttering
* Howls of beasts
* Birds and wildlife
* Crumbling masonary
* Screams, moans, and other noises suitable for Oblivion realms
* Additional thunder, and louder thunder
* New heavy rain effect

It works by adding scripts to existing game world objects, which randomly play suitable sounds for that object. The sounds only play when the player is in range, so FPS is saved by not playing sounds the player won't hear.

Due to the way the mod works, it'll conflict with lots of things, but that's not a problem. Since scripts are added to Doors, Lights, Plants and Containers, just load Atmospheric Oblivion first before any other mods. You'll loose some sound sources, but there is enough variation of sources that you won't loose them all.